Monday, November 26, 2012

Special Delivery

Today the post people left this special delivery for me.
Playing in the Advent Swap hosted by Fee, means lots of little packages to open in the lead up to Christmas - it really puts some of the fun back into those first weeks of December when life usually gets busy. I feel like a kid again - eagerly waiting for Saturday to come so I can open the first little package.
The little tags are just the cutest and they are three dimensional.

I promise I only opened the box and the Christmas card, I didn't squeeze, shake or sniff anything (ok, maybe one or two)
Thanks Gai for being my partner this year.
I do think it is funny that we both used the same wrapping paper.

In the sewing room there has been a little hand stitching and lots of buttons.

(luckily it has nothing to do with clothes!)

The machine has been busy with the vegetables and orange.

A perfect start to the week really.

Hope your week has started perfectly too.


marina said...

so many lovely packages! Glad you have willpower.
very interesting button project.
what a crafty start to the week!

Shay said...

I wouldnt be able to resist ripping into all those enticing packages...

Fiona said...

It's so fun getting nicely wrapped parcels.... and I love the sneak peaks....

Quilting Gargan said...

How alike we must be if we have used the same paper, think my parcel is at the post office came home today to find posty card in mail box will let you know tomorrow.. I am like you can't wai till sat.... how much fun will it be feel sorry for those who haven't joined in............ Gai

Cheryll said...

Exciting... only a few more sleeps and we get to play... yippee!!! :)