Friday, June 20, 2014

Road tripping and mittens...

Monday I got to be a passenger on a road trip, quite a novel excursion for me, and well the destination was a fun place to visit filled with all things yarn.
Guess Where?

Just a few things followed me home and there are plans to get to work on this lot before winter is over, which should be a while yet as it has just turned up in my part of the world.
The red in the middle are two little balls of 4ply yarn great for some colour work I am planning, there are three of those big balls of brown classic which just happens to be called Java - I do like all things coffee, even yarn colours, the cellophane bags are remnants of lace weight yarn that I thought I could practice dyeing with and at 50c a bag they sure were a bargain.
Not in the picture is a ball of Seranade in the platinum colourway, a nice dark grey in a wool/bamboo mix.

I finished the mauve mitts, they are just a bit longer than the original blue ones.

I even made 2 that match, well except that I mirrored the central cable.

Will you be joining Friday night sew in?
 I'm thinking I should get myself organised to finish the projects I cut out and started at FNWF earlier this month.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


Charlie and Wendy said...

Lots of lovely wooly purchases and I love your new mitts, love the cable!

Maria said...

Beautiful cable mitts and lots of nice yarns too.

karen said...

love the mitts and nice yarn adoptions you made!

katherine said...

Great road trip destination! Lovely haul for the stash too. What dyes are you going to use. I have found Landscape brand is great and the old Gaywool are interesting with what colours actually turn up lol. Sometimes very different to what is on the label but they must be about 15-20 years old.

Fiona said...

Lovely yarn ... I can imagine it is hard to. Hose when you go there???

Fiona said...

Lovely yarn ... I can imagine it is hard to. Hose when you go there???

Shay said...

I imagine that road tripping to a place that is practically yarn heaven must have made for a delightful Monday? Ive given up pretending that Im going to knit anything this winter (but occasionally I do go to the Bendigo Wool Mills website to drool over all their beautiful yarns . Maybe one day ...)