Wednesday, February 26, 2014

An experiment

Navy Cleckheaton Country Naturals
I helped a friend out by knitting the cable design on her vest and I really liked the result but not the garment. I turned the graph upside down and started playing with this recycled yarn from the 'never gonna fit' reversible wrap I finished last year. I sure hope this one works as I'm not confident the yarn will take any more incarnations.
Here are the socks that refused to show up last time! 
Blossom lace pattern by Qianer. 

 Wishing you all a sunny week.

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Shay said...

Looks like you have to play with that yarn one more time before it morphs into something you love.

How adorable are those socks! Im looking forward to getting out my very special socks again now that the weather is getting a tad cooler..

Christine M said...

I love those pink socks! They are so pretty.

Hannah@HomeBaked said...

Beautiful cables and I love the blossom lace pattern on your socks!

Charlie and Wendy said...

Beautiful knitting, the socks are lovely!