Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blue and green

forget the saying - they are perfect together!

So the knitting has been front and centre this week occupying every available space.
This project coming along nicely and the colours are perfect, even if I can't capture them in the pics. The yarn is pure wool from Bendigo Woollen Mill and knits up beautifully.
I even did a few rows at NCB tonight, where most of us were knitting.
Reading has taken a back seat this week as there are too many other things happening.
Joining the Yarn along this week, where I found the inspiration for this project a couple of weeks ago.
Hope your week has been simply gorgeous so far.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Traveller quilt


The top


The back- it is more blue than it looks in this picture.

I love the way this quilt came together and the way it looks finished - fortunately I included the label as part of the backing or I may just have been tempted to reassign its purpose to Me.
Guess I just need to pick new fabrics and start another one.
I made a scrap binding from the leftovers of the fabrics I used on the front - perfect in every way - no leftovers to ponder.

So that is part of the M's fuelled weekend crafting frenzy. The knitting project is up to the interesting part - keeping track of hundreds of stitches. I'll show some pics soon.
Hope your week is colourful.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tea cosies on show

The setting is a beautiful old Homestead in Bundoora, so I had a  little cross town adventure today to meet fellow bloggers for...

Good food, Good company and lots of inspiration.

Many dresses for the humble teapot.

There's Rapunzel in good company.

A light to brighten the tea party.

The jesters parade to entertain.

Enjoying the company and displays.

Another Rapunzel steals the show.

Unfortunately as today was the last day of the exhibition this is just a selection, as the tea cosies are sold to raise funds for the Biggest Morning Tea - Cancer council fundraiser and purchasers are allowed to take their wares immediately.

Oh and the jar is not so full, the M's did their job and lots of sewing and knitting was accomplished this weekend.

Hope yours was productive too.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


I refilled the jar for some serious sewing action - I have the quilt ready for quilting.

A little armchair shopping here early in the week resulted in this package of loveliness in my mail box Friday - there may not be time for sewing after all?

The green and blue are four ply from the pure wool Luxury range and I have a project ready to go for those  two. The purple was pure indulgence as the new range, Seranade is a bamboo and wool mix, most definitely all for me.

A little couch time Friday night and I got started - this yarn is beautiful to work with and so far I only have a small issue with the pattern - some how I keep ending up with an even number after the increase row instead of  an odd number? (Probably just my lack of following skills).

May your weekend be warm and dry, with many moments of craftiness.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Goodness

There was more cutting and sewing on the project which began on Friday Night
and these blocks became 

a quilt top - so artfully displayed here covering the couch mess.

I started with these three prints and four tonal fabrics. The prints are postage stamps, immigration stamps and world map - I thought they were perfect for an Aussie Heroes quilt. I am enjoying making this one and really love these colours together.

There was time on Saturday evening for a little knitting on the couch - I moved the quilt top first.
A smaller sized grey beanie for my colleague.

Sunday while I was out and about there was a little hooky goodness happening - will show you soon what this gorgeous blue became.

And no outing is complete without a little pick me up.

Next on the needles a fluffy beanie in these pretty colours.

I understand that nothing here matches as I am using all the odd balls of yarn that have accumulated here in the past few years. Guess it is going to be a hat kind of winter.

I have a week of unusually free evenings so there could be some major progress on the quilty front, or not if I decided to just sit on the couch under one of my quilts with needles and yarn in hand?

Hope your Monday is colourful.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cutting and sewing

I hope that's enough for an evening of sewing.

After all the cutting and sewing.

I neglected to take photos of the fabric stack that I started with either before or after the final selections were made.
Then I cut lots of squares before dinner - yes, I started my sewin just as soon as I got in from work Friday.
After eating I sewed lots - still no photo's Oops.
I finally remembered to take photo's when I was finished for the evening - they are average, but the lighting is no better today - very overcast and rainy here -Yay winter is coming soon.
Good progress was made - more cutting and sewing today.
And the jar is now empty!
Hope you all had a successful FNSI too.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The hat edition...

So there was a second pink hat crocheted in a smaller size, a grey beanie that turned out perfect in so many ways but too large for the recipient, hence the latest cast on - more yarn from the gifted stash to become a small size beanie.
There has been very little reading this week - still working my way through 'Sandstone' A novel by Stephen Lacey set in NSW in the 1940's & 1950's.
Joining the yarn along late this week.
Hope you are staying warm this week.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


The weather is perfect for hats - because I have decided I should just stick to what I am best at, oh and the fact that I couldn't find the fabric I wanted at Spotty last night - I had grand plans of basting and doing some quilting on the pin wheels from a couple of weeks ago, the universe conspired against me.

The green cowl is all better now, it is finished except for weaving in some ends.
Instead of buying fabric at Spotty I got a ball of this pretty pink chenille yarn and started crocheting a hat on Friday night - thick yarn and chunky hook means...

I have a finish already (except for those pesky ends of course).

This afternoon while the sun was shining outside and the wind was blowing lots of cold air - I stayed indoors and unravelled the vest's neckband, ready for another attempt. After consulting an alternative pattern I decided that the neckband just needs more stitches and it will be fine, but I didn't pick them up today.

I started something new instead - a beanie for a colleague. 

This will use the remainder of this yarn from the gifted stash - Yippee!
Making room for some new yarn to make something for me.

Hope your Saturday was spent somewhere warm.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Un-ravelling Along

The past week has been as much about backwards as forwards - the knitting has progressed and I'd like to say Done on the Vest but there is something very wrong with the neck band so there will be more un-knitting on this one. The pattern is perfect for this yarn and I know I will fix that neck real soon. It is a gift for a young man who is about to turn 5 - a deadline in the very near future will see me get this done.

The Shell Cowl is coming along nicely after there was some resizing and a whole new start on the weekend.
Unfortunately I was too lazy to unravel the entire thing and am working from old one to the new one - after not doing any hooking for a couple of days I picked it up and started working on the one I was supposed to be unravelling.
I really should concentrate more when I resume my projects and there would be less Un!

Joining in with the knit along over at Small things.
Hope there is some woolly goodness in your week.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Woolly goodness

While the clouds gathered outside I stayed warm inside surrounded by my gorgeous projects.

There was a little tea time stitching - the table is now ready. I wonder who is coming.
A lovely design from Bronwyn Hayes of Red Brolly

During the week I cast off the grey vest. The body is done, just the bands to complete.

Then some hooking Saturday at the monthly knitting group, which ended when the yarn ran out - oops.

I started over with the hooking and I picked up stitches to knit the arm bands on the vest.

Same design with a smaller hook and  less pattern repeats - I think the sizing will be better and I will have sufficient yarn as I am using an odd ball from the stash, Yippee!

Hope there was time for some stitches in your weekend.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Friends with Benefits

Sent and received...

This pretty package arrived for me.

Inside I found this very pretty journal cover with the cutest stitchery panel and cool multi coloured ric rac.

Open up to find all a girl could need - note paper, pen, journal and a beautiful embroidered book mark.

Thanks you Marilyn for my gorgeous and  practical gifts.

Here is the table centre piece which I made and sent to Marilyn - showcasing Miss Millie and friends catching up with needle and thread.

Phew - she likes it.

Thanks Kathy for hosting this very fun swap.