Monday, September 7, 2009

How many new projects can you start on one weekend??

First there was the little Sweet stitchery which is part of the Stitcher's Angel project from Natalie Lymer of Cinderberry Stitches - I actually managed to complete this. This is small and I thought no problem, I'll easily complete it in the time it takes one movie to play - was I ever wrong! Some how I managed to get my thread in a big mess and it took almost one whole movie to untangle enough thread to finish this piece. I had to sit through a second movie to get the stitching completed - a good way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon. Then there is a new knitting project which I started more than once on Saturday evening, but it seems to be going okay now. the colours are deeper than they appear in the photo and I am really liking the softness of this yarn which has a chenille texture to it. I got it at Lincraft last week a serious impulse buy - it was all about the colours. It is destined to be a neck collar, rather than a full length scarf.
Sunday I just had this urge to try making myself a new top, I figured if I started now it might be ready for when the weather heats up. There was a time when I used to do a lot of clothes making but not recently, I have to say I am happy with how this is coming together. It is not quite done but it fits and really I just need to do the cosmetic bits like the hem and finish the second arm hole - not sure what happened to the lining part of the pattern but improvised with bias tape it works.
You're right it will need a good wash and iron when I am done, this fabric has been in my company for many years and the creases just wouldn't iron out.
Go on over and say Hi to MissyMack, she has had some excitement this month - what with her Breast of Friends block being featured in this months Australian Homespun and now she is celebrating 100 posts with a giveaway.
Oh, that will be me soon too, it seems I have been talking too much here and I'm almost up to three digits.
Well I hope Monday has been good to you.
Happy Creating


clare's craftroom said...

My goodness you got a lot done . What beautiful colours in the stitchery .

barb's creations said...

You have been very busy.I love the coloures you've chosen to work with,very pretty :) Barb.

Jindi's Cottage said...

Well done on the new top - who needs facings anyhow they just have to be tucked in!! The sweet stitchery looks fanatastic - still loving that thread - and the yarn colour, no wonder you couldn't resist.

Gail :) said...

Wow! Good for you :) I need a creative push. With the holidays just around the corner I have a lot to accomplish! My house is in total chaos!!! I guess I neeed to do the boring clean before creating can start. I LOVE the sweet stitchery ;)