Thursday, April 28, 2011

Posie wants to picnic

Posie has picked her favourite picnic rug to take on the picnic today.
We'll be heading out to meet the rest of the picnickers soon as the sun is shining and it is not even cool here.
The pattern for Posie the Bear was published in Australian Homespun.
She is a real character with her very large feet and her wobbly head which make her look a bit dreamy. She is only 6 inches tall and is very happy with her pretty pink bow.
Let's go see who else is playing at the picnic today.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Crossed Out

I used the Easter break to finish all the crosses on my Guardian Spirit piece - just some back stitching to go now. Yippee!
Hope your Easter break has been spent doing what you love with those you love.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Esmeralda Rabbit

... thought she would brave the elements today and head out to the Picnic hosted by Melody.

She is even bringing some eggs to share - it is after all the eve of Easter and we like to share a good chocolate to celebrate right?

She is made from a design by the talented Kathleen O'Connor featuring hand dyed mohair - now I know that Kathleen's bunny was a little different to mine turned out. She looks a little sheepish and her fur's a bit ratty, but she is lots of fun in her mint and pink coat.

She has glass and squishy beads as well as stuffing and is quite pose able, she spends most of her days hanging off the shelf she shares with furry friends.

Wishing everyone a Happy and Safe Easter long weekend, make sure you share some chocolate.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Googy Bag

The Googy bag got it's handle attached and now it is all done ready and waiting for the Rabbit that is due to visit next weekend - I really am hoping he will fill it up for me!

Okay, so I didn't do the pretty stitchery on the handle but I am very happy with this fun fabric handle.

See it is the perfect size - here it is with some of the calorie free eggs I have been making.

These little crochet eggs are too cute, they are similar in size to a small hen's egg so they are very quick to make.

Now Nomee and I have a paying job that will keep us busy for a few days and involves this roll of very nice towelling - the colour is burgundy, a bit darker than it appears in this photo.

Preparation involved fabric excavations - this table was previously covered in piles of fabric, with some wool thrown in for good measure. The process of cleaning the table did not expose any nasty surprises, just a few unfinished projects which are now neatly stacked awaiting attention.
Hope the sun is shining at your place.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I didn't get distracted by new projects last night and made good progress on the bags.

The Googy Bag from Bronwyn over at Red Brolly just needs it's handle - there was a thought that it may get attached today but that has not happened so here it is so far.

The two of Us bag from Rosalie Quinlan designs is complete.

This was a kit from the Immerse retreat, September 2010, so I guess there are a whole bunch of these that look like the pattern picture using the red check that was supplied. I didn't need to find something in the stash to complete it and there was just the right amount of fabric so no little leftovers either.

I am very happy with my progress and while these are small bags they are very pretty and will be handy.
Thanks to Heidi and Bobbi for hosting the Friday Night Sew In - sure is fun imagining sewing with a whole lot of like minded creative people in the comfort of my own lounge room.
Hope your Saturday is sunshiny.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Stitching along...

With all the ladies who play along in the Friday Night Sew In - hop on over and see Heidi to join.

Handmade by Heidi

Some progress has been made with the crosses - and after much nagging from a member of my weekly craft group I have stitched the Wolf's eyes - it is a bit disconcerting having him watch my every move now - lucky I'm almost there.

This week I got totally distracted by this free project from Bronwyn over at Red Brolly for the Easter Googy Bag.

And I finished stitching this design for The two of Us bag from Rosalie Quinlan designs.

If I don't get distracted by any new projects tonight I should be able to make up these two little bags. That is my plan, you will have to come by tomorrow to see if I stayed with the plan.
Have a fabulous stitchy weekend.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Binksy wants to play outside...

Binksy got all excited about the picnic today but this is as far as she got, as when we went to go out it was raining. She decided just to hang out on the window ledge and watch the action out there instead.

The pattern was in a magazine but I have no clue now which one. She is about 6 inches tall and is made from synthetic fur fabric with felt paw pads and inner ears. Her ears have wire for posing and she like them half up.
With her petite features she reminds me of the rabbit that was part of the family I worked for in London lots of years ago.

Look what arrived today - a little prize I won last week from Melody who hosts the weekly Teddy Bears Picnic. A gorgeous pattern from the talented Michelle and some little sweet treats.

Thanks Melody and Michelle.
We're off to see who braved the elements and enjoyed the picnic today.
There has been some crafty action around here I will share soon.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

There were Rabbits at the picnic

Hello - I hope you all had a lovely time at the picnic today - we sure did but were without the camera so an inside photo it is. Becky is a lovely soft bunny made from Minky and she was happy to get out and play in the grass today - she even managed to stay clean.
Thanks Melody for inviting us to play at the Picnic.
Have a wonderful Friday.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Slow crafting

There has been a little crafting going on here - still going slow.

Saturday was the local knitting at the Library group so I cast on another little person hat to work on there. Gotta love little people projects not only are they portable, the grow real quick and before you know it you're done.

Multi coloured yarn, baby beanie in textured pattern.

Next an almost finished old project - started July 2010, all the knitting is now done on my purple vest, just need some matching buttons to finish it off. Could require a shopping trip!

Last week I picked up this project started late 2010 and put aside when the Christmas preparations got in full swing.

Just some green spots to go - I may even finish it in the near future?

It is a kit from the Immerse retreat I attended in September 2010, the designer is Rosalie Quinlan.

Hope your weekend was filled with lots of stitchy goodness.