Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tea Towels and Owl

Jenny of Elefantz challenge for January was making items from TeaTowels. I had a different kind of tea towel challenge last week - we got a delivery at the laundry - a few thousand of the blighters - oh and it was my job to wash, dry and fold them - so I spent two whole days at it and got about half done! This bucket contained 600 and I left those for the boss to deal with on Saturday - my guess is they will mostly still be there tomorrow. He did kindly donate one to my cause - okay so it is one off the outside of the bale - I just soaked it then washed it, now it's clean. I made myself a bag that I can take to the supermarket when I am walking - oh and I lined it with the calico that makes up the rest of the bale packaging - Thanks Boss.
I had some fun this afternoon with the same pattern that I used in the previous post for the Owl applique - it was a softie pattern so I made it up as intended today - I just enlarged the pattern to make this cutie. It is my intention to use it for a Toy Society drop tomorrow morning, hoping is brightens some student's day on the first school day of the year.
Hope your weekend was a good one - Enjoy the coming week.
Happy Creating

Saturday, January 30, 2010

In the Bag

All ready to fly off to their destination - I wonder what we will get back??? You want to know what's in the Bag??? Santa blocks for the Holly Jolly Block swap - we are in the bright non traditional group and I had lots of fun playing with colours, Christmas doesn't have to be all red and green? One of the blocks up close - simple stitchery design from the talented Joy over at Joypatch.
and all 12 of the blocks together - an interesting mix of colours - a good opportunity to use up some of my stash.
The second roll contains the blocks for the Its a Hoot block swap over at Pin and Needles, this swap hasn't closed yet so if you are interested in getting in on the action hop on over and check out the details. (The button on my sidebar will take you there.)
A close up of one of the blocks I made
And the 6 themed blocks I made for this swap.
Jindi's mum and I entered both of these swaps as a team - half the work means we each get half the blocks back - but we decided 6 themed and 6 - 9 patch blocks would be enough - they are 12inch square finished.
Enjoy some stitching time this weekend.
Happy Crafting

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not Sure..

what's happening here?- I have been sewing straight lines and that just isn't my thing - don't look too close - they probably are not straight after all. Saturday I took a little trip to spend the day with Jindi's mum with the intention of accomplishing some sewing - just this once I was successful - there are 12 of the 9 patch blocks which I constructed all by myself, after commenting that I had never made a 9 patch block. Then there was some fun to be had creating applique owl blocks. We adapted a softie pattern and came up with this. She really is quite cute and using some of the embroidery stitches on my machine I was able to put together 6 of these.
Almost done - just need to finish the eyes and put borders on these blocks and they will be ready to go to their destination.
I'm off to the beach shortly for the fireworks that conclude the celebrations in my suburb.
Hope your Australia Day was a good one.
Happy Crafting

Sunday, January 17, 2010

You Didn't?

Of course I did! It all started a lot of years ago when our oldest nephews were young, it was the 1980's. I was making the young boys very bright outfits and my brother asked for something bright to wear at camp and when hiking. He still enjoys outdoor hobbies like hiking and four wheel driving so about every year or so he requests new ones. All wrapped up... but what? (I must have got the bag shape right as The Father who had no prior knowledge of the conversation I had with my bro early in the week - said straight up it was a money bag)

Shorts of course.

Yes, he asked for a new pair - I get to choose the fabric and he has worn all the ones I have made over the years - some of which SILJ has been kind enough to mend for him as he liked them that much! Bro liked his shorts and I was lucky enough to find a card with a pirate picture so the entire greeting was in the pirate theme. Hope your weekend was a good one with lots of creative space. Happy Crafting

Friday, January 15, 2010


Yesterday when I finished work I popped into Spotlight for some inspiration for my Bros present - he asked me to make something specific. Prior to that his wife suggested he ask for $1,000,000. I figured this fabric is perfect he can get directions to the $1M then SILJ gets her wish as well. Oh, but what am I making??? You'll have to wait until Sunday 17th (bros birthday) to see what becomes of this fun fabric. The gold fabric you see in the corner will be the wrapping. If anyone would like to guess what I'm making, there may be something to giveaway if you are correct.
(JC you are ineligible to guess if you read this - but I'm thinking you will be too busy stitching up a storm at summer school to even read here before Sunday.)
So I'm off to make a space on the sewing table for some serious sewing today.
Have a great weekend with plenty of creative opportunities.
Happy Stitching

Thursday, January 14, 2010


No not me - I am still here - and still stitching Santa's figured you didn't need to see them in every colourway. I am missing this piece terribly now that I have put the Christmas version back in the cupboard. Around this time last year I made this spotty centre piece for the Quilting in the Round challenge and I got excited when I found out it was going to be on display at major craft shows in Australia during 2009. Now the last one was in August and I expected this piece would find its way home in September so I waited and waited... I contacted those that I left it with - no response! and again - No Response! So now I am asking for help from those of you out in blogland - If anyone knows the whereabouts of this piece I would very much like to hear from you. And yes I did write my name and contact details on the back. Thanks for your assistance. I will be back soon with something finished for the OPAM challenge - I know I will because it is my brother's birthday this weekend and he put in a request. Best get sewing. Hope you all have time for some creative activities this week. Happy Crafting

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Do you wanna See??

I got all these sewing essentials for Christmas and there were some other varieties amongst some other packages - Ooh - and I got these pretties to play with.. gorgeous fabric and thread.
And since Christmas Santa has been on the sewing agenda as I am participating in the Holly Jolly block swap over at AuntPittyPats - I am in the bright non traditional group and I really do like bright.
The above design is a freeby from the talented Joy over at Joy Patch - thanks. As this is what I did for most of Boxing Day - I can imagine that Santa needs to sleep for a few days too - I just visited family and friends not every person!
The below design comes from a childrens colouring sheet and is just perfect - I need to do Santa and Elves pics.
Of course it was nice to have a few days away from the daily grind to just play with needle and thread whenever I liked. More stitching on the agenda for me tonight - I have a deadline to meet.
I hope you have all had creative opportunities in between the celebrations.
Happy Crafting

Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to 2010

As the sun set on another year I stopped and pondered 2009 - Lots of change, challenge and crafty pursuits. I'm Happy with that - now I have a new year to look forward to with a whole lot of new adventures. As I started blogging in January of 2009 it seems only right that I should celebrate this month with a giveaway probably in the second part of the month. Thanks for all the positive comments, I enjoy what I make and am happy that others do too. See you round for another year of more of the same.
May 2010 be filled with lots of creative opportunities and more happy memories.
Happy New Year