Sunday, February 28, 2010

DeeDee Done

A recent rearrangement of the crafty things unearthed a number of incomplete projects - and as I came across each one the words I started this early last year kept coming out of my mouth. It seems that the beginning of 2009 saw me suffering a severe case of Startitis, I know it had something to do with the lack of a day job and thinking I had all the time in the world to complete the myriad projects which I began.

The good thing about the beginning of 2010 is that I have actually been completing some project whether they are newly started or older ones which I have picked up again. See previous post re House quilt.

Today while I was waiting for miss nudie to choose the colour for her clothes I got distracted by this project which has been on my 'want to do list' since December when I saw other creative bloggers making them for gifts. Fortunately for me Dee Dee made a quick decision about colour and fabric choices so we were underway early and did not give up until she was done.

Oh, yeah she is hanging out on the back of The Happy City quilt, I was going to take her to the beach for a photo shoot but my camera decided today was a good day to run out of battery, (must put those on the shopping list). This is a truly delightful design from the team at Melly and Me and was published in Australian Homespun in December of 2009, she is now available as a pattern.

And when the camera is doing go again I'll be able to show you the goodies I got at GJ's Sale yesterday - lots of fun.

Hope your Sunday was full of fun creations. Happy Stitching

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

One Last Time

It's Done!

The Happy City quilt is complete

when I took it outside today to photograph I noticed that it was too Big - there is another whole row of houses on the other side of the fence!

A close up of the centre of the quilt - can you see the first block I made in February 2009.

It's the one that's a bit different.

and the bottom corner where you can see the cobblestone outer border and the binding.

A year in the making but a very fun and happy quilt which will be staying at my house for me to enjoy. Thanks to Lurline for the tutorial for this block and for the swap which started this Happy journey.
Now to choose the next project to work on.
Enjoy the rest of the week.
Happy Stitching

Monday, February 22, 2010

I have learnt...

Using lots of little pieces of fabric also means lots and lots of sewing which uses a very lot of thread - leaving me with these.

One packet of smarties is not enough to see me through quilting and binding a quilt as big as this one, but now you can see how pretty my bowl is - a much appreciated and used gift from a very good friend. This bowl is the inspiration for my next round project coming soon to my table.

Sewing the binding on a quilt this big takes a long time. I am almost half way, can you see how neat that corner is? I am excited.

Wishing you all a lovely week with lots of creative opportunities. Happy Crafting

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ready, Set... Sew

Sustenance required for an evening of serious sewing - Chocolate Smarties - I need all the help I can get! Cleared a space to work on something Big - Yep - the Happy House quilt.

Collected the requirements, remembered that I needed to do some piecing on the back as the fabric I had was just a bit too narrow.

Used the last two Happy House blocks and more of those 2" squares, the back looks pretty too.

I sandwiched and quilted three rows of houses - half the quilting done!

I am very happy with my progress on this and I was grateful that I had committed to the Friday night sew in, just the incentive I needed to get this quilt to the next stage.

Now if someone will just turn the temperature down again I may get this completed this week?
Thanks to Heidi and Bobbi for hosting the Friday Night Sew In.
Happy Stitching

Friday, February 19, 2010

Here we are...

four Annie Angels taking in a little sunshine - it was okay we didn't stay out long and there was a pleasant breeze so it wasn't too hot. Here is the Yellow one - changed the face again putting eyelashes instead of eye brows. She is so happy she has found a home to go to.
And the Blue one, which is really more purple. You will notice her chocker is a little wider than the others and sits higher on her neck - well she is staying with me, lets just say she had a bit of an accident and decided to let her stuffing come out of her neck.
Here's another shot of them all hanging together and you can see I did things a little differently and three of them have coloured fabric for the back of the body and wings.
Sometime last month was my first blogger birthday and I was going to do a giveaway - but well lets just say life got very complicated and January passed me by in a blur. So here we are in the second half of February and I am ready. The Orange Annie Angel is the one up for grabs, she'll be accompanied by some other little goodies I found today while rearranging my sewing things so that I can get the quilting started on the Happy House quilt tonight. The best bit is you just need to leave a comment on any post between now and February 28th to be in the running.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Then there were 2

I finished another of the little Annie Angels today, this one is tea stained and well some of the colour ran from the embroidery thread as well, so she is definitely coloured, the pink one is regular calico. A friend commented that the Pink Angel looks sad, I am hoping that the Orange one looks a little happier. She really is a cutie.
This afternoon - just because I could I sat on the beach - perfect weather, high 20'sC and a gentle breeze. It was before school got out hence the lack of paddlers, about now it would be quite busy down there.
Oh, and this Friday I am participating in the Friday night sew in co-ordinated by Heidi and Bobbi it seems they do this most months, but I have not previously played along. I am hoping to make some progress on the Happy House quilt, so I best get the backing sorted and check I have enough batting, it is kinda big for me.
Hope your Tuesday was a creative one.
Happy Crafting

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Monday...

That's right Happy Monday - I got to stay at home and play. First up I finished an Annie Angel from a design by the talented Brenda Greenwalt of LillieMaes Crafts. She is a right little character - (Okay, so I finished 1 there are 3 more in various stages of production) such a sweet pattern and she comes with multiple embroidery designs, that is why I couldn't make just one.

Oh, and last night I finished putting the borders on my Happy House quilt - I like the way it came together.

I continued with the scrappy theme and used all those little 2 inch squares to make the 2nd border. I did not buy any fabric specifically for this quilt top and I found a piece of blue in my stash for the backing as well, the binding will be the same fabric as the blue cornerstones.

Now I am hoping that I can get it quilted for a finish by the end of the month, the question is will 2 weeks be long enough? And here is a pic which shows the border more clearly.
Yeah, I am very happy it is Monday.
Hope yours was a good Monday too, with lots of creative space.
Happy Creating

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shopping, Scraps, Surprise

Sunday was a very pleasant day for a short drive to Quilters Bazaar, as they were celebrating with a sale I just had to buy me some presents. I took home these pieces of fabric just because they were there and I really liked them - no particular purpose in mind, though one of them could make an appearance in a project real soon? I am still cutting and sewing scraps - lots of these two inch squares will become part of something real soon. I have sewn some of them together today, so not long now.
Ooh.... Who doesn't like a Surprise - a lovely package full of yummy's was waiting for me at the Post Office - Yippee.
Yes, there are two boxes of Graham crackers and two bags of tootsie pops and four boxes of my favourite Stash Tea but I have to share with Jindi's mum. All of these goodies came from the lovely AuntPittyPat, it truly was a surprise (she did not even hint that she had sent anything when we were chatting on the weekend) and Very much appreciated.
Thanks for all the suggestions regarding borders on my last post, I have been having fun playing with borders for the Happy Houses and may even have a quilt top done soon. I did have an emailed comment that referred to them as Crazy Houses, I found that very apt as choosing a final border was driving me a bit crazy at the time.
May you also enjoy a surprise this week.
Happy Crafting

Saturday, February 6, 2010


So this is how far I got with my Happy Houses - they are all sewn together - I can't get a better pic as it is too windy out and I don't have any way of hanging inside. I used the chocolate and blue spot for the sashing and blue print for the cornerstones. I am happy with this so far, but now I need to make some decisions about borders - I have enough of the sashing fabric to do a border the same width as the sashing, 1&1/2 inch finished. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions. Here is a close up of the middle section, it is truly a scrap quilt that has been made from fabrics from the stash and the swap blocks. currently it is 65x55 inches.
Tomorrow I am off to Quilters Bazaar to enjoy their first birthday celebrations and catch up with Jindi's mum. Of course there will be plenty of inspiration there.
Enjoy Sunday - hope it is a relaxing day with plenty of creative inspiration where ever you are.
Happy Crafting

Friday, February 5, 2010


I won over at the Raggedy Blog Party and my pattern for this super cute Annie turned up in my mailbox this week. She is SingNoel designed by the talented Denni Bowles from Denni Doodles -she has lots of cute patterns available here. I ran off to Spotlight and got the supplies I needed to make her - but I haven't made a start yet I got distracted by these...
That's right just a few Happy House blocks - I participated in Lurlines Happy House swap last year - I managed to make a whole lot more blocks while I was perfecting the houses so I had some up to swap standard. Now I have plenty to make a good size quilt. I found some suitable fabric for sashing in my stash, I know it is hard to see but it is a chocolate with blue spot from the Bella Baby range purchased from My Place in Bowral in 2008. Great shop if you happen to be in the neighbourhood. Now that I have figured out how to put it together I may just get it sorted??
So is it too ambitious to think that I will get the blocks sewn together and a doll made before visiting Quilters Bazaar on Sunday to help their first birthday celebrations??
I'll let you know how I faired!
Hope your weekend is full of many crafty opportunities.
Happy Creating