Monday, October 1, 2012

Getting closer

to the finish line that is.

I used this pretty thread for the quilting.

A shot from the back - the backing is a soft twill fabric that was donated to the stash, perfect for this project.

No surprises here, almost straight line quilting in the ditch on the diagonal.

Today I prepared and sewed the binding on. 
It's all trimmed now waiting for hand stitching binding down.

The Katya sock is almost done also.
Just one more pattern repeat before the toe shaping. Luckily the weather is still cool enough for woollen socks.

A great way to start a new week.

Happy creating.


Anonymous said...

well done Mistea you are on fire,lovely quilt and love the sock.xx

nicole kane said...

gosh you're a quick knitter! that katya is looking great! as is the quilt!

Jindi's Cottage said...

Noice work all around there in your creative space...definitely still cold enough for woolly socks...and perfect weather for snuggling up with a quilt while hand stitching the binding down...

Melody said...

Love that quilt.

Melody said...

Love that quilt.

Christine M said...

Your quilt is looking lovely. You have been busy!

marina said...

your quilt looks great! love the view with the light behind it.
Happy binding and knitting!

Michelle Ridgway said...

Pretty pinwheels Tracey and on the knitting front you are just a legend. It makes my head hurt just trying to imagine how you do that.....gorgeous!