Saturday, May 30, 2015

Triple C

Coffee, Crochet and Good Company 

A perfect way to spend a Saturday. 

Rainbow Ripple baby blanket in pastels - Patons Big Baby 4ply.
Hope yours was spent with stitches.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

A little knitting

Using two shades of blue this time, one pure wool and one wool silk mix.
On a perfect Autumn day.

Hope your weekend includes some stitches.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


I was gifted this almost done jacket that was not living up to expectations, for unravelling.
After a month of taking it out and looking at it, I decided to make a start on the deconstuction.
First up I needed to separate all the pieces which had been carefully sewn together. Once that was done the unravelling of the knit fabric was easy.
Bendigo Luxury 10 Ply colourway Blue denim
One good sized ball from the first sleeve.
I enjoyed the undoing and now have a lovely pile of balls of yarn waiting to become something new.
What would you do with 600 grams of 10 ply wool?

Enjoying the sunshine in my creating space. Hope it visits you too.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Heart a hat...

Still playing with colours and hats.
Pretty pink and blue this time for more hearts on a hat.
Trying to decide whether the solid hearts should be closer to the brim or the crown on this design.
Both of these are made from the same chart starting and finishing on a different row. 
Both hats are knit in Cleckheaton country 8 ply, only the blue is a current colour.
The grey and plum one was made last month, I didn't realise I hadn't shown it previously.
Just to confuse things even more I'm planning another one with the solid hearts around the centre of the body of the hat. Just need to choose the colours for that one, oh and maybe finish the scarf I started on Monday.

Do you have a preference for the placement of the solid hearts?

Hope it's warm in your creating space.

Friday, May 8, 2015


The way my scarf project felt upon completion.
So I may have been sitting in my knitting space for most of this week!
After the false start last weekend I couldn't be more happy with this finished product.
Nothing like a deadline to get the needles moving at lightning speed.
Soft and drapey with lovely texture.
Finished and delivered.
One last picture posing in front of the pretty flowers.
Knit with two strands of Shepherd baby merino held together on 4.5mm needles.
The yarn was incredibly soft to knit and even softer after it had a bath.
I almost didn't part with it. I just wanted to pet it constantly.

Luckily I had some yarn ready to cast on another hat for the journey there and back so I could put this gorgeousness out of my mind.

Wishing you all a little loveliness in your creative space this weekend.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Remembering the sun

I love the way the angle of the sun changes the perspective of my view.

In this late afternoon shot, the sun gives me the height I lack and illuminates the water. 

My interpretation in knitting. 

The beginnings of a scarf this time, using one strand of pale grey and one of tonal blue, I'm getting some highlights in the fabric. 

I am enjoying the crispness of the morning and evening, and the sunshine between the showers of rain.

Hope you are enjoying your corner of the world.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

One done...

It's true I didn't finish Friday night when stitching with friends or even Saturday at knit group but it was done by bedtime!
I added a plain stripe in the middle of the colourwork and I am really happy with the way this hat looks completed. 
 Makallie with modifications in Cleckheaton Country Naturals.
 And progress on another. I worked on this one today while knitting with friends and have begun the crown decreases. Yay. 
There may have been a little yarn shopping at the nearby Lincraft this afternoon, I have more ideas!
Playing with textures in mystery yarn from the oppy.

Hope everyone had time for some stitches on their weekend.  
Thanks to Cheryl for hosting Friday Night with Friends.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Spoilt for choice...

The good thing about finishing more than one project in a week is the opportunity to start more than one new project.

So I now have two new hats and a cowl on the needles. 

On the left a brown cable beanie knit from the brim, on the right another of the garter stripes beanies knit from the crown and at the bottom a blue cowl with cables.

I wonder which one will get the most attention tonight while stitching with friends?

Wishing you a weekend with plenty of stitches.