Monday, April 7, 2014


is what I made on the weekend.
After completing the red one on Friday night except for a few ends left to weave in, all done now, I finished a little baby hat on Saturday.
Both of these are crocheted the red one with a chunky but soft sparkly chenille yarn and the small cream one with a vintage 4 ply nylon. Both of these yarns are from my considerable stash.

Chunky red lace and baby diamond hat.

Sunday instead of working on the sock for the father I knitted up a fun children's hat with a crochet cherry on top. This yarn came from a recent bag of donated yarns and there is more where this came from to make a couple more hats for charity.

Basic hat with cherry on top.

Not like I don't have my own supply of random yarns that I could use for these little hats.

There will be more hats before the month is out and I may even make a dent in the stash of odd bits?

I did manage to sew the sleeve in the little jumper I found on Friday, now to find suitable buttons to finish it completely.

Now it's back to the sock, I'm almost done with the first one. I was concerned about the quantity of yarn that one big Father sock is taking and a friend just happened to have some in the same colourway that she is willing to share so emergency averted.

Hope your week is good for some craft time.


Maria said...

Your clock from previous post is great and nice hats to keep heads warm...

Shay said...

Its hat weather all of a sudden so those finishes are very timely!

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Fiona said...

suddenly hats are going to be needed.. but so will socks!!

katherine said...

Love those hats Tracee.

karen said...

Isn't it fun to switch to something different? I should be working on gloves but I'm whipping washcloths up instead!!