Friday, November 30, 2012

Summer time fun...

All wrapped up and left with the post people earlier this week, now that it has arrived at its new home I can show you the finished hanging. 
If you have been looking here recently you would have seen quite a lot of the parts.

Bathing boxes at the beach

and the whole scene complete with girls playing on the beach.

I used a combination of raw edge machine applique for the larger pieces and buttonhole hand applique for the smaller pieces, I hand quilted clouds and around some of the shapes. The pattern has all of the work done by machine.
Instead of a hanging sleeve I put tabs on the top for hanging - they co-ordinate with the houses.
The design by Carol Turznik was published in Australian Homespun No 103 Vol12 No12. 

This was a very fun piece to work on and it was hard to send it on its way, so I was very happy to learn that Maria has a bit of a fascination with Bathing boxes and she adores her new wall hanging.

I found these turtles on the specials table at Spotty last week and figured they'd be perfect for backing.
While the fabric is a drill it is very soft and worked well for the purpose.

As it is almost time for celebrating the season of Christmas I included this little fellow and some chocolates too.

He is the one with the bead decorations I was working on a few weeks ago.

Thanks to Cheryll the wonderful host of this very fun swap.

Hope you are able to indulge in some Summer time fun this weekend with the beginning of the season here tomorrow.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Naughty Elf...

I'm sure she had her head in the clouds when she turned the trees upside down.

There were no clouds in the sky today when I went out for my walk and the temperature was soaring! A little sit down at the beach was necessary.

And like the big kid that I am I couldn't wait to open my squishy mail package so I ripped in right there on the beach. A cute little package from Kris at TagAlongTeddies, who is one of the hosts of OPAM.

Inside I found a pattern for one of Kris' own gorgeous designs - when I read the words I had a spooky feeling that Kris had been peeking in my windows.
I'd much prefer to craft than clean and tidy, so the words on this little hanging are perfect for me and my humble abode.
There was also a piece of gorgeous fabric (not sure how she parted with that) and some thread for stitching the design.

Thanks Kris it really is very sweet.

A little Santa stitching on this cutie so generously given by Bronwyn Hayes over at Red Brolly - lots of fun Christmas ideas there.

 Enjoy the rest of Thursday - hope you're cool.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Special Delivery

Today the post people left this special delivery for me.
Playing in the Advent Swap hosted by Fee, means lots of little packages to open in the lead up to Christmas - it really puts some of the fun back into those first weeks of December when life usually gets busy. I feel like a kid again - eagerly waiting for Saturday to come so I can open the first little package.
The little tags are just the cutest and they are three dimensional.

I promise I only opened the box and the Christmas card, I didn't squeeze, shake or sniff anything (ok, maybe one or two)
Thanks Gai for being my partner this year.
I do think it is funny that we both used the same wrapping paper.

In the sewing room there has been a little hand stitching and lots of buttons.

(luckily it has nothing to do with clothes!)

The machine has been busy with the vegetables and orange.

A perfect start to the week really.

Hope your week has started perfectly too.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Seasons in the sun.

Working on this piece I was reminded of the Old song sharing the title.
While we had a taste of summer today there was not much sun.

Hope your Saturday was sunny.
(All will be revealed when it arrives at a new home)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Building houses

Beach houses that is!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Swapping Gifts...

Packages all wrapped ready for tagging and then off to the post people - hope they're all set for working extra hard to get these to their destination in time!

Below is the sweet hanging I received in the Anni Downs Swap on Saturday.

I am so happy with this hanging as it is not something I would make and I always like to have some new decorations at Christmas so I think this will mark the beginning of the decorating.
I don't want to put it away now.

I could have been showing some progress on my latest project if I hadn't gone to my craft group today with only one project and no instructions. My time wasn't wasted though I answered some technical questions and did some knitting on a sock for a fellow crafter.

A very pleasant afternoon with lots of chatting and laughing too.

May Wednesday be a creative one for you all.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Oh yeah, Shopping...

on Saturday.
Honestly there are almost too many choices at Mill Rose.
These two fabrics joined me on the trip home, along with a skein of grey Perle 8.

Happy Me.

 I did a little sewing and crocheting on Saturday both at Mill Rose and in the evening - and finished this little heart hanger.

You can't see any decorative sewing here because it needs to stay a secret for a little longer.

Sunday, I spent the afternoon at the Botanical Gardens with some creative yarn types and hooked up this pretty bowl.

Lily Sugar and Cream cotton yarn and a 3mm hook make it quite solid.
So happy with how quickly these come together.

I sorted my tags today.
Very fun - and only one bambi ended up with a broken leg!

Time to get wrapping happening.

Creative Tuesday wishes to all.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Inspired by Simple Pleasures...

Saturday I joined a group of lovely ladies at Mill Rose Cottage for a stitching good time.
Lovely setting, Lovely fabric and delicious food, adds up to a perfect Saturday.
The optional swap was a little something made from an Anni Downs design.
I chose three designs from her book 'Simple Pleasures'.
Stitched with DMC Red/Pink thread and arranged as a long narrow hanging, perfect for a little space.

Flower Tree

Flower basket


I did finish something see!
(I secretly wished to get my own project back)
The other projects were beautiful too, and I got something gorgeous that I would not make myself. I'll get a photo and show you soon.

I managed to get some sewing and shopping done too.

A Beautiful day all round.
Thanks to Melody for coordinating all this fun.
Wishing you all a wonderful week.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Can you keep a secret?

No, neither can I.

Fueled by some M's

I got to work cutting and sewing...

Some little blocks and

some pockets.

I can't show you what they turned into as they are not all done, but good progress was made on several projects last night with the FNSI ladies.

Thanks Heidi and Bobbi for hosting it sure felt good to sew along on Friday night.

Now off to sew with some ladies at Mill Rose today - maybe a finish or two?

Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

With a Pom Pom on top!

The red bowl is perfect for a lolly bowl - one packet fits nicely.

(I didn't eat any!)

I finished off the green crochet bucket and made it a lid to match.

A good place to hide the lollies from little and big fingers.

Perfect size for holding some threads in the sewing room.

May just make more of these in different sizes?

Right after I finish some other projects that I've already started, or not.

Happy Thursday wishes to you all.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hooking Along

Back in the crochet groove this week.

My Angel is waiting for the hairdresser - I seriously have no clue what to do with all that hair now it is attached. Hoping for some inspiration soon.
All the other parts are there waiting to be attached. 

(Yes, she does have a needle plunged into her face about where her mouth will be!)
She's hanging in the red bowl I made on the weekend - perfect for keeping all the bits together.
The Angel pattern is free on the Spotlight site - I just shrank her by using Perle 8 thread and a 1.25mm hook.

Hooking up a green bucket for keeping more stuff in.
Moda Vera Marvel 8 ply and a 3.50mm hook - making it up as I go along.

Some mini green and blue polka dot blocks from the Banjo Bag pattern in Interweave crochet magazine Summer 2011.
Again I pulled out the Perle 8 thread and the 1.25mm hook - perfect little project for on the move.

Reading has been big on my agenda this week - so these two books are new.
I have read two pages so far of 'There is no Me without You' by Melissa Fay Greene is an account of one woman's contribution to the plight of children affected by AIDs in Ethiopia. Looks very promising with lots of detail.

The second book has been  drooled over - 'Custom Knits, accessories' by Wendy Bernard, lots of useful information in this one. Not sure I should be looking at any ideas for more new projects but I am!

Playing along with Ginny and all the other Yarn Along players.

Happy Creating in your chosen medium.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


that's where I am right now.

Anyone for vegetables?

Nice new fabric for making a special present. My local Spotty came to the rescue on this one, the bigger better store over the other way didn't have this fabric! As I was there on the Christmas shopping night I got  a good deal too.

A little peace in my weekend.

(Another of the tag designs from Vivian Robinson published in Homespun No38, Vol 7 No6)
I sat on the beach Saturday and stitched this in the sunshine - Perfect.

A little hooky bowl loosely based on a pattern found here.

(excuse the loose thread in the photo - too lazy to take another one now it is finished)

Perfect size for sweets or threads or maybe little Christmas baubles.
This worked up very quickly and I think there will be some more appearing soon.

Now I need to get some serious tidying happening as the Agent has decided after more than 8 years it is time to do an inspection! Honestly he could have waited until after Christmas surely?

Sure hope there was sunshine in your creative space this weekend.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


in chocolate!

A little project started months ago.

Was finished and delivered Sunday.

Simple squares framed to highlight the chicken and sunflower print

Happy in its new home.

I have been focussing on the Christmas list and made some progress on the items I started last week.
Santa has his stick out ready for his coming trek.

Embroidery design by Bronwyn Hayes of Red Brolly - an oldie but a goodie.
The pattern, which this is part of has been very well used over the years.

The Angel has been trying out her wings. Yeah, she got some stuffing too and is feeling much better now than when she made her last appearance.

As today is a bonus off day - I think I'll just spend the rest of it in my creating space.

Happy creating. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Startitis strikes again!

Friday night I joined some other crafters for Friday night with Friends.

I cheated and started really early - there was a little beading with these pretty red ones.

and again, Red stitching on this Santa an older design by Bronwyn Hayes of Red Brolly.
He really is a jolly fellow.

Today was my local knitting group, but sometimes I just crochet instead.

Another little start!

Christmas is coming - are you getting ready?

Enjoy Sunday

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Shine a light

First up a little applique project the design by Claire Turpin published in Australian Homespun No103 Vol 12 No12. Summertime issue - perfect for the coming summertime.

Impossible to photograph on a grey day, I've done most of the blanket stitch.

More crocheted stars and Christmas trees from the tutorials found over at The Royal Sisters.

One brown sock is finished...

an anklet with a fold down cuff.

Pattern is Czarina's lace from Knitting Knee-Highs by Barb Brown.

Down to the foot of the first blue sock, absolutely no chance of a photo of that one today.

Lots of things started and not many finished, I may need to set some time aside soon for finishing up!

Hope your week has been productive.