Friday, January 15, 2010


Yesterday when I finished work I popped into Spotlight for some inspiration for my Bros present - he asked me to make something specific. Prior to that his wife suggested he ask for $1,000,000. I figured this fabric is perfect he can get directions to the $1M then SILJ gets her wish as well. Oh, but what am I making??? You'll have to wait until Sunday 17th (bros birthday) to see what becomes of this fun fabric. The gold fabric you see in the corner will be the wrapping. If anyone would like to guess what I'm making, there may be something to giveaway if you are correct.
(JC you are ineligible to guess if you read this - but I'm thinking you will be too busy stitching up a storm at summer school to even read here before Sunday.)
So I'm off to make a space on the sewing table for some serious sewing today.
Have a great weekend with plenty of creative opportunities.
Happy Stitching


clare's craftroom said...

A travel portfolio or bag ? Did you hear anything more about your round piece , I hope you have , it's beautiful .

marina said...

That is great Pirate fabric.
Must be something quick if you need it this weekend?
That is terrible about your spotty centre piece. How rude that the organisers won't respond.
Good luck tracking it down!

Serenata said...

Fabulous fabric, no idea what you're making!

jindiscottage said...

*Pout* but I knew the answer! It doesn't happen very often that I'm clued in :(

OK, so does everyone else now as you were right, too busy playing Summer School to read blogs especially as the connection at McDonald's was way too slow, it was hard enough checking the emails.