Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tunic finished

Now I get that seeing this on a body instead of a hanger would make for a better photo but there is no one here and the weather decided to turn a shade of late Autumn today with cool winds and some light showers so there was no chance of it having it's first outing.

So the Trillium tunic pattern found in Interweave crochet summer 2011 edition was my purpose for buying the magazine back in September and now it is done!

The edging is crocheted in the opposite direction to normal crochet and gives a nice sturdy but not bulky finish.

The colour is a yellow green not anything like what I see on my screen so please imagine a light leaf shade, the yarn is Moda Vera Jalap 100% cotton from Spotlight.

Pink spots are colouring my commuter time this week and they are being edged with a denim blue colour.

Well that's all for January.
Tomorrow begins a whole new month with new possibilities and for me a whole new sound experience!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Sewing, stitching and shopping

Taking advantage of the extra day off last week - I put Nomee to work and made two more triangle pouches.

I completed the Blue polka dot squares at NCB last Wednesday and they are still waiting for another turn at the action. That is another Biscornu pincushion there - just because I could.

The weekend saw me stitch the little Christmas Tree which was already traced - thanks June. It is Gail Pan's free Tree from 2010.

Saturday I took myself to the Eastern suburbs to participate in Fabric Frolic - I added just a few new pieces to the stash.

And today because I organised a long weekend I sewed the fabric I collected last week on my bonus day off.

Presenting Summer Tote a project designed by Jody Anderson which appeared in Handmade Vol28No4.

Some fabrics just work together!
Hope your Monday has been perfect.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Progress and more fabric

Nothing was completed on the weekend - Sunday was used up mostly by unimportant stuff.

I enjoyed a lovely early morning walk along the beach and then decided after breakfast that my eyes were too sore to craft so I need a little rest - which turned into a rather long nap, followed by lots of reading and then the boring chores.

By the end of Saturday all my spotty blocks were joined together and the top of the bag was done. There was a slight problem as I am using scraps and do not have enough yarn left to do the handles as per the pattern.

I found appropriate matching fabric for the lining and decided this version will have fabric handles, just need to get cutting and sewing on those bits.

The colours are a little brighter here than in real life, as the yellow is more mustard. I am very happy with this combination.

Sunday evening I sewed the Trillium Tunic top together, now all that is required is the edging which should go quickly.

Both of the above projects are from the Interweave Crochet magazine Summer 2011.

Today after having an extremely good start to my day which included another beach walk before I took the train to work, I arrived to be told that there were computer problems and I was free to do as I liked for the next hour. Well on arriving back at the office after an hour we were all told to take the remainder of the day off.

What's a girl to do with a very promising Monday?

I took the tram to GJ's for batting and purchased some new fabric.

And I spent my commuter time and waiting time making spots.

It really was a wonderful Monday morning, I got back in time to have a picnic lunch in the park opposite the beach. Perfect on a day whose temperature is above 30C.
Happy Monday

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Spots won

I know I said I was going to complete my top for FNSI but I got distracted by the spots. After two days of commuter craft, which was assisted tremendously by a late train and computer down time at the office, I had almost enough spots by the time I got home on Friday night, so I started doing the brown borders and didn't stop until they were all done.

A very successful FNSI.

Now it is Saturday afternoon and I have two projects ready for sewing together - so that is what I will be doing just as soon as I get off here.
It is possible I may have a finish or two by the end of the weekend unless I get sidetracked again.
Hope your Saturday is a pleasant one.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Coming late to the yarn along, but I really wanted to share. I enjoy seeing what everyone else is up to and adding potential projects to my list.

I finished crocheting the front and back of my top last night at NCB, now I just need to sew it up and do the finishing touches.

Today I started more polka dot blocks with the yarn I was gifted in December.

And I am reading Real Life by Dr Phil McGraw, very interesting so far. I like his style and acknowledgement that life is not always rosy.

I am listening to Happiness by Matthieu Ricard, very enlightening.

I will be joining in with Friday night Sew In tomorrow and I'll be putting my top together.

Hope you get to play along too.

Enjoy Friday.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Two projects

The hooky commuter project is progressing nicely.

Two weeks -

two pieces.

I have spent my evenings working on this piece designed by Lynette Anderson which has been progressing rather slowly. Fortunately a looming deadline has seen me focussing this weekend and my part of this is almost done.

I am looking forward to working on something different this coming week.
May the sun shine in your creative space this week.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A days work

While SJ was in town for a quick visit last week she requested a detour via a fabric shop - so GJ's it was.

I collected this assortment to make a quilt to contribute to the Aussie Hero Quilts project which I had read about only the day before. It seems lately everyone I talk to knows someone who has recently returned or is about to be deployed to Afghanistan.

'Boy' type fabrics, the subject of the panel may not be popular with the general population but it appears it is still a popular sport with the boys.

Last night after work I set to cutting squares and arranging them - I really have a lot of difficulty with random.

After a walk at the beach today I put Nomee to work and now I have an unironed quilt top.

So happy to have a whole Saturday with no obligations.
Hope your Saturday is a happy one.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Great Start

Today was return to work for me after a ten day break and whilst I was not keen to return I did look on the bright side - commuter craft meant I could get back into some hooky action.

This project has been waiting patiently to start - I got interrupted by all the Christmas crafting, now I am free to make something for me.

A tunic pattern from my interweave crochet magazine purchased quite a few months ago.
There was a little hand stitching action on my break but not enough to show an update - should be finished soon.
Hope you have all had a wonderful start to 2012 and you have managed to stay cool.