Monday, May 30, 2011


is how things are progressing here.
More flowers in my garden.
I am having fun making these flowers in different colours.
There is a plan but it will be a long time in the making.

A little knitting with this pretty pink yarn.

Here we have one five and half inch square of fabric and a piece of grey thread which needs to be transformed before this Saturday - I am uninspired by this colour combination.

I'm guessing the deadline will get me moving on it very soon.
Hope your Monday is full of sunshine and colour like mine.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Is playing at the picnic today.
As you can see she is guarding the bowl of malt sticks, if you look closely you can see that she has quite a large tummy - maybe she has eaten too many already.
Sure hope the others join us soon before she eats them all.

Made from red curly mohair and the design Hattie from Gerry Warlow, she has glass beads in her belly arms and legs which gives her the laid back look.
She likes life in the slow lane and has been known to wear a flower in her ear, here she is modelling one of the recently completed crochet flowers.

Not sure if purple is her colour?
Hope it doesn't rain on your picnic.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finished, finished, and finished

I know makes a change from starting multiple items, hope no one is too shocked.
The warm collar matches the green hat, just right for Mr4 on these chilly mornings.

This purple rabbit has been waiting months for some stuffing - all finished now and sent off to her new home. I just found the old picture I completed the stitchery back in January obviously I got distracted and she was left languishing on the unfinished pile well not any more. This is a design from Melanie Hurlston's Sew Little range of patterns.

Finally, I sewed the buttons on my purple textured vest to finish it too, only a month after all the other work on it was completed and buttons acquired. It sure is just right for this weather and has had more than one outing already, cosy.

After taking a lot of photos's and not being happy with the way the colour looks on the screen I decided to go to the Bendigo Woollen Mills site to look at the colour swatch there and it looks very similar to my photo colour when in fact the actual colour is deeper. The name of this yarn is Purple Storm from the Luxury range.
That's two things off the just need a little attention and I'll be done pile. Yay.
Still playing with yarn and hook here more cosiness and a little frivolity.
Happy Creating in your cosy place.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Flower Hat

First let me show you this leafy dress, knitted in a pretty mint green yarn by me in the early 1980's and never gifted most likely because 'it' ended up being a boy. It has been carefully stored with some other unwanted items, some of which were made even earlier than that.
I unearthed this recently and decided that maybe it would be suitable for baby V.
These leaves are knitted on the bottom band all the way around - I delivered to the intended family and it was much appreciated.
While I was still playing with the flower tutorial from Happy In Red, I made this little hat by joining the flower petals with chain and then working rows of dc to the required length.

Wishing you a week with happy creative pauses.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Yarn that is.
It seems to be dominating all the creative goings on here.
Friday I started with this - reusing some yarn that I unstitched on Thursday because the scarf was all wrong. It is a much nicer verigated green colour than the photo's show in a soft tencil and acrylic mix.

And finished with this - a green beanie for Mr4.

Moving right along to more green this time softer and prettier - hooking a little something up.

My Friday night Sew-In was actually a yarn in and plenty was achieved. Yay me.
My only connection with the previous post about the Tea Cosy exhibition was as a willing admirer - there sure were a lot of amazing articles to admire all of them filling the function of humble tea cosy. Just Lovely
Have a sunny weekend.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Tea cosy paradise

My favourite thing this Friday was spending time with creative friends taking an excursion across town to the Tea Cosy Exhibition - all for a good cause too. 400 tea cosies for sale to raise funds for the Cancer Council.
A small selection for you to enjoy.

There sure was a lot of inspiration here with many different styles and techniques displayed now I need a teapot to dress up.
Tonight is Friday Night Sew-In so while I'm inspired I am going to join the ladies and do a little creating myself.
Happy weekend - hope you find lots of time to spend creating.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Can you believe the sun came out today?
Timmy hopped up on his chair ready for the picnic, the grass is still wet from all the raining in the past week. Really though Timmy doesn't go anywhere without his chair - He is the bear most high around here. The little chair was a gift from some of my neices and Timmy claimed it right away, with their assistance of course, his legs are too short he can't climb up there by himself.
He is made from short sparse grey mohair and the paw pads are charcoal velour.
The design is Muffin by Gerry Warlow and about 8 inches tall.
You can see who else is picnicking here.
Tomorrow I am joining some members of my craft group on an excursion - we are going here to check out the tea cosy goodness.
Hope the sun is shining in you part of cyberspace.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Flowers and bothers

I have been making some more flowers for my garden - well I am going to share them with others but for now I get to enjoy them all.
There have been some comments recently which have bothered me. This is my blog and I get to choose what I share - if you don't like that there are plenty of other more interesting or relevant to you places where you can go to be entertained, you don't need to come here and spread you negative thoughts with me.
Why is it that those people who leave negative comments are always no reply and have private profiles??
If you can't own up to it don't bother saying it!!
Ok, so now I feel better - onto something much more positive.
I've decided to play along with lots of others in the Hottie Challenge with Curlypops.
Click the image on my sidebar to read all about it.
Hope you are having a creative week.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


I'm sure I mentioned last week that I was going to try and finish some projects that really just need half an hour or less, but a challenge issued by a member of my craft group sent me off in pursuit of new yarn to complete a new project for me.

Just love these colours together, I am totally loving that lime green colour which is a bit unusual not a colour that is normally in my colour scheme.

I could hardly wait until I got home on Friday to get started.

It has been a lot of years since I tried a fair isle design and I thoroughly enjoyed working on this.
The pattern is a design by Amanda Jones and appears in a Simply Knitting Christmas special from 2010.
Lovely colours to brighten what has been a very grey weekend.
I'm all done - it is far from perfect but I am still very happy with the finished item and will figure out how to wear it now that the weather has decided cold is the perfect temperature.
The challenge was to have this finished so I can return the book to the owner when we meet for craft group on Tuesday. I made it with a couple of days to spare. Yay!
Now to the almost done projects - they will be finished.
Hope your weekend has been filled with warm projects too.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


When I visited with The Mother last week she had this present for me - now I don't know about you but whenever I have been in Op Shops around my area there are never any interesting craft supplies - I think they get all the best stuff at the one where The Mother volunteers.

This is mostly pearl 8 cotton, not too tangled and there are lots of full or almost full reels.

Oh, this was not all of it I promise I shared with SILJ.

What does one do with Pearl8 cottons - lots of things of course.

I just couldn't resist trying this crochet flower tutorial from Happy in Red.

Too cute in this size - about 2 inches across.

Sure is an easy flower to make, there will be more I've got lots of thread to grow my garden.

Hope your weekend is spent right where you want to be.

Stay warm

Thursday, May 12, 2011

St Claire

While the weather outside is dull and dripping we had an inside picnic here today.
St Claire came out to play and in true cat style tried to unravel my knitting, she certainly had lots of fun playing and is now resting quietly. She really is a fun character, her face just makes her look a bit grumpy.
The design is Pounce from Chris Cotton of Gemini Bears. She is really simple to make with only a neck joint, including her tail which naturally curls up she is 14" long and stands on her paws at around 7" I made mine in a medium synthetic fur.
Run over and say Hi to Melody to see who else has brought their friends out to play today.
My new toys (previous post) are for making pompoms, I am not convinced they are easier to use than the cardboard version but it means I don't need to find a box to cut the circles from.
Hope your week has been fun so far.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New toys...

have inspired me to finish some projects.

Including one of the hats I showed yesterday.

This time a cute beret for a small person.

Working on something marginally bigger now, but I may just finish off some of those projects which have been waiting for their final stitches for the past month or so??

Happy Creating in your space.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Little Hats

That's what I have been making lately - they are quick, portable and use up left over yarn from larger projects.

Cable hat in cream with double rib band.

Gumnut hat in multicoloured yarn with simple rolled band.

Lucky I've been making some room in the warehouse as when I went to see the Mother yesterday she had more yarn for me, there will be more of these little hats in the future.
Perfect weather for a little knitting here.
Hope you are warm and cosy in your favourite space.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Round and round the garden..

We ventured beyond the Garden Gate to join the picnic today.

These two are made using the same pattern - Pedro from the talented Kathleen O'Connor. Jordan is made from a gorgeous hand dyed mohair and Rosie from a short synthetic fur. I changed the eye size and nose position to give them a different look and I really like the way they look together.


Rosie wearing her pretty flowers.
Jordan and Rosie were happy to be out in the fresh air today, playing with all the other picnickers today. Thanks Melody for letting us play.