Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shopping - Cake - More Shopping

Saturday dawned sunshiny - perfect for a drive in the country.

First stop at Ballarat Patchwork for a spot of Sale shopping and collected these pretties.

On to cake for a spot of afternoon tea with some of local bloggers.

Lots of chatting and laughing,

And delicious cake and tea.

Then after cake we went to Ballarat Patchwork to check out the sale

And collected these goodies - they are much brighter in real life than they look here.

Yes, that is a set of apple core templates hiding under there - I may use them one day.

The lovely Jodie generously gave me a copy of her Monty and Pearl pattern - I really want to have a play with that, but it is back to work tomorrow.

Jindi's mum generously gave me the gorgeous little bag and the lanyard with the strawberries attached - how cute a little pin cushion and scissor pouch.

Look what was inside the bag - all this yummy!

A lovely way to spend a wintery afternoon - good company, good food and drink, and fabulous fabric - oh and on sale too!
Hope you spent the weekend doing something fun.
Happy Crafting

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Making Progress

While this week has mostly been about the paid employment I have seen a little progress on two slow projects.

Thursday night at NCB and Friday Night Sew In helped things along - reminding me to do a little each day.

So what am I working on

Another textured vest, knit in the same pattern as the Navy Blue one.

The photo below probably shows the best colour of the yarn. I am making it in the Bendigo Woollen Mill yarn that I picked up from the Mother a couple of months back. It is delightful to work with and the colour is perfect.

I chose to knit in one piece to the armhole this time so it feels like it is taking a Loooooong time but it will all be done and no seams to sew at the end - Yippee!!!

The Japenese girls are the other project which is going slowly right now as I am doing button hole applique by hand and the dull weather is making the black stitching difficult.

So here is the first girl with her black stitching almost complete - now for some colour.

I cheated just a little bit with Friday night sew-in and did some of these stitches on Saturday morning when the sun was shining in the sewing space.

(I figured it was still Friday Night somewhere in the world, so someone would be keeping me company.)

Thanks Heidi and Bobbi for co-ordinating the Friday Night Sew-In it sure is fun checking out what others are working on.

Hope your weekend turns out just the way you like it. Happy Crafting

Monday, June 14, 2010

More yarn and some fabric...

This gorgeous pink and blue yarn was just the thing to brighten up the grey days of the weekend past. I made another spiral scarf, this time for when Ms 7 celebrates next month.

I cut and stuck these Japanese girls from the Millamac pattern I brought at AQC last month, all ready for some hand stitching this week after work.

They are destined for a pillow case for when Ms 14 celebrates in two weeks time.

Guess I'd better sew quickly they need to go in the post.

Sure enjoyed having a long weekend, hope yours was filled with all the things you like best.

(even if you didn't get an extra day)

Happy Creating

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Playing with yarn

I got busy and made some stars from Michelle's pattern printed in Notebook June 2010.

Look see a nice stack - what can it be?

A pretty scarf for MS -J.

The yarn is a soft to touch tencil and acrylic mix in really gorgeous golden brown tones, but the lack of natural light lately makes everything look dull.

After seeing this pattern made up around blogland, I knew I had to give it a go and had just the right yarn in my stash to make it in.

I used Cleckheaton Studio - mohair mix - in the most gorgeous deep purple.

South Bay Shawlette pattern free from Lion Brand yarns.

Other fine examples in blogland by Leah and Michelle.

Just the right weather for playing with yarn, got some more hooky goodness happening here.

As it is a long weekend there may even be some activity in the sewing room later.

Happy Creating

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

G-Bot @ work

G-Bot is helping me in the office for the next few weeks while I fulfil my obligations as a responsible citizen of the world.
If you don't see me here it is probably because I am spending way too much time there!
Hope your week is full of all the things you like best.
Happy Crafting

Monday, June 7, 2010

Blue Spiral Scarf

The weekend was just perfect for some quality time on the couch with warming yarn.

I crocheted this blue spiral scarf as a present for Miss11. I missed her birthday last month but the Mother is off to visit this week so I will save on postage and send it with the courier.

Hope she likes it - it is fluffy and warm.

Got some more crochet goodness to complete before tomorrow, so I best get back to it.

Enjoy your week and stay warm! Happy Creating

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Open Studio

The Ink and Spindle open studio yesterday included a printing demonstration -

they started with a blank base cloth and lots of dye -

The talented ladies - Tegan and Lara - they not only design all of their prints, but they print them as well. Oh, and they make things from their fabrics as well - Lots of inspiration for future projects!

Almost done!

Here is the design they printed - All that lovely detail.

Of course I brought a souvenir to take home, oh and I got a piece of the Navy Delft for Jindi's mum too.

Thanks ladies for the demonstration.

Hope your weekend has been full of lots of creative opportunities.

Happy Creating

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pillow Swap

Here is the cushion (pillow) cover I made for Annie in the Pillow swap hosted by Jamie over at Modified Mix.

Annie suggested fresh colours with white - a bit of a challenge for me - n0t very much white in my sewing room.

I used another Red Brolly stitchery design from the book Miss Millies Flower Patch, stitched with DMC 4010 on a green Moda fabric. I used pale blue and purple fabrics in the border to highlight the colours in the thread and finished with a narrow green border and fine piping which was white with a green print.

A close up of the stitchery shows some of the thread colour - it is very pretty.

I made it to the Ink and Spindle open studio today and was treated to a printing display - those girls are not only talented they do all the hard work as well. Of course I brought a sample home - will share soon.

Hope your weekend is full of all your favourite things.

Happy Creating