Thursday, January 19, 2012


Coming late to the yarn along, but I really wanted to share. I enjoy seeing what everyone else is up to and adding potential projects to my list.

I finished crocheting the front and back of my top last night at NCB, now I just need to sew it up and do the finishing touches.

Today I started more polka dot blocks with the yarn I was gifted in December.

And I am reading Real Life by Dr Phil McGraw, very interesting so far. I like his style and acknowledgement that life is not always rosy.

I am listening to Happiness by Matthieu Ricard, very enlightening.

I will be joining in with Friday night Sew In tomorrow and I'll be putting my top together.

Hope you get to play along too.

Enjoy Friday.


Marfa said...

Pretty little yellow rounds...looks like sunshine!!! The NCB is looking beautiful!

barb's creations said...

I can't wait to see how your top turns out :) Barb.

marina said...

Crocheting on the way to work is giving you great quality time. It looks lovely.