Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunny Sunday

Perfect for an afternoon walk at the beach.
Swimming between the flags. (Not me I only paddle in the water.)
On the home stretch.
Working a simple cable braid all the way around the edge, now the rows are going quickly but there sure are a Lot of them! I'm lucky summer doesn't want to leave yet. Wishing you sunshine in your creating space this week.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

So close

I have successfully reknit a lot of this navy yarn which was reclaimed from the Reversible Wrap which never did what I would have liked it to do.

And the blue cables are nearing their end, but I haven't decided on an appropriate finish for the edging. I can see a little experimenting in my near future.

I couldn't resist starting a new sock, which also has cable detail, not that you can see that in the picture.
These are in response to the father's request for more after recently being forced to wear commercial socks for the first time in some months and experiencing cold feet. (There was a small issue of overwear causing holes in one of the handmade pairs causing the shortfall.)
Elementary Watson in Moda Vera Noir - the coffee colourway.
Joining the Yarn along this week, I've been listening while knitting so no book pictures but recently finished Dark Heart by Tony Park, fiction based on fact, set in Africa with a focus around the peace keeping experience in Rwanda post 1995. Both interesting and intriguing.
Currently listening to The Sandcastle Girls by Chris Bohjalian an historical novel, from the cover - "Parallel stories of a woman who falls in love with an Armenian soldier during the Armenian Genocide and a modern-day New Yorker prompted to rediscover her Armenian past"  So far this too is very interesting and engaging, perfect for knitting time.

Still using the Library computer and short on time.

Hope you are all having a great week.

PS: while I have been reading blogs for some reason I am unable to currently comment.
I have enjoyed seeing what everyone is up to, hopefully the technology issues will be sorted soon!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Pink slippers...

are all done.

Bosnian Slipper socks design by Donna Druchunas
Another lovely pattern from Knitting Sock from Around the World, I still have a few more to go before I'm done with the book.
Just in time for Miss17 to relieve me of them when she visited recently.
The third colour is cleverly stitched on at the end to minimise tangles in the knitting.
Bendigo woollen mills luxury in Lotus and Ghost with the purple vintage Patons fingering detail.
These slippers used up most of the leftover ghost colourway but there is still enough of the Lotus for more socks.
When I saw her again a couple of days later she was wearing them to keep her toes warm. Yay!
The mother added to the yarn stash again last week with some bargain yarns suitable for sock knitting among other things, I need to get some pictures of those.

My blue cable cape from last time has seen significant progress and will soon be done.

Wishing you sunshine in your window.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Just add words

Blue cable cape - going backwards.
Mini Ydggrasil - moving in the right direction
Sylvester - ameniko cat
New slippers in case winter ever comes back.
Some of the things I've been working on while offline.
Have a wonderful weekend.