Thursday, May 19, 2011


Can you believe the sun came out today?
Timmy hopped up on his chair ready for the picnic, the grass is still wet from all the raining in the past week. Really though Timmy doesn't go anywhere without his chair - He is the bear most high around here. The little chair was a gift from some of my neices and Timmy claimed it right away, with their assistance of course, his legs are too short he can't climb up there by himself.
He is made from short sparse grey mohair and the paw pads are charcoal velour.
The design is Muffin by Gerry Warlow and about 8 inches tall.
You can see who else is picnicking here.
Tomorrow I am joining some members of my craft group on an excursion - we are going here to check out the tea cosy goodness.
Hope the sun is shining in you part of cyberspace.


Melody said...

Little Timmy is an absolute sweetie-pie. Thank you so much for sharing.
Lucky you - I hope to get to the teacosy exhibition soon. Hope you have heaps of fun.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Timmy is very sweet in his very special chair. Glad he found some sunshine as we didn't.
He has the cutest little face.

teresa said...

Timmy is so cute. I have a couple of Gerry's patterns... I wish she still had her gorgeous shop at Southbank... It was a like a teddy museum upstairs where the workshop was. I miss that place. Glad you got some sunshine this week! See you at the picnic xx

Briar Rose said...

Timmy looks so huggable in his lovely little chair. Gerry's Patterns were great, I enjoyed seeing her at craft shows, I wonder if she still makes Bears.Cheers R.

Karen said...

Hi Tracey.
Timmy is rather gorgeous. He looks rather soft and cuddly. Isn't it lovely that your nieces thought of a chair for him!

marina said...

looks like a lovely hugable bear.

Shay said...

Timmy is adorable. So glad the sun cooperated with picnic day.

Have fun in tea cosy heaven!

Barb said...

I love your bears, can never get enough of them!

Sheila said...

Timmy is a sweet and loveable bear , hope he enjoyed the picnic.

BubzRugz said...

Timmy is georgeous... and looks so cuddly..... hope he had fun at the picnic!

elliek said...

Timmy looks good sitting in his chair. Always good to have your own place to sit.