Friday, September 28, 2012

Cushion and progress

As the cushion has now landed at Chantell's home I can show what I made. 

Here is the front...

and the back.

The request was for pink, yellow and grey for a child's room.
I put a pocket on the back which I then split in two - one for the cheeky angel who tagged along and the other for keeping special/secret things.

Both Chantell and her daughter are happy with the cushion. Yay.

Thanks to Sue for hosting this fun swap.

For my crafty break - I gathered some supplies.

(calorie free chocolates)

Some pretty scraps - just right for a new project.

Then I pulled out the pinwheel quilt top that I made at Easter.
I spent this afternoon basting this one, I have visions of putting my machine to work quilting tomorrow.

The needles have still been clicking - this piece of the wrap is growing nicely and my sock has progressed to the heel. 

Both yesterday and today I ventured out for a walk to the beach. 
Yesterday was hot and windy, and today I managed to get there and back between showers.
 The sky sure was changing quickly today - I could watch those clouds for hours.

Hope the sun shines on your week - and may the best team win!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Knitting again...

I cast on the second piece of the Reversible Wrap , which is really part one on the pattern, Sunday. As it is garter stitch I have been picking it up every time I come in and it is growing fast which is a good thing considering it needs to be more than a metre long.

The colour I am using for the wrap is much closer to how it appears in the next picture - it is dark blue Cleckheaton Country naturals. 

Back knitting the Katya sock now that the yarn is here.
And dreaming about what I can make with the other pretty colours I ordered.

Joining in the knit along here, where I am sure to spend plenty of time admiring the amazing work of other participants.
Sure hope your Wednesday is a creative one.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Coming in, Going out...

not just me!

My cushion for the Quilted Hugs cushion swap is winging its way to a new home.

(I hope it arrives safely soon.)

As is the Scrapped Quilt

and a co-ordinating Laundry Bag.

(Just realised I had not shown them in full here.)

Today I recieved the yarn to complete my Katya sock - now I need to get back to it.
Oh, you noticed that the Brick colour came with friends - Wild Barley which is a very soft green and Purple Storm - no further description required all Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 4 ply.

I have been coming and going since Thursday when I got an urgent call from a previous employer to help with a short term project, I still had to meet my afternoon commitments which required some juggling. Fortunately the work is now taken care of and after tomorrow's lesson I should get the four days off I thought I was having last week.
I am looking forward to some uninterrupted time in my creative space.
Hope your week is sunny and not too busy.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Finishing FNSI

I used FNSI to complete the projects that I worked on this week.
A little hand stitching here and then I put the pieces together, I'll show all when it arrives at its new home.

Then I finished the handles on my new bag - just lots of ends to weave in now.

The Angel is still trying to be helpful, hope she works as hard in her new home.

 It was not my original intention to continue with these, but to work on something completely different, that was before I got called to work for the next week!
It feels good to have these projects finished or at least much closer.
Hope you all had a productive FNSI whether starting or finishing.

Wishing you all a lovely Sunday.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Playing Hooky

One of the best things about not working full time is that I get to hang out at the local Community Centre on Tuesdays with a lot of other like minded creative people.
After all the starting on the weekend I decided I should work on some of the projects which have been resting - like these spot blocks that I hooked up back in February and even laid out then too, but didn't get around to putting together.

So Tuesday I sewed them all together and then Wednesday at NCB I worked on the crocheted top that finishes this off.

In between enjoying delicious morsels of course.

Then I ran out of yarn - only on me at the time, I have plenty of the blue to finish this off.
I am about half done with the handles.

It will be another Banjo bag from Interweave crochet magazine, Summer 2011 issue.

I had a little sewing project with me as well and even put a few stitches in that too.

My Angel found a comfy spot to rest before flying off to her new home.

Hope your week is full of creative company and angels of course.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lovely things...

come in the mail.

Pretty wrapping.

A scissor pouch, containing a Chai drink sachet

A very pretty cushion cover.
Just perfect for brightening up a dull day.
Thanks to Sue for both making this amazing piece for me and hosting the swap.

So now my angel has wings she is trying to escape.

More on her soon.

Hope your week is perfectly colourful.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


around - is what I've been doing this weekend.

The sock is having a short vacation while I await more yarn to complete it.

So I decided to do a little stitching...

Rudolph is by Vivian Robinson and appeared in Homespun No38 Vol7 No6.

Daisies for an angel.

Organising backing for the pinwheel quilt top that has been patiently waiting for the past four months.

Playing with some pretty blues,

and making stars.

I have enjoyed playing with fabric and threads all weekend.
These little bits mean that I may get something finished in the next week.

Hope your weekend was a happy one.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Not much...

Just a little knitting this week on the second Katya sock and a few rows on the Dark blue wrap (not shown) it doesn't look any different yet.
Busy researching strategies to assist a student who is experiencing lots of challenges learning to read. 'Teach Your child to read in 100 Easy lessons' was recommended to the parents so I thought I should familiarise myself with the format so as not to confuse her further.
I just started reading 'Are we there yet?' by David Smiedt. So far I am enjoying the writing style of this book where David is trying to make sense of growing up white in South Africa during the Apartheid-era.
The 'Scrapped' quilt is providing the background again today before it gets packed off to its new home.
Joining all the talented participants in the Yarn Along.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Then there were 2

Just to prove I didn't stop at one...

I took them for a test run yesterday and the extra stitches have done the trick.

Not only are these extremely comfortable if a little thin - they stay up all day.

Details - pattern from Socks a la Carte with an extra 8 stitches through the leg and an extra 4 stitches on the foot. I used the 'Oh Baby' pattern alternately with 4 plain stitches, the v-heel and double decrease toe.
The yarn is Moda Vera Noir from Spotlight.

Very happy with this new pair of socks.

Now to make the second of the Katya Knee Highs, I have cast on.

Hope there is time in your week for a little creating.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


is finished - done and dusted!

It's a while since I showed it here - like a couple of months but I have been working on it slowly.
(everybody needs a little sewing snack)
A week ago I decided it was time to clear the table and baste this quilt.

Every day before work last week, (I am currently working afternoons only), I managed to do some quilting on this so yesterday it was time for binding.
As you can see here the back is almost as scrappy as the front,

and the stripey binding is just perfect.

If the wind ever stops blowing a gale I may get it outside for a full length shot.

While I used up lots of scraps on this one I don't see any difference in the scrap bucket - in fact I think it is fuller now than at the beginning. How does that work?

This is another quilt for an Aussie Hero.

Hope the sun is shining in your creative space today.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New yarn and knitting

The Mother passed over four these little Gems when I visited on the weekend.
Patons Gem 100% 4 ply cotton in 50g balls at 50c each - Bargain.

Still deciding what they may become - very possibly a pair of cotton socks in my future.

For those who were asking - yes my socks from last week will get their matching pair, not quite sure when though as I have started a larger project and a new book.

(the background today is what I am currently quilting)

Using gifted Cleckheaton Country Naturals in dark blue to make the Reversible Wrap by Jo Sharp.
The pattern is simple to knit and I am enjoying making this section with its 'bumpy' texture.

The second blue sock turned a corner yesterday - well I started the heel anyway so it will soon be onto the foot.

The book is an amazing account of the author's trek through the Western Sahara with all the challenges that presents. I am enjoying the reading.

Check out what others are reading and knitting over here.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Spring package landed safely...

This pretty flower

was concealing this table set.

(Oh and I shared the sweets too, fruity perfect for spring)

I played with some settings before I packed it up - I thought it would be perfect for a little afternoon tea gathering.

(unfortunately my table is small)

It was nice to see Sue put her new table decorations to good use immediately.
Go over and check it out - looking at home already.

Thanks to Cheryll for hosting this fun swap OASS.

Hope you are enjoying some spring sunshine.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ready for Spring

My package went in the post last week to share a little spring in the OASS hosted by Cheryll.
Hope it lands safely at its new home soon.

I wore my mismatched socks to knitting group today and gave some fellow knitters another reason to laugh.

(the sun was shining at the beach today - Yay)

As predicted they really did get the conversation going - Lots of mismatched sock stories were told making for a very entertaining time.
I made a start on a new project - so far so good.

Hope your Spring is off to a good start.