Tuesday, February 25, 2014

F.R.E.D. Is dead!

It would appear that my laptop has finally curled up his toes after threatening to do this several times in the past year, so I may just post pictures for a bit and let you make up your own commentary as I find this little screen, while good for reading post is not so good when trying to write one!
Pictorial evidence that athere has been some knitting going on here.
Another shawl from the never ending green yarn this time Viorica by Yulia AV You may also (or not!) See socks that were completed this week.

 Hope your week is off to a better start.

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marina said...

poor Fred, and poor you!
lovely new shawl, so delicate.

Shay said...

RIP Fred...Hope you can find a worthy replacement fast.

Love the latest project ...very green and lacy!

Fiona said...

Sorry about Fred....thank goodness for other ways to keep in touch..hugz

katherine said...

Looks like Fred is being replaced as mine might be if it doesnt behave itself lol. Love the shawl.