Friday, October 16, 2015

FNSI October

So the last 2 weeks have sped by in a blur of yarn in all the colours, (oh, and the landscape, and planes of last weekends short break in the country).

Tonight I'm prepared for a quiet night in with a number of projects in various stages of completion. A comfy couch and a project for every eventuality...

The blanket is ready for a final stripe in the pretty green, the orange and blue are a sock in progress, well it is cast on, the blue with all the speckles are mitts awaiting their finishing touches and the red is waiting to be cast on, another hat and mitts coming up!

Wonder which of these will get the most attention tonight?

Hope there are lots of your favourite colours in your creative space this weekend.


nicole said...

lots of pretty projects on the go!

i finished up a milo vest this afternoon at work, and have a swatch on the go for an ace yarn i've not knitted with before from the shop.
interested to see how it knits up!


mamasmercantile said...

Certainly a lot of projects on the go. The bright orange yarn certainly held my attention, such a vibrant colour.

Maria said...

Have fun playing with all your projects.... Love that baby shawl...