Wednesday, February 26, 2014

An experiment

Navy Cleckheaton Country Naturals
I helped a friend out by knitting the cable design on her vest and I really liked the result but not the garment. I turned the graph upside down and started playing with this recycled yarn from the 'never gonna fit' reversible wrap I finished last year. I sure hope this one works as I'm not confident the yarn will take any more incarnations.
Here are the socks that refused to show up last time! 
Blossom lace pattern by Qianer. 

 Wishing you all a sunny week.

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Library computer to the rescue

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

F.R.E.D. Is dead!

It would appear that my laptop has finally curled up his toes after threatening to do this several times in the past year, so I may just post pictures for a bit and let you make up your own commentary as I find this little screen, while good for reading post is not so good when trying to write one!
Pictorial evidence that athere has been some knitting going on here.
Another shawl from the never ending green yarn this time Viorica by Yulia AV You may also (or not!) See socks that were completed this week.

 Hope your week is off to a better start.

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Reporting in

My Friday night with friends was spent finishing one sock, almost and making some limbs for another critter, while being supervised by the pink princess who has an identity issue!

Thanks for the company.

Now go check out all the wonderful things the other's worked on.

Happy creating.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Going Green

It just so happened that all my finished projects in the last week were green.

The shawl from the mystery lace weight yarn is done I even did a kind of average job of blocking it so you can see the shape it is meant to be. It probably wasn't one of my best ideas to do a whole bunch on the same day as I ran out of floor space really quickly.

Ethereal Triangular shawl design by Lakshmi Juneja
Here's a close up of the diamond pattern on the body of the shawl and a gratuitous shot of my new sock project in the yarn I picked up at Unwind Craft Cafe.

An out of focus, but the best I could manage shot of the shawl draped over my pink shirt. The design really is pretty. 
Unfortunately there is still enough of the yarn left to make another shawl so I'll be casting that on within the next week, I don't want my hands to forget how to work with this slippery slidey yarn and I really want it used up.

Next finish was the Vivien Bolero that I have been working on intermittently since November, I started this project on my plane ride. More yarn that refuses to be used up, gotta be something about green yarn.
I chose this project to use the yarn that was left over from my tunic (which I finished 2 years ago and wear a lot), as I used a different yarn to that specified in the pattern I calculated required yardage and brought the requisite number in my preferred yarn. Obviously someone can't count because I had more than half of the yarn left over when I finished my tunic. 
Vivien design by Drops Design
The bolero front above and the back below, a very clever design that is worked in one piece so there were just a few tails to weave in at the end. (More sad photography)
The collar sits down but I have it up here so you can see the pretty pattern on the back.
This bolero did not use all of the remaining yarn - there is still one 50g ball left!

I knitted up this dragonfly washcloth on Saturday night just to use up some of the leftover bits and I'm thinking there may be a couple more from that last ball.
Dragonfly washcloth design by Jackie Jones

Why will the green yarn just not be gone?

Hope there is some green in your week.
Happy creating

Monday, February 3, 2014

Embracing my crazy

So I finished some projects over the weekend, (I'll show you all soon) and I needed to start something new, because I don't have enough half finished things lying around here!

A little wandering around Ravelry on Saturday evening and I was grabbing my thread and hook to make a miniature, well you all know that 20cm might just be too big right?
First pieces were finished quickly.
Oh, but there are lots of little pieces to this thing, 

Yay, finished the last little bit of the white off this cylinder which is keeping all the pieces under control for now. 

about now I'm wondering if they will all go together?
See those are my little scissors, and the 1.25mm hook I am using on this miniature.

Really it is a perfect small project for the hot and humid weather that we have been having recently,
nothing anywhere near my lap, unlike that little blanket that will be growing again soon.

Hope everyone is safe and cool about now.
Happy Creating