Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Finished for the year

The doily turned out to be a giant at almost 30 inches across - perfect topper for my round kitchen table (if I could just locate the table top?)
Cluster stitch doily from American Needlecraft 1955, using unidentified cotton thread and 1.5mm hook.

The Green Artifact socks were completed in time to become the Father's Christmas gift. He was very happy with the addition to his sock drawer.
Artifact toes by Sarah Huerta knit in repurposed unidentified sock yarn with 2.5mm needles.

The pretty teal silk mix yarn became another pair of socks from the Little Bonbons pattern.
This time in size medium for gifting to J's mum.
Knit in Cascade Heritage silk on 2.5mm and 2.75mm needles - this yarn was just delightful to work with and I will be saving some pennies to acquire more soon.

Thanks to Kris and Peg for hosting OPAM again this year and to all the other participants who post their amazing finishes each month which inspires my own creativity.

Thanks to Linda and Ana for the Stash Buster challenge this year. It has been both fun and challenging to work through some of the yarn stash and see everyone's wonderful finishes throughout the year. Lots of inspiration to keep the needles clicking.

Wishing all the people who come here for a peek in my creative space a Wonderful 2014.
Enjoy whichever way you like to celebrate and stay safe and cool.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas to you

The  tree is decorated,

The wonderful tree in Melbourne's city square

the needles are empty,
as of 2pm today.

and the sun is setting on the eve of  Christmas.

Ready or not here it comes.

May your Christmas be blessed with family and friends.
Relax and enjoy the Day.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Granny groove

After last weeks success with the little doilies I couldn't resist the challenge of working on something a bit bigger - this one will be size large when it is finished. I'm still working my way through the same cone of thread and I have no idea how many metres were on it to begin with but after working on this giant, I finally feel like there has been a small reduction. Lots more project potential still.

Cluster stitch doily from The American Thread company 1955
This is almost half of the crocheting done though there are only 10 more rounds to go they only get longer from here. Lots of little details to keep things interesting and my hands busy. Using a 1.5mm hook this time.

I wound my new yarn into a pretty ball and started working with it - this is all kinds of wonderful.
Wonderful to work with on my little round needle as it slides along nicely and wonderful to the touch. I am very happy with this yarn. Cascade Heritage Silk in a deep teal colour not the green that the picture looks like.
Sure I played with the drawing thing on my camera app.
Regular Melbourne weather patterns here with sunny and cloudy on the same day.
I love walking at the beach in the late afternoon and seeing this kind of amazing sky. Looking east with the setting sun behind me you can see a little pink tinge on some of the clouds.

Wishing you all kinds of lovely for the weekend ahead. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

A little thread

The past week has been all about Christmas gatherings with friends.

The evening craft group has a little lucky dip swap, the only criteria is that the item needs to be handmade.
I played with a little thread and a teeny hook to hook up some coaster sized doilies.

Current reading material inspired by a lecture by the author

Simple vintage pattern created from a couple of basic stitches.
Totally legitimate copy a lot of Coats patterns are available free on their website as a scanned copy of the original leaflet - much fun. A wonderful feature of these vintage patterns is multiple sizing attained by changing yarn and hook weights and there are quite a few listed on this leaflet.

First one done was a bit slow going, checking directions and counting stitches, not to mention dodgy hook but it turned out looking just like the pattern.

I changed hooks not size, as I totally misplaced the one I started with and the second one was a much better shape for making the combination of pattern and thread.

Dodgy overcast day photo, but you can see that the thread is off white rather than white or cream as it appears in the other pictures.

A set of four coasters received with thanks by Mel.

I was lucky enough to receive a new home for my knitting projects, made by Brianna, but as yet I haven't got a picture.

Wishing you fun and colour in your creative space this week.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

November made

Well finished at least. 
The knitting has been assisted by the cooler than normal weather around here lately, so more socks it is.

Little bonbons design by Revi in Purple vintage Patons Beehive fingering 4 ply.

Queen Elizabeth I socks design by Qianer in Regia 4 Ply colour yarn.

Great Wall IV socks design by Qianer in Wendy Happy Bamboo/Nylon yarn.

Then there was a little sewing frenzy before my trip and my bag was made just in time.
The front and the back.

Sleepover design by Melly and Me in Ink and Spindle fabrics.

Thanks to Peg and Kris for hosting OPAM again this year, it sure is inspiring seeing all the lovely things that are made each month.

Happy December wishes to all.