Thursday, March 31, 2011

Beach Picnic

Miss Maree and I went to the beach for our picnic today in the sunshine.

Miss Maree has a twin sister, as the first one I made was a 40th birthday present for MsJ, but I liked her so much I made one the same for my collection.

The pattern for this bear is from a Handmade magazine 2003/4 the project is called Sara and the designer is Sharone Peacock.
We had a visit from some pretty Mermaids.

These are part of the Art in Public places Under the Sea exhibition at the local community centre.

A very nice picnic today. Hope you can join us.
Thanks to Melody for letting us play along.
Wishing you sunshine on this the last day of March.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Playing Favourites

Playing favourites with Shay over at Quilting in My Pyjamas.
My favourite thing this week and probably my most favourite thing of all time - my Inheritance.
I am not talking $$$ I am talking about the skills and knowledge which were so readily shared in my extended family.
I have been reminded on several occasions recently that not every one has these priveleges growing up and I have been sharing my skills with members of my craft group many of whom are much older than myself.
The pictures - yes, there are a lot - show the essence of my material inheritance, my treasures. When you are part of a large family who insist on living well into their 90's they manage to spend their hard earned $$$ before they run out of life to live, just as it should be!
This school case is over 50 years old and belonged to my aunt during her Primary and Secondary school years. It holds a collection of mostly knitting and crochet patterns which I 'inherited' from my Grandmother when she entered Nursing Home care at the age of 95.

Timeless treasures -crochet supper cloths - these are from a magazine dated 1957.

The series was Australian flora and fauna in filigree crochet.

Patons and Baldwin Baby knitting books, which also contain crochet patterns and Semco Tatting and Crochet books from the 1930's

This one is full of crochet lace edgings for doilies and I have her miniature crochet hooks to do this with.

Look at all those choices for bonnets, bootees, socks and leggings - made like stockings with ribbons to tie them at the top of the leg.

Tatting edges - not a craft I have actually tried but I like to look at the pictures any way.

A complete layette on the following two pages.

That's right it is sticky tape you see in the pictures above and below, these books have been much loved in their life time.

These are later books from the 1950's which contain reprints of earlier patterns.

How cute is this romper suit?

What about cat's ears?

I have a distinct memory of making this one in the 1980's - not sure who the lucky recipient was.

Remembering that these garments were mostly made in wool, not easy care varieties like we have today, I can imagine that a mother's work was never done!

My grandmother also taught me that it is never too late to complete a project, she started a gorgeous knitted baby shawl in the finest cream wool for her first daughter and finished it almost 40 years later for her youngest grandchild.

Check out other favourites today over here.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

We're Late...

It's been a very dark grey day here today and getting ready for the picnic has been a slow process. These are some of the laziest bears in my collection.

Dougal has sleepy eyes and just can't muster the energy to get up on his feet!

He is made in a long two toned acrylic fur and his paw pads are the same fur with the dark tips removed.
The pattern is Wallace designed by Chris Cotton and he is 18" long.
Stephanie and her little bear Kayla are sleeping buddies and just hang out together all the time.

Stephanie just loves to wear her PJ's everywhere, her hat keeps her head warm as she is made from a very sparse mohair - not furry at all! She is about 13" tall and quite cleverly manages to stand unaided.

The little bear is 6" and she is made from ultra suede.
The pattern I used for Stephanie and Kayla appeared in Australian Bear Creations V9No8 and the designer is Monica Spicer but there they are boy travelling buddies off on a wonderful adventure.
Hope your picnic wasn't as wet as ours.
Thanks to Melody for letting us play today, even if it was indoors.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Franklin is ready for the picnic today.

He even has his little honey pot to bring along and his favourite bear quilt.

Franklin has appliqued paw pads on his feet, the hand pads are on the bottom of the arm rather than the side.

The design is Tapper by John Renpenning, he is about 10" tall sitting. He does not stand as his belly is quite round and his head tilts forward.

The little honey pot is a Cherished Teddies original.

I know you can't see the bears on the quilt very well because he is hiding them but I made this quilt in 2006 using the Bobby bears pattern from Angels in Disguise, if you want another look at it you will find it here. (click on the pic for a closer view)
Let's see who else is out picnicking today.
Thanks Melody for letting us play.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Its all about the needles and yarn around here lately.

Take plain cream 4 ply Big Baby and knit this gorgeous pattern.

Pretty cables - what am I making??

A sweet baby sized beanie.
All done.

I worked on this UFO on the long weekend, if I keep this up it may become a very handy vest for this winter.

I have no clue why it looks so pale in this pic, the yarn is actually quite dark purple, Bendigo Woollen Mill Pure Wool.

On Saturday I participated in the local Spotlight knitting party and I spent my voucher on more yarn!
Hope the sun is shining where you are.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Out to play today at a damp Teddy Bear's Picnic.

Pippa is made from dusty mauve mohair and is around 7" tall, she usually hangs out with some of the bigger bears. The design is Pip by Lexie Haworth.

Here she is joined by my other bears that I have introduced recently, you can see how their sizes vary in this picture.
Thanks to Melody for letting us join the picnic.
Hope you are all enjoying this week whatever the weather at your place.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Click Clack

That's the noise the needles made when I was knitting up this little number - Yes, it is very little and that is why it is done already, oh that and lots of lazing on the couch this week.

There is no model here these are the best pics I could get - it is a classic garter stitch hug-me-tight for a new little person.

The pattern is from the Patons - Royal Babies book from the 80's which was published in celebration of the birth of Prince William.

Hope your week is off to a great start.

Friday, March 4, 2011


in the Community is my favourite thing this week.
The current installation is outside the community art centre and is called 'Under the Sea'.
Any and all forms of art are included within the theme.

Lets take a closer look at some of the decorated sea creatures and the boy in the boat who is wearing his crocheted scarf and hat - it has been that cool here already.

The fish and octopus are cut from ply wood then decorated -
Mr Octopus is completely covered in mosaic and playing in gorgeous crocheted coral.

This shark has been covered with plastic bottle tops.

The cute blue fish has crocheted shapes for decorations.

And this little dolphin has a gorgeous painting on him.

The poker fish is quite fun.

Go on over to the home of Favourite things Friday for a peek at some other favourites this week.
Have a fun weekend.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Angel Philly

Playing along with the Melody today for the Teddy bears Picnic, though it is certainly not a picnic kind of day out there so we are all rugged up with out fur coats on.
This is Philly another bear I made designed by Kathleen O'Connor she is 6" tall and has angel wings.
She sure is an angel and looks out for all the other bears in the hug. She is looking forward to making some new friends today at the picnic.
Thanks for coming along.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


A new month and a new project.
Started at my craft group yesterday as I picked up yarn and needles on the way out the door.
It is junior sized and knitted in one piece so should be finished soon?
Happy creating