Friday, August 30, 2013

Goodbye August

Looking at my pictures from this month I can see that I was too busy starting things and trying out ideas to actually focus on any of my projects.
Legs using Ann Budd's Diagonal socks pattern and feet using Arch Shaped Foot pattern
There was one lonely finish, the stripey socks from the gifted yarn a bit of a no brainer project as the yarn did most of the work. Just what I needed while the germs were residing.
Sure, I totally used 'J's photo
 Let me say making socks for someone with small feet is a breeze (and maybe why I feel like the socks for the Father are taking forever, luckily for me I won't be seeing him this weekend)
I have finished one of the blue socks, but getting a photo is proving a challenge this week. One purple sock is three quarters done and one burgundy sock is almost half way. They will all get their partners next month.
I did try a little baking last weekend after Fiona published a recipe for Ginger cake, I baked mine in my muffin tray and they were delicious, I may even have waited for them to cool before the taste testing began, Delicious.
Wishing you all a lovely weekend filled with Sunshine and cake.

Friday, August 23, 2013

One for me

Last week while fishing in the yarn stash for the burgundy to use on The Father's socks I spied this lovely purple yarn of the same make and vintage perfect for socks for me. As I'd signed up over on Ravelry to test another sock pattern I figured this yarn would be perfect for the design.
Just checking it fits the toes
There was an issue with an escapee earlier but it is all fixed now.
This is the most accurate colour Patons Beehive fingering 4ply
So this week I have been dividing my time between three socks with all of them seeing some progress. The knots on these ones held my attention into the wee hours of the morning.
This pattern is as tedious as it looks with those knots formed by a series of miniature cables on lots of consecutive rows. Unfortunately the most interesting part of the sock is this bit which is the foot so it hides in your shoe? Not sure what that is about.
The other two socks have seen some good progress I just don't have any pictoral evidence.
Hope your weekend plans include time spent creating.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Casting on for FNSI

More socks - I did finish the stripey pair with just a scrap of yarn leftover.
The vintage pattern and yarn, this gorgeous burgundy Patonyle 3 ply knits up so soft.
For the blue socks I am using another of the patterns from the book 'Knitting socks from around the World', this time the Lithuanian colorwork socks designed by Donna Druchunas. I cast on the largest size and knit this bit last night. They are too big at this gauge and I don't believe I have enough of that darker blue, so I am starting over - going down one size and swapping to the navy yarn at the front of the picture.
I'll be around later to see what lovelies everyone else was working on last night.
Thanks to Wendy for hosting.
May your weekend be filled with happy creations.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Still knitting...

the same sock, but I finished a book this week.
Diagonal rib sock  by Ann Budd with arch foot shaping
'Digging to America' by Anne Tyler was recommended by a friend. While the subject matter centres on family issues and intercountry adoption, the text is written in a thought provoking and entertaining way. I enjoyed reading this book and stayed awake way too late turning the pages.
'The Children' by Edith Wharton will be my next book. I haven't read the first page yet but I have read a lot about this author's life and writing. An adventure awaits.
Hope your week has included some creativity and sunshine.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Not much

All I managed this week was a few rounds on the rug. When I showed this project before I was thinking it would become something else but that is one of the benifits of crochet, it is easy to change direction even after you have begun.
Moda Vera Hope in Grey and purple - 5.5mm hook
I'm thinking it will make a perfect mat for standing at the sink. While it is warm and squishy the yarn is completely synthetic so it won't hold moisture (oh sure I'm messy at the sink).
I spent some time this past week flicking through my collection of vintage pattern books, most of which I inherited from granny. I spied this sock pattern and have the specific yarn called for in my stash. I found my inspiration for the father's next pair of socks.
Patons and Baldwins Stitchcraft #169 (most likely late 1950's)
While there are some lovely patterns in this booklet for women's knits, boy are they on the small size! It is interesting to note that most of the patterns have instructions for one or two sizes only, even the children's garments.

Now it's time for me to go enjoy the sunshine.
Hope the sun is shining in your space too.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

FNWF The late report..

I spent my Friday night working on these two projects.
Diagonal rib socks and Maybelle flower blocks
Added another six flower blocks to the stack.
This is the second of the socks, the one that got delayed due to a lost needle and while I have another set in this size I decided to pop into the oppy where I purchased them this week. Sure enough there were a couple more hiding in the bottom of the container, not a whole set but a couple of spares for the grand sum of 50c. Yay.

Thanks Cheryll for hosting, now I'm off to see what everyone else got up to.
Hope you have enjoyed some sunshine and flowers this weekend.