Sunday, January 17, 2010

You Didn't?

Of course I did! It all started a lot of years ago when our oldest nephews were young, it was the 1980's. I was making the young boys very bright outfits and my brother asked for something bright to wear at camp and when hiking. He still enjoys outdoor hobbies like hiking and four wheel driving so about every year or so he requests new ones. All wrapped up... but what? (I must have got the bag shape right as The Father who had no prior knowledge of the conversation I had with my bro early in the week - said straight up it was a money bag)

Shorts of course.

Yes, he asked for a new pair - I get to choose the fabric and he has worn all the ones I have made over the years - some of which SILJ has been kind enough to mend for him as he liked them that much! Bro liked his shorts and I was lucky enough to find a card with a pirate picture so the entire greeting was in the pirate theme. Hope your weekend was a good one with lots of creative space. Happy Crafting


Anonymous said...

I was right!!! Funny that - he he. Glad he liked the new pair, his previous pairs must be getting mighty thin by now. Good fabric choice.

marina said...

HOpe he doesn't think he is Jack Sparrow now....

Leahdis said...

Arrr, very cute present, especially like the loot bag they came in!

Serenata said...

Wonderful shorts - I like them!

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Ahoy ye matties! Those are some very fine shorts indeed!

So sorry your beautiful piece is missing from the show. I do hope you find it.


Cathy said...

I LOVE the shorts - neat idea for a guy gift :)
Cathy ♥♥

AwtemNymf said...

Fab idea! That'd be perfect as a V-day or Fathers Day gift!

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