Thursday, September 29, 2011

In bloom

Inspired by an article on Irish crochet in my magazine that I got a couple of weeks ago and the fact that I have a lot of fine thread to use - I have started making motifs.

This is a three dimensional flower that I completed today - it is minute - okay so that is my big hand but really - this flower is less than 5 cm at the widest part!

Very cute though.

My guess is this project will be on going for quite some time.

There was some crochet activity when Misses 12 & 15 were visiting last week but we were having too much fun to be taking photo's.

I have been in the kitchen too - inspired by a post over here I have been making kid friendly Rocky Road when required to bring a plate.

This lot is for work tomorrow, but I also made a batch to take to the family gathering last weekend, there weren't any left overs so I guess that means it passed the family test.

I'll try to remember to get a pic tomorrow before it is devoured.

Hope everyone has had a fabulous week.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Growing slowly

Lots of distractions.

I'll be back soon with some progress pictures.

Hope there are lots of flowers in your garden.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Now they match...

Apparently the new job is going to be stressful. How could I know so soon?

They gave each of us a boring white (with logo) stress ball on the first day!

Add a little red yarn and crochet - now mine will stand out in the crowd.

I made a matching mug cozy and coaster - just to brighten up my workstation.

Coaster is made using the free Granny in the Round tutorial from The Royal Sisters and some rich red wool.

Now I am all set for week two and my 1 hour a day of hooking on the ride.
Progress was made on some of the other projects, I will share photo's soon.
Have a colourful week.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


(or what I do when the universe conspires to make me a responsible citizen of the world!)

So I started a full time contract this week which requires that I attend a workplace every week day for the next four months.

Fortunately this requires me to take a 30 minute train ride twice daily - read two half hour crochet session everyday - Guaranteed. Perfect really.

So this week apart from finishing the blocks for the blankie,

I have made lots of red flowers,

and started a new blue number.

I did do a little crochet at home too, joining some of the blankie squares.

And as I will be required to spend time with my hook and yarn I treated myself to some inspiration.

Lots of cool projects in here to keep me busy in the coming months.

Hope your week included some crafty inspiration too.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Count 49

I'm playing in the yarn along again. I am very excited as I have the exact number of squares required for this blanket.

What do they look like?

The pattern is from Royal Babies, a Patons publication from the early '80's. Most of the yarn is from the same era, though some of it is from even earlier than that.

No preciousness about this I used whatever was there and discovered that not all 3 ply baby yarns are created the same. The yarns are all synthetic - mostly nylon or acrylic or a mix of the two as in the white border yarn, of which I did have to buy one ball.

All laid out to get an idea on size and how the colours look together - I am very happy.
I will be using double crochet to join the squares rather than sewing them and the yarn for that is from the stash too.
All ready - now I just need some time at home to get it done.
Hope you have a colourful week.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

More Hooking

Playing with leftovers - working on Cozy toes.

Needs a little refining but overall very cozy.

Another vest this time in Chocolate brown Alice, requested by a member of my craft group.

In the past week I completed more blocks for the blanket. The tally has passed 40 so just a few more to go and then I can join them up. I really am optimistic that this can happen this week.

Saturday for something different, some members of my craft group took an excursion across town and to check out the Embroiderers Guild exhibition.

A most worthwhile excursion and there were lots of interesting pieces both large and small to admire. No photography was allowed, so I can't share the amazing work which incorporated a good variety of embroidery and other needle arts within the exhibition theme.

This exhibition runs until September 25th so there is plenty of time to go for a look if you are in Melbourne.

Hope your weekend has been an inspiring one.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


-to search unsystematically.

I found this stitchery completed more than five years ago - wonder if this will be the year it will become something to display at Christmas.
A design from Barb Smith when she was the Woodcutters Daughter.
What I didn't find was the times table cards that I was looking for - best check some other places for those.
Still hooking - more squares and another vest.
Hope your week is full of wonderful finds.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Building blocks

Adding to the block count this week and reading 'It takes a village' by Christine Stinson.

Set in post war Sydney. the main character is a young girl who grows up an orphan with her grandfather and cared for by neighbours. A story about community at its worst and best.

The current stack - count 29.

More to come.
Joining in the yarn along this week - and getting lots of inspiration from the other participants.
Hope your week is colourful.