Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday Threads

Last month I showed you this pretty bowl - I used it as inspiration for this - a new table centrepiece for my round table.
Now I have choices for table dressing.
Here is the tangle from a couple of posts ago - untangled.
A new spiral scarf - of course now the sun is shining and I do not need it, but I am thinking it will be cool enough soon.
My version of the latest pinwheel blocks for the quilt a long over at p.s. i quilt - only two more to go.
My pretties that I purchased at the Ballan Quilt show - I am thinking they will be perfect for the Sweet Project bag by Red Brolly, which I purchased recently.
Lots of my favourite red and purple here, I'm off to play some more now.
Hope you get time to play in your creative space today.
Happy Creating

Monday, March 29, 2010


A lovely town up the highway with lots of creative people

A very good use for an old phone box.

What a cute sign - I coudn't resist and went in for a look around and to eat.

This is the outisde of the garden wall of the flying teapot - there are all kinds of shiny implements imbedded in the concrete fence.

Some old buildings

Above a former tearooms with a 1890's date

Old house and 'News' building

Train station.

Fire station - 190? was the date at the top.

I enjoyed a nice walk around the town after checking out all the creative goodies at the quilt show. You can find lots of pics of quilts here - much better than the ones I took. Oh and you can check out her winning quilt while you are there. There were lots shopping opportunities at the Quilt Show and I so wanted to buy the Kaliedescope book from Melly, I resisted this once. I did get some fabric I'll show you next time. Wishing you all a creative week. Happy Crafting

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Back in February Fiona over at Mothers Cupboard issued a challenge and provided a simply gorgeous stitchery design - The challenge to make something for Easter using the stitchery. .........................
Well I didn't start in February or even early March, no - I waited until there was only one week to go until Easter and then I started. .................................
Now I am finished - I reduced the pattern and made these three gift bags to send to my sister and nieces interstate.

The Challenge now is can the Post People deliver before Easter? ..................

Oh, yes that is one of those Annie Angels with messy hair in the blue bag.

The latest Annie Angel ready to take flight with two sisters. There are more in production so she won't be the last one here. ....................

Hope you had a fantastic Saturday - I certainly did! .......................

Tomorrow I am off to the Ballan Quilt show to check out all the amazing work of the talented people in that part of the state. Enjoy whatever you get up to. ......................

Happy Crafting

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In a Tangle...

Yesterday while I was on the other side of the big bridge I took the opportunity to go here for some inspiration and I was not disappointed - they sure have lots of yummy yarns and samples. I am thinking that cooler weather is just around the corner it may just be time to start something? So I came home and started this with some yarn I had, while it is looking like a big mess about now I actually like the way it is turning out. The colour is more green than the grey it looks here. Here are the blocks from the Pinwheel sampler quilt along for this week - yes, they are what I spent so much time taking apart on Sunday afternoon - they just weren't playing nice, but now they are all done.
Hope you are all having a wonderfully creative week.
Happy Crafting

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Change of Needle..

Fortunately this weekend was our local Community Festival and the weather was perfect for being outside checking out all the organised activities. Lots of good stuff to enjoy. While wandering the streets (yes, literally everything was within walking distance) I did a little crochet - having seen lots of dish cloths in blogland, I found a simple pattern that was easy to memorise and took it walking with me - this is what I came home with after the parade this morning and I am very pleased with the result. Okay, this is the third one I made and the most square so far - but I'm figuring a dish cloth can be any shape right? I have used one of them and am very pleased with it - a cross between a cloth and a scrubber.
I had some success with the sewing machine today, but the quick unpick has become my best friend in the sewing room this weekend and I haven't even started on the bear I messed up on Friday Night.
Have a fantastic week.
Happy Creating

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friday Night Sew In..

Reporting on what I didn't accomplish last nigt! I now know I should not wait until Friday night to decide what to work on - a little organisation certainly makes for a more productive evening. I traced all four colours for the bears and managed to sew around the parts of two before just totally losing concentration and making a big mess of the next one - I gave up on further sewing and the bears at that point. And moved right along to some cutting for the item I will make for the kitchen - there was lots to think about as the piece of purple fabric was not quite big enough for where I wanted to use it. I had to cut several pieces for the top and then choose a different fabric for the back.Whilst Friday night was not very productive today has been much better and this mess is now all tacked together ready to be quilted, but the local festival is on this weekend and I am heading out shortly for some free entertainment for the evening.
Enjoy your weekend.
Hope it is perfect where ever you are!
Happy Creating

Friday, March 19, 2010

It's time...

for the March Friday Night sew in hosted by Heidi and Bobbi - Thanks Ladies.

I really want to start something new tonight - but I am having a hard time deciding between the following projects.

- First up a new pattern that I bought this week - well the shop was open and it was there and I just love the Red Brolly girls - can't go wrong when they are the feature. Ooh, and they are not just on the front there is another design on the back, such a cute little bag and a bonus Needlecase also featuring these ladies.

Secondly there are these cute Wee Bears from Angels in Disguise which have been hanging out in the sewing space for more than a year, they are ever so patient - I even have the check fabric in all four colours to make one of each.

Thirdly is this fabric which is destined to become a little something for the kitchen. This was the project I first had in mind for this sew-in, but now the others are trying ever so hard to get my attention and butt in.

I'll let you see tomorrow which one grabbed most of the attention, I may not start just one. . Wishing you all a very Happy Weekend when it comes to your place and - Happy Creating

Thursday, March 18, 2010

More Angels

Here are the next 3 Annie Angels waiting to fly off to their new homes. This design from LillieMaes craft comes complete with all the different stitchery designs - there are 5 in all - just one more to do then I will have tried all of them. So far I am thinking the Sunflowers are my favourite, even though I have only made it once.
For all those who are curious about my masterpiece and whether it has any tales to tell - it turns out it was where it was supposed to be, I believe it has just been languishing at the bottom of a pile and forgotten about. I am just grateful for its return in the condition in which I submitted it, but I know that I will not allow any of my creations to participate in any similar displays in future. Thanks to everyone for their concern.
Hope your week has been a good one.
Happy Creating

Monday, March 15, 2010

More Blocks

Keeping up to date with the Pinwheel quilt a long over at p.s. i quilt - the latest one done.
There has been some other sewing happening here but no photo's yet.
You will notice my masterpiece has been removed from my header - Good News - it arrived home safely today. Yippee!!
Hope your week is full of good things like mine.
Happy Creating

Friday, March 12, 2010

Annie Angels arrived safely

Some of my Annie Angels have been flying off to their new homes. This orange Angel flew over to Marina's house last week and she took these goodies with her.
If you go by Marina's blog you can see what she did with the fabric and ricrac on the weekend.
And this Annie Angel all in Red...
collected some goodies and flew off over the waves to live with CJ here.
She took fabric, ricrac, buttons and a piece of lace. The Annie Angel production has not stopped yet and you will see more here soon, (or not if you have seen enough already).
It's Friday and the weekend is just around the corner - hope you get to spend lots of it doing what you like best.
Happy Crafting

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Up to Date

So I present block 3 of the pinwheel quilt-a-long over at p.s. i quilt - I did both my blocks at the same time, that was a lot of cutting, sewing, cutting, ironing, checking the layout, sewing, ironing, checking the layout etc.

It must have worked though because I didn't use my unpicker once. She usually makes herself very friendly when I attempt patchwork. Hope your Tuesday is a good one. Happy Creating

Monday, March 8, 2010

Started and Finished

With some encouragement I decided to join the pinwheel quilt-a-long over at P.S. I Quilt and it is providing lots of opportunity to practice straight line sewing. As I started late I made one of each of the first two blocks and decided that as they were not too onerous I would continue with the project. As there are two of each block I decided to do the others yesterday and be caught up?? Well Rachel has the third block up so I guess it is back to the cutting mat and some more sewing today to get up to date. This is the first block. And this is the second block.
So far so good all the blocks are the required size.
Here she is, the previously referred to Miss Nudie, you may have seen her already as she made an appearance over here last Thursday, and while she was dressed in that photo she was still without a wig - all done.
Meet Miss Noel, created using the pattern Sing Noel from Denni Doodles she is such a cutie and has already made herself at home here, as you can see she is minding some fabric that I have been playing with lately.
Sure there could have been more sewing achievements this weekend if the storms would not have turned the power off for a big chunk of Saturday afternoon when it was too dark to hand stitch. Fortunately it is a long weekend here, more stitching time this afternoon as it appears todays predicted storms have detoured south.
Happy Creating

Monday, March 1, 2010


The M&M's fairy delivered the following package after much delay due to snow in her home town.

It all started a few weeks back when Kathy had pics of these on her blog and I mentioned we didn't get that flavour here, she generously suggested she could send me some - once the snow stopped visiting.

So what is so different about these - the ones in the purple pack are dark chocolate and the red pack has peanut butter M's.


Thank you so much Kathy they are much appreciated.

I'm trying to figure out how to make them last for the longest time?

Here are the pretties I picked up at GJ's sale on Saturday - in the back row 3 London Cats fabrics, same design in different colours and in the front, some $2 fat quarters, cause they were there and everything was 25% off. I also picked up batting and thread to complete another quilt.

The winner of my one year bloggy anniversary giveaway is Marina from Maisie and the boys, and as this is my 150th post I chose a second winner, and that is Cathy from Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much.

Can you believe Miss Nudie chose the colour for her outfit today and then the power went out? Lucky it is not cold here! She will be dressed shortly and then she will be able to make an appearance here.

Hope you all had a good Monday - I sure did.

Happy Creating