Thursday, January 12, 2017

I smell a rat...

Seems I just left a whole lot of posts in draft instead of coming back here!

There was a little knit a long for a very cute rat - not much yarn or knitting required but look at all those ends.

When she was done Ratty went out to investigate the herb garden bed at the local community garden.

What is this lovely looking green stuff?

Yum, Spinach...
but I smell something delicious in the kitchen

Look fresh cake!

All these adventures before going home to entertain Maggie the cat.

Quite unusually for this time of year the gardens in our neighbourhood are still green.
Hope there is some green in your world, (probably without the rat)

Pattern: Rats by Sara Elizabeth Kelner available on Ravelry

Friday, July 8, 2016

A yarn pond transformed

 I engaged in some serious yarn collecting at the beginning of winter, which had me entered in a draw for even more yarn!
Hello winner!
I collected a lot of colours for working up more colourful hats as part of my demonstration at the National Wool Museum, Geelong.
I'm half way through the demonstration period and not half way through the yarn, guess I better just knit faster.

Here are some of the hats I've been working on in the past month, oh, there are a couple of stragglers in this group, that you may have seen here before.

I am enjoying the transformation from yarn to hat and the opportunity to talk to museum visitors about knitting generally and the techniques I use to make the hats.

How do you like your hat?
Bold and colourful
Bright and fun
Snug or slouchy
With a big pompom on top

Hope you're warm and cosy this weekend.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

All about the beanies...

I used this picture and

used this yarn (4 seasons 8 ply wool from Spotlight) to knit up a couple of beanies...

Using an alternate modular construction, which means the beanie can do double duty as a tea cosy if required.

And, as one just wasn't enough I added some other colours and knit another with a similar top piece but a more conventionally constructed hat. This one includes a friendly native who likes to hang out in the tree.

It seems I have knit a number of hats in the past year so tagging was easy.
This lot got boxed up and sent off to take their part in the Alice Springs Beanie Festival. Just this once the Post people co-operated and they have already landed at their destination.

I wonder if any of them will find new homes?

It appears winter may finally be on its way to these parts, so lucky I've worked up a few more just for family and friends.

Oh, and the beanie making isn't over yet...
Just this week I cast on a few more.

A lovely soft number in this beautiful blue/green Knitpicks Preciosa,  that refuses to show its true colours in pictures.

The knitting is actually all done on this one.

A little one for a special little person that joined the extended family recently, perfect for using up a little leftover Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 4 ply in Denim.

Ready for the band to be added.

And a, just because I still have more of this Cleckheaton Country 8 ply peachy pink colour, and I wanted to try this design, (the cream is the same brand yarn).

I've progressed past here and finished the colourwork, only the band to go.

It's been a good knitting week all round.

Wishing you a weekend of fun in your creative space.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Otto the turtle

Had an adventure sans arms and legs.

We were lucky to spend a few days in Daylesford recently where the colours of Autumn are really making a show.

The sunshine and blue skies provided perfect conditions for a little stroll around the lake where Otto decided he should undertake a little rock climbing, he says the view is better from up there.

Then he was down on the pontoon by the lake where, honestly I thought he was going to take a dip, even without limbs. Though he says - he was just looking to see where the duck had disappeared too.

Speaking of Ducks they are a very friendly lot and walked right up to us, Otto wasn't so happy about this as these were big and he thought they looked hungry. I believe they were just opportunists but he jumped in the bag, all the same, to stay safe.

A little rest up the tree was in order after all those adventures.

We had a lovely time in Daylesford where I visited the Chocolate Mill - this way to the decadent delights and little afternoon snack.

Hope you have time for a little adventure in your week.

Saturday, April 23, 2016


Taking things easy and getting in a few rows done on my latest scarf project, because surely winter will come again one day...

I may have taken a little trip to the Spotty store to stock up on yarn while it was still a bargain, even though the cashier tried to charge me full price! What is up with that?
Her excuse was that yarn wasn't her department, seriously what is that computer thing for that she uses?

Nice jewel tones to go with some brights I may have collected in the last month.

There are plans for all this yarn, but my hands apparently don't work as fast as my grand ideas think they do?

Hope your weekend is off to a good start and there's sunshine in your creative space.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Anybody out there?

Just dropping by...

To see

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

It may be a disease...

There was a lot of hat knitting going on last month, when we just happened to have the hottest October in forever! 

So there's a couple of red hats - one with cables and one with lace in some vintage Cleckheaton crepe from the oppy. The yarn is lovely to work with and a good strong red colour. The pumpkin orange hat was to rescue me when I left home for an entire day without my knitting! I went past Lincraft and picked up yarn and needles to cast on immediately. Emergency averted. 
The last week of October was all about playing with all the colours. Lots of brights paired with some darks to make the very colourful hat. And for a completely different look reds and browns together with varying degrees of contrast.
The odd couple were also completed in October. Socks are good for all the seasons. 

I now have three almost finished mittens, just thumbs to go. 
I don't need reminding that we're expecting a long hot summer!
I'll be ready for the cool mornings (if they ever return).

Hope you're enjoying your week so far.