Sunday, October 28, 2012

FNSI progress

More Christmas stitching - this time a little ginger girl in a tea cup - designed by the talented Michelle.
Go on over and check out her new Christmas designs - too cute.
Not quite finished but I like the way the varigated green thread has worked with this design.

A few more rows on my sock - this picture includes Saturday's progress as well, just the foot to go now.
Round and round.

Grand plans and all that - there are more prepared projects so maybe there will be some progress to show this week.

Thanks to Heidi and Bobbi for hosting the Friday night sew in - it always feels good to create in the company of friends.
Wishing you a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Starting over...

Socks - what else were you expecting?
(yes, that is supposed to be Plural)

I untangled the yarn last weekend and made a start on this sock - it is impossible to say how dark this yarn is as it really changes with the light and I am sure it will be lighter still once it is washed judging by the colour of my hands after knitting this much.
The yarn is old and appears to be a dark royal blue, just a mystery until it is done really.
The pattern is Davidson Road from the book Knitting Knee Highs by Barb Brown - no one else borrowed it from the library so I got another turn.

This is another pattern from the same book - Czarina's Lace.
More donated yarn though this is not quite as old as the blue one and is definitely a Bendigo Woollen Mills yarn in a soft brown colour.

There has been some reading since last time I showed a book or two and after reading several set locally, I picked something different this week and have started 'Size 12 and ready to rock' by Meg Cabot. 

(see how dark that blue looks in artificial light)

In other knitty news this week I cast off Part 2 of the Reversible Wrap, while I had good intentions of sewing it to part 1 this week I haven't started that job yet - maybe tomorrow? I am over half done with part 3 too, so it should be finished before Summer arrives.

Joining the Yarn Along again.

Happy Yarning.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Changing Needles

I gave the knitting needles a couple of days rest and started a little Christmas stitching.

First up a stocking...

it's almost a sock!

Then some little tags.

Both of these are taken from designs by Vivian Robinson, published in Australian Homespun No38 Vol7 No6.

The hook got a little workout too,

a Christmas tree and a star.
Patterns found here
Pretty yarn gifted by a fellow crafter - thanks Mel.
At least that was productive.

 Then I made a big mess of trying to wind this yarn from a skein.
The yarn came from the op-shop and is quite old, there is a lot of it but fortunately for me it is tied in small skeins so I won't get completely tangled.

Happy creating/

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Knitting along...

If you have seen enough socks you probably want to move right along and check out all the other lovelies on your list.
I just seem to be stuck in a sock groove. They have all been for me so far, but I am wondering how many pairs I can make for gifts and if anyone on my list would appreciate socks at Christmas when it is 35C out?

Pattern from Socks a La Carte - Jump over the Candlestick on the leg with Dutch Heel and star toe. It's cool enough out to wear these today.

Very comfortable.

Bendigo Woollen Mills yarn - 4 ply Luxury in Purple Storm.

There has been a little progress on the Reversible Wrap this week. I sewed the sleeves on part one so that I wont have a whole lot of sewing to do at the end.
It also meant that I could count the rows required for part two and I'm nearly there.
I cast on part three to take to NCB tonight, plain knitting backwards and forwards is always good when socialising. Little concentration required once I get a rhythm.
Joining the yarn along where I like to spend time finding inspiration.

Happy Creating.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pretty pinwheels...

is Finished.

I sewed the binding down this week while the weather was cool and the quilt cosy.

Part one of the Reversible Wrap is off the needles and I sewed up the first sleeve.

Now to finish part two and start part three.

Hope the sun is shining your corner today.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More reading than knitting

Making progress on the Reversible Wrap this week.

I knit right on past the 1 metre mark on part 1 - yippee.

Some new books on the bedside table after a visit to the library. A little frivolity in Gucci Mumma's by Cate Kendall, which is a collaborative effort by numerous authors and set locally, there are some easily identifiable characters.

 Bluey's War by Herb Hamlet is a novel set in the difficult period dominated by the Great Depression and WW2. Interesting.

Joining the creative types yarning along over at Small Things.

Is there time for yarning in your week?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Red and White all over

The quilt show was amazing in so many ways - not least of all the setting.

It is difficult to take photo's of big quilts in small spaces but I snapped a few which caught my attention.

I love the way these blocks create the secondary circle pattern.
(I do like a nice circle)

I had recently seen this block in a different colour way so I was intrigued by the red and white version, you may be able to see the sweet tulips in the quilting too. Very nice indeed.

Now this little bed was so sweet - those triangles were tiny.

The quilts on the tables were part of the theme and as it had been raining there were droplets on the plastic making for this fun effect.

(no pics of the scones I ate those before I got the camera out)

I know you can't see the detail here but the idea is fabulous - this is made from a selection of redwork stitcheries with a Christmas theme which are then bordered to make this amazing quilt.
A note on the label said it was made to celebrate the whole family being home for Christmas. As the stitcher's family will all be celebrating together again this year she has a new project planned.

Oh, look another circle one - this starts at orange in the middle and end on the outside with a deep red - I love the way it moves. Fortunately it was up high enough that it didn't feel like the world was spinning.

Loving the white on red in this one which was simply hand quilted in a cross hatch behind the applique.
The basket was made up of tiny pieces all needle turned.

A simple hexie mini,

with all those fussy cut centres.

There are no pictures of the antique quilts here as it was too dark in there.

After admiring all the lovelies I came home and sat down with the pin wheel quilt and started hand sewing the binding. I'm about half done.

Funny thing is that I am missing admiring this happy quilt, as for the past week it has been hanging over my sewing table which I walk past regularly. Now it is just a white table - boring!

Happy creating with what ever colours you choose.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


I know I really did mean to sew down the binding on the quilt this week, but my other needles have been distracting me!

I cast on another sock to knit at NCB and my knitting group, 

but it just wouldn't stay out of my hands.

This much of the foot was completed at my group meeting yesterday,

and the toe was completed in the eventing.

Bendigo Woollen MIlls luxury 4 ply in Purple storm - I do like me some purple.

The design is from Sock a La Carte - Jump over the candlestick for the leg, Dutch heel and Star toe for the foot - perfect little pretty for cold toes.

Now I'm off to the Red and white exhibition at Quilts in the Barn for an afternoon admiring the work of others.

Wishing you a fun Sunday Afternoon.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The End

A pair at last - Now the weather decides to do hot.
(Luckily this is Melbourne and hot won't last)

The pattern is Katya's Fancy Knee Highs from the book 'Knitting Knee-Highs' by Barb Brown.
 The yarn is Bendigo woollen mills Luxury 4 ply in Brick and Ghost.

What next??

Enjoy your Wednesday evening.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Getting closer

to the finish line that is.

I used this pretty thread for the quilting.

A shot from the back - the backing is a soft twill fabric that was donated to the stash, perfect for this project.

No surprises here, almost straight line quilting in the ditch on the diagonal.

Today I prepared and sewed the binding on. 
It's all trimmed now waiting for hand stitching binding down.

The Katya sock is almost done also.
Just one more pattern repeat before the toe shaping. Luckily the weather is still cool enough for woollen socks.

A great way to start a new week.

Happy creating.