Monday, February 3, 2014

Embracing my crazy

So I finished some projects over the weekend, (I'll show you all soon) and I needed to start something new, because I don't have enough half finished things lying around here!

A little wandering around Ravelry on Saturday evening and I was grabbing my thread and hook to make a miniature, well you all know that 20cm might just be too big right?
First pieces were finished quickly.
Oh, but there are lots of little pieces to this thing, 

Yay, finished the last little bit of the white off this cylinder which is keeping all the pieces under control for now. 

about now I'm wondering if they will all go together?
See those are my little scissors, and the 1.25mm hook I am using on this miniature.

Really it is a perfect small project for the hot and humid weather that we have been having recently,
nothing anywhere near my lap, unlike that little blanket that will be growing again soon.

Hope everyone is safe and cool about now.
Happy Creating


Maria said...

Oh Mistea how can you work with wool in this weather??? Look forward to seeing the finished miniature.

marina said...

interesting what all those little bits are going to become?

Shay said...

A miniature sounds like the perfect solution to staying cool while crafting...I was binding a big monster of a quilt over the very hot weekend and wishing I'd made a mini version!

Pink rabbit maybe?

Charlie and Wendy said...

Cute little bits of crochet, I wonder what creature you are creating?

Jindi's Cottage said...

Interesting teeny disembodied parts going on there...