Friday, September 11, 2009

The Colour of Sound

I have been participating in a trial of new technology and wearing these for the past few weeks really changed my perception of the world. Whenever I am fitted with a new pair of these my world changes from bright to dull - things sound different and I am required to concentrate. In order to provide useful feedback to the research team I need to find words to describe sound - this got me to thinking about the relationship between colour and sound. I am wondering whether anybody else makes connections between colours and sounds. I'm back in my old world now and I love the way it sounds and the colours I am seeing and hearing.

Not much happening on the crafting front, got more recycled fabric from work this week and intend to get Nomee to work on the weekend.

I'd appreciate your thoughts on colour/sound relationships, Thanks.

Until next time enjoy your part of the world. Happy Crafting


Ellice said...

I don't have an association between colour and sound, but I have something where I associate feelings with texture - especially with other people I meet. Some people are very soft and calm, whereas I see others as very jagged - sort of like an aura of sensation around the person. I do find the colour/sound association intriguing though.



locuasia said...

Hola! I want you to know that I really truly appreciate you visiting my blog and commenting - it always cheers me up!
You are SO talented! I love everything you make! I wish I could go visit and ask you to tutor me - wishful thinking!
In regards to the color of sound, it happens to me at times. If I hear water trickling I think clear, transparent. If I hear my daughter singing soft colors come to mind.
I am not sure if this is the sort of thing you had in mind but I hope it helps you.
Have a fantastic week and hope to be back soon to look at your lovely creations.