OPAM 2012 (74)


 Christmas Home hanging

 Round Blue washcloth

Czarinas Lace anklets

Santa's sweet bag

Shine a light


Green polka dot purse

Pastel crochet bowl

Peace ornament

Purple heart ornament (I did finish it before I sent it - no photo!)

Vegetables with Orange apron
Simple Pleasures in red

Red crochet bowl

Blue chooks table runner

Green Crochet container

Seasons in the Sun

Green ginger Tea folder

Ginger tea mug rug

Rudolph Tag

 Elf stocking

  • October
Red Heart Ornament

Hope mug mat

Purple Candle socks

    • Pretty Pinwheels quilt

      Red Katya Socks


Scrapped Quilt

Ships laundry bag (shown with quilt)

Pink and yellow cushion - front


Yellow Angel

Baby blue socks


Red Eye socks

Bright Afternoon Bag

Set of 4 blue cushions

Anywhere bag

Blooming Table mat and four placemats

Blue pyramid pouch


Green Cable Cuffs socks

Tablet cover

    • Chubby Bird

  • Maid Marion Socks


Colour Affection Shawl

Melbourne Coasters - set of 4

Another grey beanie

A Bot

  • Argyle Laundry bag

        • Whippoorwill Shawl
        • Juliana Wrap

      • MAY

      • Traveller Quilt
      • Pink crochet beannie
      • Pink Cloche hat
      • Crochet cowl - Blue
      • Crochet cowl - Green
      • Small Grey beannie
      • Grey beannie
      • APRIL
      • Curtains
      • Pink thread bucket
      • Pink and green mini sprocket
      • Blue Candle Mat
      • Rapunzel Tea Cosy
      • Miss Millie Mini
      • Easter cushion
      • Blue Sprocket mini cushion

    • MARCH

    • Grey scarf collar
    • Blue fuzzy hat
    • Laundry bag
    • Ducks and Dogs quilt
    • Grey Beanie

  • February

  • Simply Red Bag

  • Annie Doll quilt

  • Purple spot pouch

  • Trillium Tunic
  • Summer tote
  • Bright pincushion

  • Triangle Pouches x2

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