Saturday, June 21, 2014

It was all about the sewing...

at the start.
I used my FNSI time last night to finish my bag that I started working on earlier this month, because it seems I only sit and sew with company lately. 

Pattern is Afternoon Tea bag by Anne Francene from an old Handmade magazine.
I started early and finished this (it still needs some buttons) early, and Nomee was up for more action so machine sewing it was.

All these little squares were hanging out in a basket minding their own business until I started playing with them! Now I have them all stitched into groups of 24, I may even get this together later. Or not?

As I still had tea to drink when I turned the machine off, I decided that I really should get my other needles clicking on the hood. It is coming along nicely as far as the shape is concerned but I think there may be just a little too much blank space between those cables?
Anyone have any opinions about that?

Thanks Wendy for hosting FNSI.
Hope your FNSI was successful and your weekend is a relaxing one in your favourite space.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Road tripping and mittens...

Monday I got to be a passenger on a road trip, quite a novel excursion for me, and well the destination was a fun place to visit filled with all things yarn.
Guess Where?

Just a few things followed me home and there are plans to get to work on this lot before winter is over, which should be a while yet as it has just turned up in my part of the world.
The red in the middle are two little balls of 4ply yarn great for some colour work I am planning, there are three of those big balls of brown classic which just happens to be called Java - I do like all things coffee, even yarn colours, the cellophane bags are remnants of lace weight yarn that I thought I could practice dyeing with and at 50c a bag they sure were a bargain.
Not in the picture is a ball of Seranade in the platinum colourway, a nice dark grey in a wool/bamboo mix.

I finished the mauve mitts, they are just a bit longer than the original blue ones.

I even made 2 that match, well except that I mirrored the central cable.

Will you be joining Friday night sew in?
 I'm thinking I should get myself organised to finish the projects I cut out and started at FNWF earlier this month.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

On my needles

I really have started all the things recently!

Because I don't stick to one thing ever this is what my current knitting looks like! 
Three projects in progress none of which have a pattern to just follow, though some are less complicated than others.
I know I said last time the blue piece was practice for my cardy but I decided to continue and make it a project all by itself, I have lots of this colour left over from my Elephant socks. 
The fluffy piece is almost 8 inches long now, thanks to being a passenger on a road trip early in the week. The colours in this yarn really are gorgeous. Thanks Marina for the yarn gift.
The one that looks yellowish is actuality a natural silverish wool colour and is the beginning of a hood.
Wishing you all fun times with needles.
Joining yarn along this week.

Sunday, June 15, 2014


While I still haven't turned the sewing machine on again to finish my projects started last week, my other needles have been busy. Making mitts, I actually changed the right one so now they match, but I don't have a picture of them yet!
Playing with lace for a new cardy and some plain knitting in pretty coloured fluffy yarn.
Must stay home and sew sometime soon.
Hope your weekend was sunny.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sewing on Friday

Before starting my sewing on Friday I spent a little time in the kitchen whipping up a treat to share.
Fresh meringue. Yum. My evening was spent cutting and sewing pretty fabric just for me. As Saturday was my local knit group and today will be mostly spent visiting I'm glad for the bonus weekend day Monday when this should be converted to a finish. Wishing you all a relaxing Sunday.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Is how my day looked.

There was a little crochet on my tunic

before the front part was done. 
Sure this is the same design I made a couple of years ago in a different colour and yarn, which I have worn a lot. You can see it when it was fresh and new here, now it is looking a little worse for wear (as clothes should after regular use).
Trillium tunic design by Natasha Robarge this time in Bendigo's wool/bamboo mix colour red coral. 
I wore my red shoes today too.
Then on the way to lunch I stopped to smell the flowers in the neighbour's garden.

They smell lovely and just happen to be red.
The weather has been much more spring like than any other season lately so all the plants are playing along.
Lots of things are flowering and the fruit trees already have new leaves!

Joining Ginny in the yarn along this week.

Hope your day was rosey too.

Monday, June 2, 2014


Winter started out as winter should, damp and grey, so I spent the day indoors and did a little baking.

No fancy styling here and bad night time photography! But they do taste good.
And a lot of knitting.

More fingerless mitts, this time in vintage blue Patons Totem 8 ply.
Just lovely for the cooler days ahead.

Today is back to blue sky and sunshine.

Hope the sun is shining at your place.