Friday, November 27, 2009

Another Tree...

I have been busy playing with some different needles and thread this week. Anything which did not require too much movement from my lounge chair while I endure a big toothache. There is this great grandma tree from the Royal Sisters blog - the same one which had the grandma star, and she has a grandma all round too. I made the round it just didn't get into this pic. She has done a great job on the tutorials with clear directions and pics. Thanks A little sewing in some bright colours and knitting in a beautiful soft mohair blend. Hint, Hint Nicola. I have also enjoyed a little online chatting with some like minded ladies over on Pins and Needles. Here's hoping you all have an enjoyable weekend with lots of creative opportunities. Happy Crafting

Monday, November 23, 2009

Shopping and Crochet

These are the three pieces of fabric I ordered from Earthgirl fabrics last Wednesday and they were in my mailbox on Friday. I have just looked at them and patted them so far but I will be washing and cutting soon. There is about to be a flurry of activity in the sewing room. Saturday Jindi's mum joined me on a trip to the Geelong Mad Quilters Hat Party - the exhibition for this year - there were lots of inspiring pieces there but sadly lots of signs telling visitors not to share on the internet. Sad that it has come to that - hope they have some of them displayed on their site as there were a lot of different styles and some amazing pieces displayed. What did I get - well there was a stall selling fabric and I just had to have a couple of pieces as a souvenier - right? This shop was Threadneedle from Daylesford - seems we may just need to go for a drive in the country sometime soon and check out all of her wares. I got the birdie fabric above in another colourway and the matching spots - should find a use for them sometime, either that or I can continue to just look at them they are so pretty. While I have been busy at the sewing machine, I can't show you yet as Nicola knows where to find me, I need to keep it as a surprise. So I played with some different threads last week and made a few crocheted ornaments, I'm too excitable and they have not been blocked yet but I made a lot of the stars which get displayed as a garland and then just one snowflake. Both designs are quick and easy.
The pattern for the stars is over at Royal Sisters and the snowflake I found on Fave Crafts website. There are two more snowflake designs on the pattern sheet that I need to try out.
The snowflake pattern calls for Crochet stiffener - yes it is an American pattern does anyone know of anything similar here?
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.
Happy Crafting

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Feeling a lot like Christmas...

I made these two Christmas themed bucket bags, great to use instead of gift wrapping. I like the way the Angels turned out - I borrowed the idea from a simple papercraft Angel garland project which was published in our Saturday paper last weekend. I just traced around the template and sewed around it twice with the sewing machine. And two little fabric dishes for holding yummies - oh yeah, I ate the yummies I bought for the photo's before I took them, best go get some more!.
Back to the angels the template is made using this Fiskars flowers template -the bell shaped petal becomes the dress, the small circle is the head and the larger of the apostrophe shaped petals makes the wings. I already had the template which has seen lots of use in papercraft projects but was glad to be able to use it for Christmas decorating too.
Now I've done the containers, best get on and make some presents.
On another note hop on over to Earthgirl Fabrics as she is having a sale and the prices are good! And no shipping charges for us in Oz. I'll show you what I ordered when it arrives.
Hope everyone has had some time this week for some Christmas creating. Happy Creating

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blue Day

I did a test drive today on this little number - super cute and super easy - and it comes out of scraps - requirements say fat 1/8 but really it is much less than that. Another free pattern that can be found here. Oh, what is it you ask - Simple Sewing Companion - just big enough for a small pair of scissors, some thread, a little pencil and it comes with a pattern for a little needle book which fits snuggly in one of the pockets - there are three. Trace, Sew, turn and fold - Simple is a very apt word for this beauty.
Finished stitching the last panel of the Blue Christmas last night and put together the top today - think I should have taken a tad more notice of the directions this time, got myself in a big muddle when cutting out the completed stitcheries, but I like the result - much better in real life but the colours make it very difficult to photograph with my camera.
The verse says "What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present and hope for the future. It is a fervent wish that every cup may overflow with blessings rich and eternal, and that every path may lead to peace. " Agnes M. Pharo.
The pattern for this series can be found here. Thanks Shell.
Hope you had a creative Thursday. Happy Crafting

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Destination SA...

Okay, so I waited until the last possible day to send out my Stitcher's Angel package, (actually I posted it one day late on 31st October), but I thought it wouldn't be so bad it was only crossing a state border, not headed for those countries experiencing the striking postal workers. Obviously I was very wrong - it appears that Australia Post has joined their international colleagues. What other explanation could there possibly be for the 10 days this package took to go about 850Km? So I duly wrapped the gifts and packed them in a bag, The bag features the design from Tozz's corner, which was meant to be an applique, but well I'm sure any one who comes here often knows my story about not being good at directions.
The packages included this sewing organiser, complete with a Bronwyn Hayes stitchery from her Miss Millies Flower Patch book.
Oh, inside I included a few sewing essentials in the pockets.
There was this covered notebook embellished with the rose stitchery from Helen at Hugs and Kisses, complete with an attached bookmark.
The last package had the Cinderberry Stitches Needle wallet designed specifically for this swap, but it appears I did not photograph the completed item? Naomi was my secret stitcher, go here and say hi.
Little happening in the craft space at the moment. I seem to have been afflicted with the "it's too hot to do anything" bug that is going around these parts at present.
Happy Creating

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Collecting Fabric

As my work hours have decreased in the past couple of weeks I have been spending lots of time here... Yes, that's right getting to know my pillow better. This past week I have been out and about, and just happened upon some places to collect fabric - I was restrained and only collected two pieces from each store I visited. Left to right, very pretty white and pink with silver from a range called Fairy Floss (I think), Attic Quilts at Berwick, some peach and blue from Sewing Connection in Pakenham and Pink and Purple from GJ's. I intend to use these fabrics in my Christmas sewing projects.
More of the triangle pouches completed this week. Yes, there will be even more soon.
Well the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming bright, Summer will soon be here!
Wishing you all a bright weekend.
Happy Crafting

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Is it too Early put the Tree up?

I successfully avoided the chores this weekend taking the opportunity to get a start on some Christmas decorating... This tree is from a series by Shell over at the Raspberry Rabbits. I traced all 6 of the designs so I am looking forward to stitching a few more this week. It has been slow going as the fabric is a coarse weave and whilst I used pellon behind it I think I should just have used stabiliser. The thread colour is DMC 827 which is a soft blue and the background fabric is white. Enjoy the week ahead with lots of creative activity.
Happy November