Thursday, April 10, 2014

Start all the things...

right after I finished one sock I cast on for the second one and then this pretty yarn captured my attention.

It was very vocal too, so I gave in for some peace, it is autumn after all, even if someone forgot to inform the weather service.

The red and green really do match the colours in the main yarn.

The pretty autumn tones in the multi-coloured yarn are quite deceptive, just like autumn there are some very dark greens and browns in there so I'm thinking that I will need to brighten this up a little with the red fluffy and some of the never-ending green yarn together. As you can see the multi-coloured yarn is really just two strands of lighly spun wool which have been loosely plied together making it both soft and fragile. The entire length is made up of contrasting colours.

Not much else happening here while I readjust after the conclusion of Daylight Savings for the season. 
This week has been made up of a succession of Fridays and Saturdays for me I really have been challenged lucky I wasn't required to be anywhere early.

Wishing you a week as colourful as the season.


Fiona said...

i like those colours together.... Its amazing how the body clocks need readjusting too... just not as quick and easy...

Ana BC said...

Love these colors!!!

Charlie and Wendy said...

Those yarn colours are beautiful, very autumnal!