Sunday, December 30, 2012

Crafty gifts

There's something special about gifts that are very usable especially in the craft room.
Pleasant reminders of those who know and appreciate our creative pursuits.
My new cutting mat came from the Old People, okay so I put an order in a few months back and they remembered.
(Normal really, given the mother brought my first cutting mat and cutter back in the '80's)

My current sock knitting obsession got a good dose of inspiration in this book from J's mum.
Lots of interesting designs in here, as well as useful information.
(If only I can stop drooling and decide which one to start first!)
And she included one of her pretty decorations, unfortunately the reindeer lost his head in my pic.

The gorgeous bracelet came from SJ and while she didn't make it, it is handmade.
Perfect in my favourite purple.

The mild temperatures and blue skies have been perfect for spending time outside, I've been out there with my knitting of course..

Hope your New Year is just perfect for you.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Holiday Crafting

The relaxed pace of this time of the year (read not much happening after all the busyness of the past few weeks) means time for finishing some of the projects which have been waiting in the wings for their turn.

First up I finished the second of the brown Czarina's Lace anklets.
I am happy they are almost a pair - I'll be keeping them for me because I omitted a couple of rows on the second one, it wont interfere with their ability to keep my feet warm next time it's cold.

I was working on these while at the Old Peoples on Christmas Day and got some orders from family members - I should have just gone ahead and made this Christmas a sock fest.
More socks in my near future, starting with the second blue Davidson Road sock for The Father.
Both the Czarinas lace and Davidson Road patterns are from Knitting Knee Highs by Barb Brown.

While Ms16 was staying last weekend she did a little knitting - making this cup cosy.
She was very happy with her finished project.

I managed to hook up this wash cloth and jar cosy in the days before Christmas.
They were added to some gifts.

Hope your holiday includes some time for stitches.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas swaps received

This gorgeous bag was my Christmas day present from Gai in the Advent swap hosted by Fee.

The calendar in the top of the picture was one from the same swap - the second to last present and the Christmas eve present which I have not yet photographed, is a umbrella bag. I'll get that sorted.
Thanks Gai for being a generous partner and Fee for hosting this fun swap.

Below are the gorgeous goodies I received from Sandi in the Christmas Angel swap hosted by Karen.

How sweet is the Christmas banner and the cute fluffy stocking in my favourite red.

A cute babushka tag, lovely fine stitched blossom in the frame, and some gorgeous fabric, buttons, a tape measure, a timely gift considering I broke my other retractable one a few days before Christmas, and pins

A pretty pieced Christmas tree postcard, candle mat and cute owl pin cushion, delicious Lindt chocolates and pretty ribbons and lace wound neatly on dolly pegs.

 A perfect package of goodness. 
Thanks Sandi for being a generous partner and thanks to Karen for hosting this fun swap.

Hope you are enjoying some down time.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Angel swap sent

to Sandi (no blog)

I gathered all the required goodies - Karen the swap hostess, supplied a list of must haves.
As Sandi indicated her favourite colours as blue and yellow and said her Christmas decorating is limited to red and green, I tried to ensure the gifts fit within these guidelines.
All gathered ready for wrapping and packing.
(In my haste to get the package in the mail I neglected to get a photo of the wrapped goods).

Fabric postcard - using stitchery design from Bronwyn at Red Brolly.

Applique wall hanging - design from Claire Turpin, published in  Australian Homespun No.103 Vol12 No12.

Something yummy - a mini Santa sack with fruit chews and chocolate.

Sandi chose a stocking - front with the naughty elf 

and the other front with Santa - a stitchery design by Bronwyn of Red Brolly teamed with red on red spots.

A little mug mat - using a pinwheel and a free gingie design from Michelle Ridgeway.

and on the back this fun stocking print.

A framed stitchery featuring a little tea with friend design from Bronwyn of Red Brolly.

A Christmas tag - design by Vivian Robinson published in Australian Homespun.

Little Decoration - red felt heart with crochet detail and beads.

Something sewing - sprocket pincushion using the pattern from Cluck Cluck sew, reduced a lot.

Candle mat - my own design in Sandi's favourite colours, with a stitched saying and hand appliqued circles. 

The starter kit included some red and green fabric and a pattern for a pin wheel table runner.

I hope Sandi enjoys her goodies as much as I enjoyed creating them for her.

Enjoy the closing days of 2012.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas wishes

Back from the 'Eve' celebration with family and friends and it
looks like I was right to stay calm - Santa's been. Lucky me!

Merry Christmas wishes to You all.
Have a wonderful day with family and friends.

Best I get some sleep before it's time to hit the road again and share lunch with the old people and more family.

Stay safe and cool this Holiday season.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Nearly done

More lovely goodies from Gai in the Advent swap.

Santa tea towels, a pretty bucket, a tin of biscuits and a Christmas tray.
(the paper was looking like Christmas morning, I have dealt with that now)

More deliciousness in fruit chews, a pretty little scissor pocket and scissors, nice Christmas bowls and the Santa candle.
(those yummies will come in handy for the visitors)

Back there is a little Christmas tree, my own personal light show - very pretty.

Today there has been  a little baking - Gingerbread biscuits - Yummy.

Reindeer before, 

and after cooking.
The recipe is in a Childrens Christmas book and is egg free - it is delicious.

A special package - flying off to a new home - may miss the Christmas deadline!

New to me needles for more sock knitting - picked up at the local oppy for total $1.50.
The red ones replace the one the casualty from when I started the sock knitting frenzy back in June, now I have a spare and an unbreakable metal set.

Hope your weekend includes time for socialising.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Creative Christmas

Some hand made Christmas dolls - Annies and angels, with Santa.

The commercial Santa just happened to sit in on the photo too, he used to be my desk ornament when I had a desk job.
(I know the dish is empty, they ate the yummies when I wasn't looking!)

A new project, hoping it will be finished quickly.
Using the pattern Evening Lace from 'Knitted Gifts" edited by Ann Budd, the yarn is Candy by Cleckheaton, an old wool blend boucle yarn that was generously gifted to me.


I was gifted this teapor complete with her gorgeous cosy from one of my craft group friends. It wasn't wrapped  so there was no need to save it for next week.
In all my favourite colours -Sweet.
The pattern is Hanky Panky from 'Really Wild Tea Cosies' by Loani Prior.

Hope it's cool in your corner of the world.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

More packages and some Decorating

I collected this package of goodies - Yes, this is what I was greeted with when I opened the box.
I'm not sure I want to disturb them they are so festively arranged.
These are my Christmas Angel swap gifts from Sandi (no blog).
(I am saving them for Christmas, so far I just smile every time I see that gorgeous arrangement)

I have of course still been opening a little, or not so little package from Gai each day, in the Advent Swap and that has been very fun. This week a pack of Christmas cards (must write some of those out), a ham bag, a thread catcher and some embroidery floss, three silver baubles - they remind me of the old disco mirror ball. Thanks Gai.
(I got a little confused, the Santa nd reindeer ornaments are from the first week - I am missing a cute Santa candle holder with candle - Oops!)

I have been doing a little knitting this week and am onto the foot of the second brown sock. 
These are simple anklet socks with a lace pattern in the fold down and rib for the remainder of the sock.
(They're not quite the same, so I may have to keep them for me after all.)

I made a space today for a little decorating and put up my tree.
The little guy is from my Advent swap goodies this week and does a little song and dance (wobble) routine - He sings 'Santa Baby'. Perfect really.

Santa got hung too, I have no clue who the designer was on this one. I brought the design printed on fabric sometime in the nineties, stitched in back stitch.. I dated it 2000, obviously a long term project. Ha ha.
He says - Believe in the Magic of Christmas.

Hope your weekend includes time for celebrating and stitching.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Crafty swap and 321...

Not blast off - but I did finish.
It does seem that I may be a little consumed by this red thread colour though.

There are four cards with the 321 number on, two of which I emptied in completing the house project, and there are two brand new skeins waiting to be wound.

(guess I wont run out any time soon!)

Sure I finished by the deadline, but I may need to work this little number again, it is lovely.

Well I think so - anyway.
Thanks Bronwyn for generously sharing this pretty design.

(There is more than one skein of that green, 471 in my possession too!)

Decisions, decisions - green with red or

red with green?

A little leftover piece of ric rac just the right length.

All ready for the NCB Christmas swap Wednesday.

Gratefully received by Cathie.
Lots of fun creative gifts exchanged.

What did I receive?

My gift came  from the talented Ms Curly Pops - a set of her new gift tags, see those scissor pics apparently I need to do some cutting, Cool pack it includes the string for the holes too.
There is also a beady necklace in the top of the pic, that too was part of my gift.
Ooh pretty, thanks Cam.

I made some good progress last night on the second brown sock - back to needles and yarn for me.

Now it is time for me to get back to the reorganisation and maybe even hang a few decorations about if I don't get distracted by another project.

Have a wonderful Thursday and stay cool.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Advent swap so far...

and some progress.
Lots of lovely Christmas goodies received from Gai so far in Fees Advent swap.
Love the little countdown board and I have been changing the number every morning.

(there's still time to finish some things)

New emery boards in pretty colours, just the right size for carrying in my bag.
A very cute Angel mug - into circulation already with the other Christmas mugs perfect for a refreshing coffee break.

The cutest little Santa snow globe ornament which lights up and changes colour too.
Love the Santa amd Rudolph hanging ornaments and the door hanger - sure is feeling like Christmas around here.
Just in case I get any of said things finished for presents I'm all set with seasonal tape and Christmas tags.
You can see what Gai has received from me this week over here.

Today a little house has been added to my current project.

So this is how I used the little Ginger Tea stitchery so generously shared by Michelle.
A little tea bag folder.

Time for a cuppa!

Wishing you a relaxing Sunny Sunday,