Saturday, July 31, 2010

Finish and Fabric

One last July finish

A beanie for Mr8 - seems it was acceptable as it went straight on his head and didn't come off until his grandad took it off for him at dinner!

Today I had a job to do out of town - fortunately for me there were some patchwork shops in the vicinity - so after I finished working I went and contributed to the local economy.

These two pieces just because they were there - oh and the first one was on the clearance table - Bargain!

Enjoy Sunday in your part of the world.
Happy Creating

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday Treasure

This doll was made by Granny around 60 years ago.

While she had cosmetic surgery and received a new wig and outfit in the early 70's she is still in good condition.

The clothing includes a full set of underwear and is all removable.

Sure have lots of memories of playing with this lady who I don't believe ever got a name.

The tights are made from children's socks and the shoes are black felt with red laces.

The hair is a crocheted head piece which is attached after making.

She even has ears embroidered on the side of her head.
Go visit the treasure queen to see who else is playing.
Happy Treasure Hunting

Monday, July 26, 2010

Amazing really

An afternoon and evening spent at the Quilt and Craft fair in Melbourne on Saturday and this is the sum of purchases...

A very useful 14 and 1/2inch square ruler bought with a specific purpose in mind, maybe now some of my quilt blocks will become quilts??

Two buttons and a pair of scissors just because they were there at the time.

A closer look at the little bits - two amazing Theodora Cleave buttons to use on Christmas decorations and a pair of the Scissoroo scissors.

Of course there were lots of beautiful quilts on display for inspiration, but alas I didn't take any photo's, just enjoyed the the quilty goodness in the moment.

This gorgeous fabric was purchased on my visit to GJ's Friday of last week.

It is destined to become a patchwork scarf for Miss15.

The fabric on the far right is flannel for the back to make it nice and cosy.

I have to say having the sun visiting where I am these past couple of days has brightened things up some!
Hope your week is off to a fantastic start.
Happy Creating

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Just a few stitches

So last night was Friday night sew in for July - hosted by Heidi and Bobbi.

I joined in, picked my project to work on, I really want to get this finished this week it has been in progress for more than a year and it is not even very big.

What happened to my Friday???

Well first of all I had to drive across town and on the way I stopped at a fabric store that was having a sale - gotta love that word. I saw my sister at the fabric store so I guess that affliction is inherited!

Then I had to collect the latest of my broken things - now fixed.

Then go to the office to get supplies for my afternoon work.

Then drive in the opposite direction to visit clients.

I got back from work at 10pm by then there just wasn't very much of Friday night left - but I thought I could manage a few stitches.

Want to know how much of this I did on Friday night?

One and half of the windmill legs in chain stitch,

Pinned the batting and backing fabric to the top


Quilted around the perimeter of the house.

By then the clock had ticked over to Saturday!

I spent Saturday at the Quilt and Craft fair in Melbourne, so no stitching has been accomplished today, maybe tomorrow??
Hope your weekend is spent with the people you like most doing the things you like best!
Happy Creating

Monday, July 19, 2010


I even use some of the materials I acquire!

Cute little purse - pattern from Nikki and fabric from the ladies at Ink and Spindle

And 'spice' got her bucket - okay no handle yet but a very useful size container.

Designed by Jodie and the cute circus fabric was in the kit I brought at Daylesford Craft Experience.

Happy Creating

Friday, July 16, 2010


Just because I could.

I played with yarn and hook to create another spiral scarf this time in a pretty pastel multi coloured yarn - perfect the cool days of winter.

Here it is all together

Loving the way those colours look.

And there's the yarn if anyone is interested.

(the yarn is not from the current season's pickings - I have been using some of the stock, amazing really!)

Wishing you a weekend full of all the things you like best.
Happy Weekend

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Only two weeks late - Hope Ms14 hasn't changed her mind about these girls in the time it has taken to get this pillow done.

I decided to do the back with two of the 'dress fabrics' and found a zip just the right colour and length in 'the warehouse' (amazing what you find when you take the time to look!)

I made this to fit a regular pillow.

The faces are effective with minimal stitching.

My fingers are twitching for a speedy project to complete in this last week of the day job, so I think it is back to yarn and hook for me.

Hope your week is off to a creative start.

Happy Stitching

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Slowly, Slowly

I am making progress on the Girls from Japan

Applique done and faces embroidered

I put the borders on tonight just need to finish the decoration, oh and back it so that it can be used for a pillow.
Hope your weekend was full of all the things you love best.
Happy Creating
Pattern from Millamac - missing a lot of details!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Daylesford Craft Experience

You'll just have to believe me when I tell you the food was delicious, the setting gorgeous, the company wonderful and the designers amazing.

Why? Because I as too busy stitching to take photo's! (oh and chatting, eating...)

Chocolate pebbles - Giant smarties these were the best.

There was a bowl of these on every table.

The directions on our goody bags - I think they forgot something - eating and shopping were both popular!


The goody bags contained gorgeous patterns from each of the designers - Melly, Jodie and Annette, along with locally made chocolates, soaps and some stitchy goodies.

Fabric, thread and even a needle to get started. There were thread snippers, a tape measure and transfer pen also.

The evidence - eating was not the only thing I managed to get done, I did some stitches too. A little cutie from Jodie.

I could not resist a couple of treats for me - the Melly & Me Sleepover bag pattern and a kit for the Bucket the gingerbread man adorns. Too cute.

We all received a fabric postcard to decorate prior to the event which we left at the door on the way in.

At the end of the day we got to pick one from the basket. Thanks Katie.

A fantastic way to spend Saturday.

Thanks to Merrilyn of Threadneedle Crafts and Zoe of Purl's Palace.

Hope your weekend was spent in good company, doing your some of your favourite things.
Happy Creating

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday ...

To Daylesford Craft Experience.....

Have a fantastic Saturday wherever you are!!

Happy Creating

Hope I manage to do something instead of just talking and eating