Sunday, April 27, 2014

Finishing up

Is what I did with my long weekend after I got up extra early on Friday to go to the local dawn service. In no particular order there were Elephant socks, the sock head hat and Diamonds and fur scarf.
All those pretty autumn colours were fun to work with but I may be ready for something in my preferred colour pallette next? I wish I'd ordered my new yarn last week so I had more choices of projects to work on next. Guess I'll just have to work on an old project or use some of the yarn I already have while I wait for new yarn. Hope you weekend was productive too.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


The father's chocolate socks were completed in time for an Easter delivery, just as well too otherwise I would have been heading out there empty handed, as there were no Easter chocolates left in my local stores on Saturday.
This pair not only fit comfortably but were easy for him to put on and off.

They really are both the same length.
Elementary Watson design by Sherry Menton in Moda Vera Noir colourway coffee mix.
Good Friday I cast on an Elephant sock as previously mentioned 
Water for the Elephants design by Rose Hiver in Bendigo Woollen Mills luxury 4 ply Lake and Lotus colourways.

and on Easter Monday holiday I cast off the first sock. I was presently surprised to find that these are in my size so I will have the pleasure of keeping the Elephant socks for me. Sure I have it on the wrong foot as I just couldn't figure out how to take a photo of the outside of my own leg? Challenged I know.

Hope your week has been a good one with plenty of time to play in your creative space.
Another long weekend here this week with more knitting hours and maybe a couple of finishes.

Make this a creative weekend whether it is a long one or not.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Good Friday night

Good Friday was a very relaxed day around these parts.
I stayed in knitting during the day and into the evening working on the Sockhead hat I started right after finishing the Father's socks on Wednesday. I am loving the grey with the autumn tones of the coloured yarn all the while dreaming up a pattern to make a cardigan for me.
Next up was the beginning of the LL elephant socks in Bendigo Lotus and Lake, there'll be more to see soon.
Wishing you lots of time in your craft space this Easter.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


A pretty scarf for autumn.

Yarn Freedom Spirit. Design my own
The colours in this yarn remind of me of autumn in places where leaves change from green to pretty colours before carpeting the ground. We don't have many trees like that here so it is fun to play with this yarn of the season.

The hook has been busy making more hats with leftover or donated yarns.
A pretty doily inspired pink/purple one and

red diamonds.
Both hats modeled by a fellow yarn ball, not sure what I will use once I've knitted that boring grey/green yarn?

The beach from a different angle.
The moon was coming up over the water, even though the sun was not yet asleep, it was very large.

Wishing you lots of colour in your creative space this week.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Last weekend I went to the Australasian Quilt Convention and though there has not been much stitching happening here recently I really enjoy seeing the work of the talented artists who can work magic with fabric and thread.
This was the 10th year of AQC and the challenge theme was 10. Lots of very creative entries were displayed showing the individuals interpretation of this theme. The standard was very high and I have no idea how the judges decide which ones are the best, I really had a hard time choosing a favourite but this entry titled, Ten in my Tank today, by Jill Hessing appealed to my sense of humour. See the Cheeky Kitty.

Titled: Ten in my tank today by Jill Hessing

Though I have no need for any more fabric until I start sewing lots of things again I did pick a little yarn.
Pediboo Sock, a wool and bamboo yarn, in a lavender colourway.

Lucky I have been knitting and crocheting all the things recently as I attended the Official opening of Unwind Craft Cafe on Friday evening and won a Bendigo Woollen Mills voucher so new yarn will be coming to live at my house real soon. Well as soon as I decide which colours I really need. Ha

Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday evening.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Start all the things...

right after I finished one sock I cast on for the second one and then this pretty yarn captured my attention.

It was very vocal too, so I gave in for some peace, it is autumn after all, even if someone forgot to inform the weather service.

The red and green really do match the colours in the main yarn.

The pretty autumn tones in the multi-coloured yarn are quite deceptive, just like autumn there are some very dark greens and browns in there so I'm thinking that I will need to brighten this up a little with the red fluffy and some of the never-ending green yarn together. As you can see the multi-coloured yarn is really just two strands of lighly spun wool which have been loosely plied together making it both soft and fragile. The entire length is made up of contrasting colours.

Not much else happening here while I readjust after the conclusion of Daylight Savings for the season. 
This week has been made up of a succession of Fridays and Saturdays for me I really have been challenged lucky I wasn't required to be anywhere early.

Wishing you a week as colourful as the season.

Monday, April 7, 2014


is what I made on the weekend.
After completing the red one on Friday night except for a few ends left to weave in, all done now, I finished a little baby hat on Saturday.
Both of these are crocheted the red one with a chunky but soft sparkly chenille yarn and the small cream one with a vintage 4 ply nylon. Both of these yarns are from my considerable stash.

Chunky red lace and baby diamond hat.

Sunday instead of working on the sock for the father I knitted up a fun children's hat with a crochet cherry on top. This yarn came from a recent bag of donated yarns and there is more where this came from to make a couple more hats for charity.

Basic hat with cherry on top.

Not like I don't have my own supply of random yarns that I could use for these little hats.

There will be more hats before the month is out and I may even make a dent in the stash of odd bits?

I did manage to sew the sleeve in the little jumper I found on Friday, now to find suitable buttons to finish it completely.

Now it's back to the sock, I'm almost done with the first one. I was concerned about the quantity of yarn that one big Father sock is taking and a friend just happened to have some in the same colourway that she is willing to share so emergency averted.

Hope your week is good for some craft time.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Friday night stitches

Since my Big finish earlier in the week I've been focusing on little things. Friday night while your machines were whirring I spent a little time with some fun fat yarn and a big hook making the red hat. The yarn is Moda Vera Wisp from Spotty and has been in the stash for a few years now, time it was moving out. I crocheted a simple crown and then moved to a double 'V' pattern for the sides and finished it off with a neat knitted band. Nice. The sock is almost back to its place before it reversed up last week as it was turning out too short in the foot, all sorted now and I'm planning on having them finished to gift at Easter, best keep knitting. The little cream number will be an infant's when it grows up. More hooky goodness. I had a successful evening after I made a mess pulling things out. Sure I found somethings that have been neglected for so long they were almost forgotten, one in particular has me wondering why it is still unfinished as all there is left to do is attach a sleeve and some buttons? Another little finish coming here soon. Hope your evening was successful and you enjoyed a little treat. Thanks to Cheryll for having us round.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ready for winter

I finished knitting all of the 1000+ rows of the border on Tuesday night and gave my cape a relaxing bath on Wednesday morning, seems the timing may have been right. The temperature has taken a turn south and this may be a useful item for the Winter wardrobe.

The best pictures I could get today between the showers - hanging on the fence -
The Front, currently sporting a shawl pin as I can't decide on buttons, and The Back.

Unlike the green yarn which is neverending this blue yarn has been very cooperative and there is less than 50g left out of the 700+g that I started with meaning this is will be like a wearable blanket. 
Knitting this made a space in my stash for more yarn and I may have recently acquired some to take its place!

The yarn is Cleckheaton Country Naturals in the Navy colourway, in real life it is darker than the pictures would have you believe. The cape is my own creation starting with the cable pattern of this pattern and then making the rest up as I went.

Wishing you a cosy winter.