OPAM 2014 (70)

January (5)
Green Ethereal Shawl
Pineapple Doily
After Christmas Flowers
Pink goddess Sandals
Blue Flower sandals

February (6)
Lotus blossom socks
Green Viorica shawl
3 creamy heart washcloths
Pink Princess
Dragonfly washcloth
Vivien bolero in green

March (2)
Pink slippers
Sylvester the black cat

April (10)
Autumn Sockhead
LL-elephant socks
Diamonds and fur scarf
Chocolate Watson socks
Pink doily hat
Baby diamond hat
Red diamond hat
Cherry on top
Red crochet hat
Navy Hooded cape

May (7)
Knot a mitt
Big Red Hat
Sparkly green slippers
Great Wall Socks
Navy Skirt
Fluffy red sleeveless jumper
Red/gold skirt

June (7)
Scrappy Knitting pouch
Afternoon bag
Another Roo Hat
Mauve mitts
Platinum mitts
Blue knot mitts
Green cape

July (3)
Red and shiny mitts
Kallan cables untangled mitts
Platinum mitts with a twist

August (6)
Cotton chevron star blanket
Yellow mandala
Coffee Cape
Twisted mitts
Hidden socks
Blue Caracao mitts

September (4)
Icy flames mitts
Blue twist mitts
Meow - a toy cat
Chocolate socks

October (11)
Barefoot sandals
Eisern in Eggplant
Layna Anklets
Red Kallai mitts
Christmas tree candle mat
Coasters (lots)
Creative woman pincushion
Creative woman project bag
Nessy pecker
Australiana pouch
Australiana project bag

November (2)
Swap benefactor shawl
Mothers Christmas socks

December (7)
Colourful Horses bag
Grey splat
Purple splat
Red creative woman bag
Pink puppy bag
Layna Anklets (large)
Elegant slippers

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