Friday, September 5, 2014


projects take much longer than they should!
Take the chocolate stripe socks for The Father as an example - 3 months in the making (give or take a day or two). Lots of other things kept jumping in ahead of these socks and then when the first one was done I sent it home with The Mother for a fitting. I did not have good notes on these so I had to wait until the first one came back to me to make another that almost matches.
Improvised rib with cable in Dad size, Moda Vera Noir chocolate colourway
I included some fairly serious reinforcement through the heel and sole area to try to ward off the holes which are appearing in the socks I knit for The Father last year.
All done ready for delivery Sunday.

After knitting an inch or two of ribbing on my blue lace project, which is still undecided what it wishes to become, I decided that I had sufficient yarn and it really would be more usable with one more lace repeat so right after I took this picture I ripped out the ribbing. Gotta love that about yarn it really is flexible enough to change on a whim.
Rose garden lace in Rowan wool/silk blend
This week has been a lot about socialising and I couldn't resist this little afternoon indulgence.
Cookies and cream cheesecake with coffee.

Enjoying a little spring sunshine and the flowers in other peoples gardens.
Promise - I didn't pick any.
So tonight is FNWF and I'll be in so I may just join in the fun.
Will you be stitching along tonight?

Wishing you sunshine on your weekend.


Maria said...

Your Dad will love his new socks for Fathers Day.
Pretty blue lacey project you are Woking on.
Have fun sewing along tonight.

nicole said...

You finished them!! Good work!
They look great!
Can't wait to see what the blue ribbing becomes ;)

Katherine said...

Socks look brilliant and I love the blue lace knitting too.

Fiona said...

the socks look great... and I know one doesn't want holey socks but it does mean they are used lots and loved....
yummy sounding dessert and a lovely bright blue in the flowers...

Shay said...

Love the colour of the mystery project - such a pretty blue.

Fathers socks look fabulous too.

Dessert - yum. Im just about to go and make some for Fathers Day ( not sure how we ended up having lunch here !)

Jindi's Cottage said...

Calorie free chocolate for The Father then? Almost matching seems just about the right kind...they have come up very nicely, great pattern...

Charlie and Wendy said...

You have made so many lovely projects lately, and that dessert looks amazing!!