Thursday, May 14, 2015


I was gifted this almost done jacket that was not living up to expectations, for unravelling.
After a month of taking it out and looking at it, I decided to make a start on the deconstuction.
First up I needed to separate all the pieces which had been carefully sewn together. Once that was done the unravelling of the knit fabric was easy.
Bendigo Luxury 10 Ply colourway Blue denim
One good sized ball from the first sleeve.
I enjoyed the undoing and now have a lovely pile of balls of yarn waiting to become something new.
What would you do with 600 grams of 10 ply wool?

Enjoying the sunshine in my creating space. Hope it visits you too.


mamasmercantile said...

Decisions, decisions...I think I would go for some winter accessories, hat, scarf, mittens or even a shawl.

Shay said...

Definition of Patience: Unravelling a jumper.

Whatever you make Im sure it will be lovely. Your post had me thinking about why more people don't re-purpose wool these days. And about how I should go op shopping to find something I like to unravel so I can make something else !

kymann said...

Finally it's been put to rest! Can't wait to see what the yarn turns into next.

kymann said...
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