Tuesday, November 3, 2015

It may be a disease...

There was a lot of hat knitting going on last month, when we just happened to have the hottest October in forever! 

So there's a couple of red hats - one with cables and one with lace in some vintage Cleckheaton crepe from the oppy. The yarn is lovely to work with and a good strong red colour. The pumpkin orange hat was to rescue me when I left home for an entire day without my knitting! I went past Lincraft and picked up yarn and needles to cast on immediately. Emergency averted. 
The last week of October was all about playing with all the colours. Lots of brights paired with some darks to make the very colourful hat. And for a completely different look reds and browns together with varying degrees of contrast.
The odd couple were also completed in October. Socks are good for all the seasons. 

I now have three almost finished mittens, just thumbs to go. 
I don't need reminding that we're expecting a long hot summer!
I'll be ready for the cool mornings (if they ever return).

Hope you're enjoying your week so far.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Two tales...

First there was a lovely stroll through the gardens on the way to work.
Now here's an odd concept I was organised and on my way early, so instead of running up the hill and arriving out of breath, I got off the train a stop early and walked across the gardens.

A perfect spring day, lots of blues and greens and ooh, pretty flowers and almost mature ducklings chasing dinner.

Yes, that's me making shadows, I love the big old trees here.

This week I've been playing with all the colours in my knitting bag, well maybe not all of them, but certainly a good portion of the Bendigo woollen mills Luxury colours that I have.
Trying this group together has been a lot of fun but I really think I need to add a couple of different ones to the mix. Time to add to my available colours!
Yarn shopping here I come!

Wishing you sunshine and flowers on this happy Wednesday. 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Friday night In

Last night was all about the knitting... 

Almost to the heel of the sock and made a start on a new hat in the reclaimed red yarn.
The mitts are still waiting for their finishing touches and the blanket is still awaiting the final colour stripe.

 Today is close to perfect- sunshine, blue sky and a gentle breeze so I took my knitting and went for a walk to the beach.

Good for keeping hands busy while having a little sit down in the sunshine and the shade.

Thanks to Wendy for hosting FNSI. 
Wishing you sunshine on your Saturday. 

Friday, October 16, 2015

FNSI October

So the last 2 weeks have sped by in a blur of yarn in all the colours, (oh, and the landscape, and planes of last weekends short break in the country).

Tonight I'm prepared for a quiet night in with a number of projects in various stages of completion. A comfy couch and a project for every eventuality...

The blanket is ready for a final stripe in the pretty green, the orange and blue are a sock in progress, well it is cast on, the blue with all the speckles are mitts awaiting their finishing touches and the red is waiting to be cast on, another hat and mitts coming up!

Wonder which of these will get the most attention tonight?

Hope there are lots of your favourite colours in your creative space this weekend.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The plan was successfully executed

There was a point last night when I thought I may not get the last coaster finished but after a short break and a little chat, I was good to go again and....
 Became these.
All that's left is weaving in the ends.
There are two of each arrangement.
Using random cottons from the stash and a 1.5mm hook.
Very addictive and perfect for when one needs something to just flow from the hook.
More colours coming soon.

Check out what happened in other creative spaces this week over here.

Thanks Cheryll for hosting.

Friday, October 2, 2015


I remembered it was time for catching up with friends, before it was all over.

I'll be working on this set of coasters that I started during the week.

Sure I'll enjoy a little snack with a beverage too.
Thanks to the travelling Cheryl for hosting. 

Hope I make some progress on these to show tomorrow.

Happy stitching in your corner.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

More of the same...

Yarn arrived
Knitting at the beach 

Nearly done this star blanket 

Starting again at the beach!


Coffee and knitting 

Knitting and cake in the sunshine 

Another finish. 

The pictures tell the story much better than my tired brain after too much working. 
Hope the sun has been shining in your corner, too.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hooked on stars

There's been a lot of hooky action here so far this month.
All about the stars!

 I started with this gorgeous blue and red number in Bendigo woollen mills cotton, but was soon distracted by another yarn stash that has been threatening to become a blanket for a few months now!
 While I'm deciding how big I'd like to make the red/blue one I've been working on one or is that two from the other stash!
Almost done with the pink and yellow number. Now working on a scrappy version.
All projects are interpretations of the rainbow ripple baby blanket by Celeste Young  
There may just be an empty bag ready for filling up with nice new yarn and all its potential! 

Hope you crafty stars are aligned for action.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

August- Where exactly are you hiding?

There was a little knitting action in the craft space.

There was finishing and plenty of starting!

For the OPAM record, a couple of days late, 7 finishes last month.

Three of them are the same design worked up in different yarns for wonderful effect, as I worked the first one in an Angora mix the working name of this design is fluffy bunny colour. Ha! In the picture they are the white(angora mix), the green(100% alpaca) and the orangy/pink one that is a beautiful merino single.

The red cowl is another new design, Deloras will be ready for testing shortly.

The father's diamond socks went down a treat after I rushed to get them finished when the celebrations were moved forward a week so the parents could enjoy a trip with my brother and his truck. They're currently enjoying a little outback adventure. 

A pretty pink headband accompanied me on a run around kind of day, it's a fabulous project for on the go.

The mythical wings shawl, that's the one with all the bright stripes is a test knit for the Gabrielle. A very clever design that gives a nice triangle shape without all the stitches of a top down design.

It was a big month of knitting and finishing, the needles are currently waiting patiently while the hooks are having a turn. Haha!

Hope your days are sunny and bright.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

So what exactly does 5 kilometres of yarn look like...

when worked up into fun (or not so fun) projects?

Stashdash is a fun challenge organised by the KnitGirlllspodcast.
Red cowl/scarf in Bendigo woollen mills vintage
Just like any fun challenge there are various goals – this year the choices included, 3k, 5k and for the organised dashers there was a 10k. The challenge includes WIP's so those in the know line up a whole lot of almost done projects for finishing during the 7 week challenge. 
As a new comer this year I was very unprepared with only a couple of small projects on the needles at the beginning of the challenge, but a little crochet project put me in the running for the 5k so I just knitted through all the hours to make the goal a reality.
I know you've seen this before - Pastel star blanket in Patons Big baby 4ply

The rules are simple, there are no restrictions on using old yarn or finishing old projects, any yarn in your possession is considered stash, no matter that it came into your possession during the challenge.
The white collar - fluffly like a bunny - Bella baby angora mix - beautiful

I was pleased with my finish including finishing The Father's socks which pushed me over the finish line on the last day.
Diamonds on a sock for The Father - Bendigo woollen mills Luxury 4ply Denim colour
 Everybody has their own strategy for keeping up the momentum over the challenge period.

Red Vest - in Moda Vera Faith
I could have made the challenge a whole lot easier by working on tried and tested patterns instead of playing around with new designs.

Next year I may even be ready with several WIP's lined up at the starting line.

Diamonds for Helen in Bendigo Woollen mills Luxury 4ply - Lake colour
13 - Projects completed – Diamonds were a huge part of it – Dad's Diamond socks, Diamonds for Helen shawl, Diamonds in a Hat, there were diamonds on a headband (or four), Moon beams, Holiday Affection, Pastel star blanket, Fluffy like a bunny collar, a red cable cowl, my new red vest, my socks with hearts, the second sand tracks scarf, and a headband featuring the cable design.
All together here - lots of squishy yarn fun and no serious dent in the stash
Love me some yarny fun.
Hope your Wednesday is wonderful.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

What a different view today!

This was my view when out walking this afternoon, makes me want to play with some pretty pastel colours.

Lucky my new project is a pretty green with a little blue.
And very soft, squishy alpaca yarn.

Wishing you all the pretty colours in your world.

Friday, August 14, 2015


The socks I was working on remind me of the colours the water turns when skies are grey.

A beautiful blue grey colour in lovely soft yarn.

Seems I have a diamond fixation at present. 

Then there were two.

Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury in denim colour. 
Little needles and lots of stitches.
Ready for gifting to the Father this weekend. 

Hope you have time for stitches this weekend.

Sunday, August 2, 2015


Finishes in July.

Two of those were big!
I have enjoyed wrapping up in my Color Affection already, I love the colours and the generous size of this one.
The top one is a design I am playing with. This version is off to a friend who lives in a cool place so should be useful for a few more months.
My moon beam was just a fun knit and used up leftover yarns. Bonus! 

There are more projects on the needles creeping towards the finish line, you can see some of them keeping the moon company. 

A new month with all the possibilities ahead. 
May your needles be busy.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Ooh, fluffy!

I stayed with the long rows project from the previous post- I admired the shapes as they appeared and took a break cooking up yummy's in the kitchen. Walking the neighbourhood looking for hardy blooms.

While I picked the needles up, put them down again and carried them everywhere for a week, all the stitches started adding up. Before I knew, it was time to start something new to drag around.

Did you see that... I cast off the thing of many stitches. Yay.
Then I cast on something white and fluffy, just like a bunny!

A beautiful, if cheap, wool/bamboo/Angora mix from Spotty, it was a dream to knit. So soft! Unfortunately this yarn is discontinued. Yes, that past tense is correct I cast off this afternoon.

It has been a very good knitting week.

Hope your needles have been busy, too.

Saturday, July 18, 2015


Have jumped to top priority with the recent cold snap.
So I spent some time last night weaving in the ends on my latest Color Affection, I  did sewing at FNSI. This one is slightly larger than the previous one I made as I moved up a needle size.
It is perfect for wrapping up in.

Bendigo Woollen mills Luxury 4 ply in African Violet, Leaf and Sangria, 4.5mm needles
 I really want this next one finished in time to send to a friend next month, so I need to stop neglecting it. The rows are long and require concentration. I worked two rows last night and will attempt to maintain this pace.

Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 4Ply - Lake and 4mm needles

It has my favourite-cables. If it works as I envisage it will sport large diamonds. 
It doesn't look like much yet but I am halfway through the chart so I should be able to see the shapes appearing soon.
Back to it, for todays rows, maybe I'll find my rhythm soon.

Hope everyone is staying warm. 

Friday, July 10, 2015


Same place as last week.
Unwind craft cafe. 
There was a little gap between my morning and afternoon schedule, I was in the neighbourhood so stopped by for a refreshment and a couple of rows.
The same project as last week, now I'm up to the border. I do believe I'll get to wear this scarf before the winter's gone from these parts.

May your weekend include bright stitches.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

School Holidays...

Used to be a time for getting out and exploring the neighbourhood, hanging out with friends and generally relaxing. It appears today's children no longer get to enjoy these carefree holidays, instead they're spending time cooped up in rooms similar to their everyday school rooms.

How do I know this? I just spent a week working with these young people and I have to say I'm grateful for the holidays I enjoyed with family and friends.

It has been fun work seeing the children create masterpieces from simple materials - blank canvas, simple shapes and paint. The theme is Space and the children are encouraged to interpret that word in what ever they like.

All this working stuff has left me with little motivation to create myself. Not because I am not inspired by the wonderful work of the children but because I have spent so much time sitting in traffic that I am too exhausted at days end to point the needles in the right direction.

A short interlude in an otherwise long day - knitting and coffee at Unwind Craft cafe.

I am enjoying some time this weekend with needles and yarn and hoping the sun comes out tomorrow for long enough to get pictures of my progress.

Hope your weekend is cosy.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Round and Round

That's what I've been doing on my pretty new red top. This is my first project for my new needles and they are lovely to work with- smooth and light to match the fluffy, airy yarn.
The green project belongs to Myki and is a fun Amigurumi, she managed to finish the all the legs even with an injured hand. It will be very cute when done.

Just because playing with colours is fun and I wanted to an easy to pick up and put down project for working while out and about for the next two weeks I chose these from three to play together for a new Colour Affection
Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 4 ply in African Violet, Leaf and Sangria
The sun is shining in my window this morning and I have a whiole day to play with yarn Yay!

Hope the sun shines on your day too.

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Yarn and needles you can't see.

I haven't decided what the yarn will become yet, but I am using my new needles and they are lovely to work with.
 Another headband, because the first one has been in almost continuous use since I finished it.
And new socks all finished and ready for wearing.

A perfect knitting day today, in good company. 

Hope there's something new in your creating space.