Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Two tales...

First there was a lovely stroll through the gardens on the way to work.
Now here's an odd concept I was organised and on my way early, so instead of running up the hill and arriving out of breath, I got off the train a stop early and walked across the gardens.

A perfect spring day, lots of blues and greens and ooh, pretty flowers and almost mature ducklings chasing dinner.

Yes, that's me making shadows, I love the big old trees here.

This week I've been playing with all the colours in my knitting bag, well maybe not all of them, but certainly a good portion of the Bendigo woollen mills Luxury colours that I have.
Trying this group together has been a lot of fun but I really think I need to add a couple of different ones to the mix. Time to add to my available colours!
Yarn shopping here I come!

Wishing you sunshine and flowers on this happy Wednesday. 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Friday night In

Last night was all about the knitting... 

Almost to the heel of the sock and made a start on a new hat in the reclaimed red yarn.
The mitts are still waiting for their finishing touches and the blanket is still awaiting the final colour stripe.

 Today is close to perfect- sunshine, blue sky and a gentle breeze so I took my knitting and went for a walk to the beach.

Good for keeping hands busy while having a little sit down in the sunshine and the shade.

Thanks to Wendy for hosting FNSI. 
Wishing you sunshine on your Saturday. 

Friday, October 16, 2015

FNSI October

So the last 2 weeks have sped by in a blur of yarn in all the colours, (oh, and the landscape, and planes of last weekends short break in the country).

Tonight I'm prepared for a quiet night in with a number of projects in various stages of completion. A comfy couch and a project for every eventuality...

The blanket is ready for a final stripe in the pretty green, the orange and blue are a sock in progress, well it is cast on, the blue with all the speckles are mitts awaiting their finishing touches and the red is waiting to be cast on, another hat and mitts coming up!

Wonder which of these will get the most attention tonight?

Hope there are lots of your favourite colours in your creative space this weekend.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The plan was successfully executed

There was a point last night when I thought I may not get the last coaster finished but after a short break and a little chat, I was good to go again and....
 Became these.
All that's left is weaving in the ends.
There are two of each arrangement.
Using random cottons from the stash and a 1.5mm hook.
Very addictive and perfect for when one needs something to just flow from the hook.
More colours coming soon.

Check out what happened in other creative spaces this week over here.

Thanks Cheryll for hosting.

Friday, October 2, 2015


I remembered it was time for catching up with friends, before it was all over.

I'll be working on this set of coasters that I started during the week.

Sure I'll enjoy a little snack with a beverage too.
Thanks to the travelling Cheryl for hosting. 

Hope I make some progress on these to show tomorrow.

Happy stitching in your corner.