Monday, November 25, 2013

A week of stitches

Most of them knitted!

A much neglected Angel has seen the light and will be stitched up soon.
The pretty blue fabric is just the right colour.

I finished two socks this past weekend - 
Artifact toes by Sarah Huerta

Not that they match or anything!
Queen Elizabeth I socks by Qianer
Now to make two more.

Pretty evening skies which make the whole world glow - 

soon it will be summer.

Wishing you a colourful week of stitches.

Monday, November 18, 2013


Last week I flew away to a hot place,
Sure there was blue sky up there.
for a special family celebration.
Ms17 is now officially done with school (and very happy about that).
I took my new bag filled with essentials,
The front

 I changed a couple of things - some intentionally and some unintentionally - like when I cut the main bag piece just a little too short and didn't have enough fabric to start over. 
This bag is very roomy, I'm guessing Melly designed it with stitching retreats in mind as there is lots of space for supplies as well as clothes and other necessities.
The back
Sleepover bag by Melly and Me in Ink and Spindle fabrics with buttons from the button tin.

Some souvenir purchases followed me home.
coffee from my favourite coffee place, new yarn and a new needle for more sock knitting.
Back to reality and the sun is shining.
Hope your week is off to a sunny start.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Reading right?

My little helper was keeping an eye on my progress in the sewing room.
I needed all the help I could get with these instructions - look how many there are and not even many pictures!
Wow, that's a big zipper.
What are you doing with those windows?
Cutting my Ink and Spindle fabrics
Oh, that bit goes there?
Sleepover bag design by Melly & Me
I have enjoyed uninterrupted sewing time this weekend and have made good progress on the bag, still wondering if it will be done in time. 
While there are plenty of detailed written instructions they are not necessarily logical, like why are there instructions to cut a short piece off a length sew it in half then cut it into smaller pieces on one page and then do the same instruction two pages later?
Lots of multiple handling of fabric, cutting one shape and then cutting it again a different way.
I have to say I gave up reading and did it my way which may not have been the quickest, but at least I wasn't looking for the next direction for the piece I was working with. 
Hope your weekend has been spent in your creative space.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


some people are curious as to what is happening in my sewing space. I thought I'd share what I acheived this week.
I think some readers of this space will be able to identify with the whole 'wardrobe shrinks my clothes' scenario. So I took out this perfectly good skirt which I made @#$@ years ago but has been hanging in said wardrobe for the past 5 plus years because it really is too pretty to throw out.
Perfect for sunny summer days
This week I have begun deconstructing it, a little off the length will make it about right for now and it will once again be wearable. So back to the sewing machine I go!
Hope your week includes pretty flowers.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Not as I planned

When a couple of rows of knitting while waiting for dinner to cook turned into just one more row, 
then I'll just finish this pattern repeat
and then some reversing up.
HiyaHiya Great Wall IV design by Qianer
I decided it was not a good time to start sewing.
The pretty pre cut scraps are waiting patiently still.
Fortunately all went well at Saturday knit group and I finished my sock earlier today.
That's two the same or as the same as one gets with these multi coloured yarns.
Pretty Wendy Happy yarn, a bamboo/nylon mix which is surprisingly warm to wear and has a lovely sheen. Perfect for the spring season.
one of these days I'll get back to the sewing machine!
Thanks for having us Cheryll.
Have a wonderful week everyone.

Friday, November 1, 2013

October's finished!

And all I have to show for it is more woollies which is probably just as well as so far this spring has been short on heat around here.

Twisted drops socks in purple vintage Patons Beehive fingering, design by Irene Birk.
Grey checkered cowl in grey Sean Sheep wool/soy protein mix and Cleckheaton Candy boucle wool/acrylic/nylon mix, which has a lovely sheen, design by BillS.
The Blue Spot bag is crocheted from Bendigo woollen mills classic and lined with cotton flowers, design by Sharon Ballsmith found in 'Interweave Crochet Summer 2011 edition'.
Burgundy socks finally finished and gifted to the Father, knit in vintage Patons Beehive fingering 3 ply from a suitably vintage pattern requesting this yarn.

There was more knitting, still socks and I am currently working on the second sock of two pairs one of which is close to done but didn't make it into the October finishes due to a ridiculous amount of time spent on some administrative stuff in the past week!

I've stroked fabric and planned and plotted projects but I need to clear a space to allow for some serious cutting before the sewing can begin or maybe I could just sew these 'pre-cuts'.

Shapes cut from scraps some other time! stored neatly on the bottom.

Those apple core shapes on the left are even sewn into pairs. Wonder where they were headed??
Tonight is the first Friday so there's fun to be had with Friends, you can sign up over at Cheryll's.

Happy new month wishes to you.