Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I didn't mean to...

I visited Quilters Bazaar after sharing lunch with Jindi's mum today - you know in the vicinity, got some time on my hands kind of visit, vague project idea in mind. Well the ladies there helped me choose these fabrics to go with my Christmas Wish stitcheries and they are perfect. Amazing considering all they had for reference were a few DMC threads. The colours are deeper than this and really work well with the stitcheries. Now to get it all together. I have one last stitchery to complete so I may even succeed in getting it done soon. Hope your week is going well - Enjoy wherever you are.
Happy Crafting

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ready Set Go...

Annie was out practising her flying skills yesterday - it is a long way to Gigi's house and she wanted to make sure all her equipment was operating correctly! (Gigi if you are reading this - she will be on her way in a couple of days). Nomee and I played together again and made more of these - yes, there are three bucket bags, just going to Spotlight today to get the cords and they will be ready for use. Two have been allocated for presents already, that leaves me one in stock or maybe for me!
Hope everyone is having a good weekend, especially all those Happy Cats supporters!
Happy Creating

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Distracted again

As Annie was resting when I came home this afternoon (I did keep her up late last night), Nomee and I decided to have a play - this is what we made with fabric I picked up at Spotlight on my way home today. It is all done - really no little bits to finish off or anything. A fun little round drawstring bag - just the right size for ??? You'll just have to wait and see where it turns up next. I just love making round things they are so forgiving and so very practical, I can see there will be more of these made in the near future - a great way to package gifts. .......
Now back to the tasks which are unfinished...
Hope all's good where ever you are.
Happy Crafting

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Keeping an Eye Out...

Annie has been watching over me this week - just keeping an eye on progress and ensuring that I don't get distracted by any new projects. So far it appears to be working... Red plain and spots for a swap project. Ssh... It's a surprise, I sure enjoy playing with red.
I completed the Love block for Christmas Wish and have to admit that I am very happy with the look of this block.
Sewing Peace has been good for me - things have been a bit turbulent around here lately.
Oh, yeh a question for you - Can you see I am sewing in an anti clockwise direction, now The Mother always told me I sewed backwards - I am right handed but find it most natural to go in this direction. Does anyone have preferences for Clockwise or Anti-clockwise when hand stitching?
Hope your week is proving to be a creative one.
Happy Crafting

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Stitching Magic

I worked on more of the blocks in Gail Pan's Christmas Wish series but you will notice that I am not good at following instructions. I decided to stay with four colours and have been alternating DMC 680 and 167. Yes, they are similar, but they are different enough to be noticeable. I started the decoration on this one the other night and then decided I should do it in the daylight so the weekend will be perfect for getting this done.
Oh, and you see here - I said I'm not good at following patterns! I changed the word on this one, yes it does say something about me. Still more detail for the border decoration.Okay, so I have been starting and not finishing again, but these little stitcheries are fun to work on and I am inspired by the words. I'll keep on dreaming that one day I may actually finish one thing before starting one or two more!
For those of you who are not satisfied with the dolls feet you will just need to be patient she is part of a swap and she needs to stay in hiding until she finds her new home. The other doll is my guy of a few posts ago, he looks finished now with his shoes on!
Weave a little magic in your part of the world this weekend and Enjoy! ............
Happy Crafting

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Making Progress

Two dolls no longer have cold feet! Though the one on the right is still undressed so my guess is she's feeling cold about now as it is very damp here this evening. I have been practicing 'Needle Turn Applique' - well kind of - I know this is not really that technique but I like the running stitch detail. I used more of the recycled Denim for the Journal cover.
These gorgeous designs from Natalie at Cinderberry Stitches have been sewed to the main fabric ready for making into something fun for my Secret stitcher.
And this was the first Stitchers Angel project stitchery from Helen at Hugs and Kisses who is also the Swap Hostess. Here it is ready to be finished into a fun project.
Another stitchery from Gail Pan's free block of the month. As I was convinced the light colour which I used on the Believe stitchery was DMC 680, I asked Jindi's mum to pick one up for me on her way to visit last weekend. When I completed this block I realised it was lighter than the colour I used on the first one. A trip to Spotlight yesterday rectified the problem - the colour is DMC 167, the other colours I used are also DMC 610 and 924.
Of course all these beginnings mean I may just have a whole lot of finishes soon, but I wouldn't count on it!
Make sure you go over and say hello to the nine Australian designers who have come together on this new blog - Among the Gum Trees. Oh, and check out the links to the individual blogs where they are all hosting a giveaway until the end of September to celebrate the blog launch.
Happy Crafting

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sewing, stuffing, stitching...

There has finally been some action in the sewing room. First up my Annie all ready for decorating for Aunt Pitty Pats Bumps in the Night Annie swap - I know just a little organised, swap partners are to be assigned this weekend, she's all ready for the fun part. The pattern was generously supplied by Brenda Greenwalt of Lillie Mae's Crafts and came together quickly. Thanks Brenda. Now that Gail Pan has completed her free Christmas block of the month and some examples have started to pop up in cyberspace, I decided that I might make a start, so here is my country version of the Believe block - I like these colours together and whilst they are all DMC they did not have identifying information with them so a trip to the shop with a piece of each will be required if I am to complete all the blocks using this colour scheme. The background fabric is batik in soft green.
Another free pattern generously supplied by Paula over at Sew little fabric, I like anything bear and just could not pass up the opportunity to work this super cute design. Yes, the same country colours as the Believe block above, it is destined to become a journal cover for a friend. Paula has other free designs so you might like to stop by and say hello sometime.
Hope your weekend is a creative one.
Happy Crafting

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Colour of Sound

I have been participating in a trial of new technology and wearing these for the past few weeks really changed my perception of the world. Whenever I am fitted with a new pair of these my world changes from bright to dull - things sound different and I am required to concentrate. In order to provide useful feedback to the research team I need to find words to describe sound - this got me to thinking about the relationship between colour and sound. I am wondering whether anybody else makes connections between colours and sounds. I'm back in my old world now and I love the way it sounds and the colours I am seeing and hearing.

Not much happening on the crafting front, got more recycled fabric from work this week and intend to get Nomee to work on the weekend.

I'd appreciate your thoughts on colour/sound relationships, Thanks.

Until next time enjoy your part of the world. Happy Crafting

Monday, September 7, 2009

How many new projects can you start on one weekend??

First there was the little Sweet stitchery which is part of the Stitcher's Angel project from Natalie Lymer of Cinderberry Stitches - I actually managed to complete this. This is small and I thought no problem, I'll easily complete it in the time it takes one movie to play - was I ever wrong! Some how I managed to get my thread in a big mess and it took almost one whole movie to untangle enough thread to finish this piece. I had to sit through a second movie to get the stitching completed - a good way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon. Then there is a new knitting project which I started more than once on Saturday evening, but it seems to be going okay now. the colours are deeper than they appear in the photo and I am really liking the softness of this yarn which has a chenille texture to it. I got it at Lincraft last week a serious impulse buy - it was all about the colours. It is destined to be a neck collar, rather than a full length scarf.
Sunday I just had this urge to try making myself a new top, I figured if I started now it might be ready for when the weather heats up. There was a time when I used to do a lot of clothes making but not recently, I have to say I am happy with how this is coming together. It is not quite done but it fits and really I just need to do the cosmetic bits like the hem and finish the second arm hole - not sure what happened to the lining part of the pattern but improvised with bias tape it works.
You're right it will need a good wash and iron when I am done, this fabric has been in my company for many years and the creases just wouldn't iron out.
Go on over and say Hi to MissyMack, she has had some excitement this month - what with her Breast of Friends block being featured in this months Australian Homespun and now she is celebrating 100 posts with a giveaway.
Oh, that will be me soon too, it seems I have been talking too much here and I'm almost up to three digits.
Well I hope Monday has been good to you.
Happy Creating

Saturday, September 5, 2009

This Guys a Doll

I made this guy from one of the table cloths from my previous post. Oh, and the boss was happy when I told him I had taken some fabric samples home. So this is the extent of my sewing endeavours this week, not quite sure what happened but every step seemed to take longer than normal even though there were no tantrums and no need for the quick unpick - guess I was just going slow! Here he is naked, and fully clothed, haven't decided on shoes yet. All fabrics are recycled as the pants are made from an old pair of jeans and the top is from one of the table cloths. I am happy with the way he turned out. I am planning more sewing tomorrow, maybe I'll be going a fraction faster and may even get a finish?
Hope your weekend is going well.
Happy crafting