Thursday, June 19, 2014

On my needles

I really have started all the things recently!

Because I don't stick to one thing ever this is what my current knitting looks like! 
Three projects in progress none of which have a pattern to just follow, though some are less complicated than others.
I know I said last time the blue piece was practice for my cardy but I decided to continue and make it a project all by itself, I have lots of this colour left over from my Elephant socks. 
The fluffy piece is almost 8 inches long now, thanks to being a passenger on a road trip early in the week. The colours in this yarn really are gorgeous. Thanks Marina for the yarn gift.
The one that looks yellowish is actuality a natural silverish wool colour and is the beginning of a hood.
Wishing you all fun times with needles.
Joining yarn along this week.


marina said...

all those wools looks beautiful together. Glad you have found a use for the wool I rehomed.

katherine said...

Gorgeous knitting! Its best to have at least a couple of differently coloured projects on the go otherwise life gets pretty boring. I can attest to that because I am sick of plain brown socks lol. Need something complicated now.

Maria said...

You always knit such great things.... Enjoy !

Shay said...

Knitting and winter just seem like a perfect combination.

PS. I never just work on one thing wither , although I'm doing it at the moment and it's killing me!

Ana BC said...

lovely yarn and projects :-)

nicole said...

looking good! glad you decided to keep on with the candle pattern, i think it will come out great!