Saturday, June 30, 2012

Finished... and lots more squares

My Colour Affection shawl is complete - loving the colours together

and the way the stripes work so nicely together on the front and the back.

Yarn is Bendigo Woollen Mill Luxury in 4 ply - the colours are Ghost, Mink and Brick.

As the yarn comes in very generous 200g balls I have enough left to make socks - just as soon as I decide which pattern to use I will be casting on.

The body parts all came together at NCB on Wednesday evening

In A Bot a great pattern by Jodie.
Ready for adventure in his new home.

I have cut a gazillion more squares for the scrap blocks I started last week - should keep me busy for a while .
Just hoping no more cutting is required.

My work contract expired Friday and my students are on holidays for the next couple of weeks so I am indulging in a break of my own this week. I am planning lots of creative activity - but I may just sleep the week away especially if the sun forgets to get up!

Have wonderful weekend and stay warm.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Knitting along

(at the office - true story and the boss knows)

Another beanie for a colleague.

Progress on my Colour Affection - up to the border.

Dreaming of Cosy Toes as they have been very cold of late - seriously considering socks for my next project so I borrowed these two books from the library for some ideas. I have even been reading them and drooling over all the clever designs.

And a random photo of body parts...

Hope your week has been cosy.

Joining the Yarn along again this week.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Making a mess

(Or contemplating patchwork??)
While my brain was refusing to calculate the number of little bits of fabric required for my latest dumb idea, I decided I could start cutting anyway. It will be a scrappy deal.
When this container was overflowing - I thought that would be enough,

and I set about some sewing to see whether this idea may actually work.

Ooh - look the first finished blocks - Yep, they look good with the blocks I made last week.

It appears now I just need to cut another gazillion little pieces of  fabric so I'll have enough for all the blocks!
Only half the blocks are done and this is all that is left.

(Now I remember why I don't do patchwork - a little too late!)

Just in case anyone is interested there has been some progress on the Colour Affection shawl - not very much longer!

Hope your space has been warm and dry and a lot colourful.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tangled delight

Still knitting the Colour Affection shawl and enjoying the shape it is taking - I am up to the final section changing colours every two rows is leaving my yarn tangled.

I am enjoying knitting the short rows and the effect this creates but it is quite obvious that my cable is not long enough so this is the best picture I can get.

(How come I have every other size needle in extra long)

I am enjoying these colours together and the simplicity of this project which makes it very easy to pick up and put down.

The yarns are all Bendigo Woollen Mills 4 ply luxury - colours Ghost, Brick and Mink.
A delight to knit and at this tension make for a light and warm fabric.

Still reading State of the Union by Douglas Kennedy. There have been some interesting twists and turns in this story making it very entertaining.

The weather is perfect for knitting and reading under the snuggly rug.

Joining Ginny and all the others Yarning Along.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sewing progress...

In no particular order - 

there was a little sewing on the weekend.

A set of coasters - a gift for someone who no longer lives in Melbourne.
Found the fork and spoon fabric piece in the stash and could not resist using it for the back - making them fully reversible.

Some blocks made from Aussie fabrics and scraps.

A little fabric purchased on Saturday, there is a plan.

And the mess that was Sunday afternoon - using left overs from previous projects always leads to much disorganisation in my sewing space. More planning and sewing required for this project to gain some semblance of order. There was a little more sewing action but there is no evidence of that here.

Still clicking away on the knitting and enjoying the couch time under my mohair blankie.

Hope your week is off to a crafty start.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sleep In!!

I mean Sew In -

Last night was Friday Night Sew In hosted by Heidi and Bobbi - but as my title suggests there was way more sleeping than sewing. In fact not one stitch was sewn. 
There was a little cutting for some new projects - yes, that is plural. More than one project started with the Melbourne and Sydney prints. I really wanted to sew but  knew that would have ended in disaster or at least  a lot of unsewing last night.

I did manage to knit a couple of stripes on the latest project, taking things nice and slow on this one.

Hope there was some sewing action at your place.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Yarning along...

A new project using my new wool and a new book.
A fantastic week in and out of the craft room.
NCB tonight where I completed a lot of the first section of - can you guess?

Another shawl - this time I am making Color Affection.
Joining in the Yarn Along over at Small Things - where the talented participants continue to inspire me.
Hope  your week is colourful.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Shawl and wrap

My off day was sunshiny even if not very warm.

I used my time wisely and gave my Whippoorwill shawl a wash after weaving in the ends, then laid it out to dry.

Lots of pins required to get the garter stitch cast off to sit flat - but I am very happy with this finish.
All ready for some action.

Crochet on my Juliana Wrap was completed while visiting The Old people yesterday. 
Just some ends to weave in and the Tassels to complete today.

I did not follow the pattern exactly as I was using donated yarn for this project.
The quantities I had of the red were less than the requirements so I omitted some rows or changed them to blue to suit my yarn.

This is an easy project which is very effective.

Now to finish another patiently waiting project before I start playing with my new yarn.

Hope your Monday was a little bit Sunshiny.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Yarn overload...

After casting off the Whippoorwill last Sunday afternoon (it has not progressed from here),

I picked yarn out of the donation bag and grabbed my hook to try the Juliana Wrap.

This picture shows the colour best.

I am enjoying this hooky project,  though the same weight yarn is used throughout, the sections are completed at very different tensions which adds to the texture of the finished piece,

which is growing quickly.

Just as well really as I did a little shopping this week and now have these pretties lined up waiting patiently for the next knitting project to start here soon.

Here I am one row from finishing this blue section and then just the pretty edging to complete.

Both of these colours are darker than they appear here.

It will be in my bag today and should be finished by the time I return from a visit with The Old people.

And tomorrow is an off day here so there may be a cast on??

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Fun Mail

A package arrived with my name on it - Yippee!

Pretty paper on the outside

and lots of fun on the inside.
Perfect timing for the super cosy socks - sure needed some of these.

The gorgeous little pouch was filled with some essentials - sustenance and a hot drink ( or two), along with some winter themed buttons - Way to fun.

A Bronwyn Hayes stitchery kit ( guess she's been checking here).

Thanks Leanne for all my gorgeous goodies and to Cheryll for hosting this fun swap.

Hope your week is all warm and snuggly. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Winter's here

 A time for hats, quilts and hot chocolate (okay any kind of chocolate)

Pink hat with a blue cowl,

Or Pink hat with a green cowl?

Another photo of the shawl progress just because I am a bit Obsessed right now.

The best bit is I am almost done with this. 
Oh, and if anyone's asking I didn't do any stitches on the bosses time!
Yay I get to wear it real soon.

Hope Winter has started well for you.