Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hearts and flowers for spring

 A couple of weeks back a bag of crochet cotton came into my possession. It just happened to be something I had been looking out for, a lovely range of 1970's colours in a thin weight. I thought they would work well for an ageing project that's been patiently waiting for a little injection of colour. I haven't yet pulled out said aged project but I decided to have a play with some of the colours anyway.

A little Christmas crafting.
What about three colours together?

Pretty new coasters for Spring in all the colours.
Various crochet cottons, most unlabeled, and my 1.5mm hook - using Mandala pattern found here.

These have been multiplying while I neglect to finish all the half started things.

I hope I have some colours left for the ageing project when I'm done with these little beauties!
Would you use these on your table?

There's something new growing in my project bag too - among the neglected projects.

Wishing you all the colours in your creative place this week.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The long and winding yarn...

Starting with a vision to make a warm, cosy garment suitable for multiple seasons, easily topping one or several layers, I used repurposed yarn to make myself a cape, which subsequently attracted a Lot of attention. 
Beginning a journey that I had not previously considered.
Easily my most worn item of clothing this year. 
I honestly had no intention of knitting more than one for me (I really am that selfish) but with much encouragement (and a little pleading) the idea grew into something about more than me! An opportunity to share my love or yarn, knitting, cables and making things generally.

Lots of time spent day dreaming and carrying yarn and needles ensued, opinions were sought, ideas discussed and progress made.

A fellow yarn enthusiast allowed me to use some of her yarn to make a second improved model, that was simpler to execute but similar enough to the original to be perceived as the same.

Kym chose not to have a hood so a collar was made with the remaining yarn.
The hood design was completely redone from the original to make something that provided a good fit, including the ability to stay put in the wind and was easy to knit. Nothing like a challenge to keep the needles clicking.
The finished cape, modeled by me on a sunny day in September.
The simple cable braid is knit as part of the main body and continues along the lower edge knit and attached directly to the lower body piece.
I could look at this picture of the back all day, all those cables twisting and turning on there way to their destination in a perfect setting in the sunshine.

Approximately 930 rows and 60 hours of loveliness.
The long and winding yarn is worth every minute I devoted to this project in the past seven months, I have learnt a lot and met even more generous creative types who are willing to share their skills and knowledge. 
The pattern has been successfully test knit, meaning there are other's just like these already being enjoyed daily.
The pattern is now available for purchase, Kallan Cape, if you are inclined to make your own cape for throwing on when you walk out the door. 

Wishing you all a successful week in your corner.

I understand if you've been coming here for any length of time there are no new pictures here but they are part of my success story. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Sunshine, blue skies and knitting...

a perfect start to the school holidays here.

My weekend was spent mostly with knitting friends - which allowed me to work on getting some of those partners almost finished. Just the ends to weave in on this pair.
Saturday afternoon while at Unwind Craft Cafe with friends I finished the second of the Twisting mitts in Bendigo Woollen mills, Luxury 4 ply, Aquarium. This mitt may be my favourite yet. The pretty design is quite elastic making it suitable for a range of hand and wrist combinations.

Not wanting to rest at one for too long, I cast on the second of the Icy Flames mitts and have this one almost done after a little Sunday outing for more knitting with friends. Just the thumb ribbing to go now. 
Bendigo woollen mills Athena - wool/silk/bamboo mix, 4 ply in Ice Blue, (not whatever colour I called it last time).

This yarn is delightfully soft to knit with and perfect for this type of lace pattern that requires my full attention as every one of the 24 pattern rows is different.
The second red/orange twisting mitt is well on its way now too, though the first one will undergo a little surgery soon. I have a limited quantity of this yarn so they will need a shorter cuff. They will still be warm and cosy for when the cooler weather comes back, in a couple of days.

Hope your week is off to a great start and you get some time to relax in the sunshine.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Oooh - Shiny

I was lucky enough to accompany friends last weekend on a little yarn trip to Bendigo where our destination was the Woollen Mills.
I picked up some new yarn from the back room - Athena 4 ply in the Ice Blue colourway, along with other goodies. The Athena is a lovely mix of Wool, silk and bamboo and turns out to be delightful to knit with. Lucky as I managed to snag another colour too!

Unable to contain myself I cast on just as soon as I could to make another mitt in this pretty lacy pattern.
Today there was a little train knitting, the mitt is working up quickly.

I may soon be looking for some one handed people as it appears I am incapable of completing pairs this month?!>#@?

May your hands be cosy wrapped in a little luxury.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Similar to something you've seen here before

Or succumbing to peer group pressure,

Playing with the pattern I used for the twisted mitts last month.

And while they look the same on this side...
The blue is Bendigo woollen mills Luxury 4 ply in Aquarium and the Red/Orange is unlabelled 4 ply from the back room at Bendigo. (I was there again on the weekend and got quite the haul).

The hand side is different and I think a slightly better fit, sorry Fiona.

What would you prefer - the texture of the moss stitch or a plain stocking stitch on the palm side?

Spring is definitely in the air here but the evenings and mornings are still cool enough for mitts. I really am enjoying working with these lovely bright colours.

Wishing you some bright spots in your week.

Monday, September 15, 2014


So I made a little kitten to watch out the window for birds.

You can't see them but she sure could from her prime watching position.
She soon turned back when she smelled a fish though.

The Nursery Cat designed by Sara Kelner was a fun quick knit, I just took my time with the stuffing and face details. I knit this one in Bella Baby Alpaca mix which has just the right amount of fluffiness for a toy. It didn't take very much of either of the colours so there may be more toys in my future.

I've been knitting up a storm this past week so I should be back again soon with more finishes.

Wishing you a week full of cute fluffiness.

Sunday, September 7, 2014


My reward for finishing the Father's sock during the day Friday was to work on something new and frivolous with friends on Friday night. So I started something small with fat yarn, if not fat needles.
I worked on this again at my Saturday knitting group, but didn't achieve much there between answering questions and chatting.
So far I have a body with a tail.
I'll be past later today or tomorrow to see what the friends got up to.
I'm off to deliver the father's socks and eat some mother made food. Yay.
Hope you get to celebrate your Dad too.

Friday, September 5, 2014


projects take much longer than they should!
Take the chocolate stripe socks for The Father as an example - 3 months in the making (give or take a day or two). Lots of other things kept jumping in ahead of these socks and then when the first one was done I sent it home with The Mother for a fitting. I did not have good notes on these so I had to wait until the first one came back to me to make another that almost matches.
Improvised rib with cable in Dad size, Moda Vera Noir chocolate colourway
I included some fairly serious reinforcement through the heel and sole area to try to ward off the holes which are appearing in the socks I knit for The Father last year.
All done ready for delivery Sunday.

After knitting an inch or two of ribbing on my blue lace project, which is still undecided what it wishes to become, I decided that I had sufficient yarn and it really would be more usable with one more lace repeat so right after I took this picture I ripped out the ribbing. Gotta love that about yarn it really is flexible enough to change on a whim.
Rose garden lace in Rowan wool/silk blend
This week has been a lot about socialising and I couldn't resist this little afternoon indulgence.
Cookies and cream cheesecake with coffee.

Enjoying a little spring sunshine and the flowers in other peoples gardens.
Promise - I didn't pick any.
So tonight is FNWF and I'll be in so I may just join in the fun.
Will you be stitching along tonight?

Wishing you sunshine on your weekend.

Monday, September 1, 2014

August Finishes

It appears August was a good month for finishing projects including a bigger one that had been on the needles for a while. Cape I'm looking at you!
Coffee Cape in Bendigo woollen mills Classic 8 ply Java
(There will be a post dedicated to this project soon)
The baby blanket was nice change of pace - the design is very rhythmic and the colours really were just a lucky dip from the 4 ply cotton stash. I already mentioned that I am ridiculously happy with this one and luckily I don't need to send it out immediately so I am enjoying looking at it draped over the chair while it waits for a bath.
Round ripple afghan in 4 ply cotton with a 3 mm hook
I whipped up this little Mandala while out and about on Friday with leftover cottons from the baby blanket. There is another of these using different colours but it was sent on its way before I thought to get a picture.
I think I'll use this one for a coaster or candle mat.
Pattern from here
Look here - two socks from the same pattern and yarn! I finished the first pair of the Father's socks with a whole week to spare. I will deliver them next Sunday when I venture out to say Happy Father's Day.
I enjoyed both the pattern and the yarn on these. I really like all the colours and have enough yarn left to make some for me, Yay!
Forbidden City socks design by Qianer in Regia Design line - Eggplant 
There were two more pairs of mitts this month, I have to say the portability of these projects makes them perfect for working on while travelling. 

Bendigo woollen mills - Luxury 4 ply - Purple Storm - a new design in the making
These Blue Caracao mitts used up some unlabelled 100% wool yarn and they are thick and warm all ready for next winter.
Baranduin Mitts by Amora Designs

Cables have been the flavour of my knitting this winter - I see that all of the knitting projects here included cables and yet they all have a different look about them.

Maybe Spring will see me change direction or not?

Wishing you a wonderful September.